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    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Waited until my puppy was eight months old to have him neutered...wanted to ensure he was big and bulky enough to hold his own against a couple of coyotes if necessary. True, he acquired some aggressive behaviors that he had to unlearn, but I'm glad I waited that long. I don't understand folks who don't ever bother getting their pets 'fixed', though. Getting rid of the unwanted behaviors that come with those hormones far outweighs the cost of the surgery, IMO.
  2. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    I got my kitty done as soon as he was old enough to want to start peeing on my household items. It was around 6 months, IIRC.
  3. Sagitta

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    Dropped off garbage and recycling at solid waste facility and rested all day - Cold or something like that.
    7pm headed out for a 50 minute drive to dance to a live Latin band for 3 hours, and then drove an hour back home.
  4. danceronice

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    8 months is one thing. Ten years, when it's a scuzzy little Chihuahua with bad teeth? And a three-year license for a fixed dog is $25 while for an unaltered one it's $75? Yeesh.

    Hands and feet: still freezing. It was clear most of the day and getting dark by the time we were directing the last few cars into line and even with a heavy coat and gloves I was freezing by the time I got home. Many carbohydrates later and I am almost warmed up, but a hot bath will be nice....
  5. Peaches

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    Friday: sleep in, gloriously. Piddle, take ridiculously long shower, head out. Get smoked turkey , go grocery shopping. Home with massive list of stuff to make.

    Make baked kale chips (ugh!), collard greens, mahogany chicken. Start beer bread and cranberry pecan bread.

    Shower, dancing, home, sleep like poo.

    Saturday: up too early. Bake cranberry pecan bread, bake beer bread. Finish mahogany chicken. Make meat cubes, chicken with spinach. Start brioche. Make hot milk cake and pastry cream for brother's birthday cake (which will be Boston cream pie when I'm finished).

    Want to go dancing, but too tired. Fall asleep watching West Wing with DH.

    Today: wake up early and can't get back to sleep. Bake another loaf of beer bread. Get brioche rising. Assemble Boston cream pie, and make glaze; finish cake. Bake brioche.

    Shower, etc. Pack bags of goodies, head to parents' house. Nice family day for brother's b-day.

    Home. Watch movie with DH. Pack lunches. Bed soon.
  6. pygmalion

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    Sunday: Veg, take care of sick and overly dramatic teenager, shop, clean.

    DS and I concur that he's too sick tonight to be of any use at school tomorrow. So he stays up late and annoys me by making an unholy racket. Now he's asleep and I'm awake. Yay.

    Also see, in passing, a very cool commercial that features a couple doing a cute west coast swing. But now I can't remember what they were advertising and no amount of searching on youtube gets me any results. I guess it's not filed under west coast swing. Darn! I wanted to post that under videos in the dancing on TV section.

    I had to google five way on my own, btw. Thanks, all you doggie people!. *grin* I had a doggie only once -- Sam, the cockapoo. Boy was she adorable! But she came from a doggie shelter where it was required that the dog have everything done before he/she was released. So five way didn't ring any bells for me. Conjured up images of some weird sex thing. It's clear I've been watching too much SVU. :D
  7. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    I left out a couple things in the past couple days. (I told y'all I'd forgotten stuff.)

    One: get an email from DS's school re: End of course exams. Yet another way to torture kids. This one is a schedule of retakes, if your child fails the exams. Retakes are required, it says. Oh yay. Yet another stressor for already overburdened teens. I honestly do not know how kids make it, these days.

    Two: Have an infuriating conversation with a friend whose friend has just been released from prison after serving five years for vehicular homicide while under the influence (or something like that.) I said something like, "It's tragic that, on top of the people he killed, now his life and the lives of his close family are ruined as well." (He was an engineer making more than $100,000 a year, leading community involvement activities, etc. Now he's an ex-con who will be lucky if he ever gets another job.) She said, "Hmm. He killed three people. He deserved to go to prison. When he killed those people, he forfeited his life." Aaargh. Not saying he shouldn't pay for his crime. But simplistic answers to complex questions get my goat, big time. Cases like this raise so many questions for me. I can't imagine why anybody thinks there are easy answers.

    I bite my tongue bloody, but manage not to start no stuff.

    Touchy topic, I know, and I am not trying to start a debate. I just cannot stand it when people hide behind knee jerk easy answers rather than look at the complexity that's a part of our lives. It's not easy.
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah and the ex sends me a link to an article he wants me to share with DS. It's about a fifteen year old kid from Maryland who has come up with an inexpensive test for pancreatic cancer.

    DS is not impressed. He sees this as his Dad finding him lacking, again. a la "That kid can help cure cancer, and I can't remember to turn in my homework? Thanks for sharing, Dad." I explain to DS that his Dad means well. He intends DS to take this as inspiration that he can do/be/have anything he wants.

    Oy. This was so much easier when I was married to the ex and WANTED to be his advocate on everything all the time. Now, it's a tightrope walk every day. *sigh*
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Also should mention that on Friday, there was a noticeable lack of leftover controversy. (Was it in this thread that I mentioned the question of ownership of leftovers from a pot luck? Can't remember.)

    There was a pot luck b'day celebration on Thursday. Plenty of food leftover. Come Friday, nobody insisted on heating up leftovers for everybody's Friday lunch. (I also realize that the reheating is an issue for me, since I own the crock pots and, when nobody else helps, I get stuck with cleaning them, even though I am not a fan of leftovers.) People who wanted leftovers of anything they'd brought took their stuff home. People who had stuff they wanted to share shared it. Easy breezy.

    The big difference: the lady who insists on claiming leftovers on behalf of the group was out sick for the day. It appears that her approach is the issue, at least for this group of folks. So I just won't be doing potlucks any day other than Friday anymore, to avoid the whole leftover question. I'll also bring disposable plastic containers, so I can give MY leftover stuff to the single Moms in the group, if they want it. lol
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sunday; sit, eat, nap, sit, eat, nap....bathe, feed animals, find my insurance card, watch movie with dh....sit, eat, sleep
  11. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Up. Graded 2 papers.

    Shuttle to airport.

    FLEW HOME!!! Finished reading The Lady and Her Monsters on the flight, and also took a quick snooze.

    Stopped by office to pick up late papers. Still one short. Sigh.

    Do some laundry.

    Child suggests make-up Family Fun Night since I wasn't home Friday. We watch "Goldfinger."
    CHILD: This movie is kind of racist, though, because the Koreans are always working for the British people and don't even talk. It makes the British seem like they are top of the pile.
    Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

    Put Child to bed.
    Child gets a little weepy because she is scared about what is going to happen over the next couple days. I tell her that Daddy will be okay and that even though I'm a little nervous too, his surgery is very routine. She says that she is worried for herself too, though. I have a student taking her to ice skating and then she's sleeping over at her friend P's house. She worries about what if P's mom doesn't really like her? And P's mom is a lot stricter than you, Mom. And what if P's mom wants me to eat something I don't like to eat? Etc.
    It's not like she has never been to a sleepover before...and we hang out with P's family EVERY Saturday in the summer at swim meets. I think she probably is a little nervous about her Dad's surgery, AND a different friend of hers recently mentioned to her that her mom doesn't like Child. (!!!)

    I say all kinds of reassuring things:
    -of course P's mom likes you,
    -you are only going to be there 1 hour before bedtime tonight and 1 hour before school tomorrow,
    -you can bring Cheerios with you and I'm sure that would be fine.
    Child is still stressed and says: "SSS"...and acronym she says means Still Sounds Scary. :( I told her I was a little afraid it stood for Sinus Surgery Senter, and added that I didn't think I could let her Dad have surgery at a place which spelled "center" with an S. That got her laughing.

    I am retrospectively sorry that I made these plans without fully consulting Child first. I now think that asking her friend J's mom might have been the wiser course, as I know Child feels very comfortable there. I ran into P's mom and asked her, assuming that this would be fine and dandy with Child. We've known this family for YEARS! The kids came to her birthday when she was turning 5! I know it will be fine, but I'm sorry Child is feeling distressed.

    Wrote in diary.
    Bed on early side. Tonight (Monday --> Tuesday), in an absolutely best case scenario, I will get 6 hours of sleep. I teach until 10 PM. Optimistically, I can be home and in bed by 11 PM. We need to get up at 5 to be at the surgery center by 6. Yuck. On the other hand, the good news is that he'll be done nice and early!
  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    awww...sorry for CCC but I do think it will be good for her to see that it is okay...and important to realize that sometimes sacrifice is part of being in a family...but, I feel so badly for her
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  13. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    flew to SD spoke to an md group about some research

    grabbed three sessions of Latin coaching with my amazing latin pro

    flew home
  14. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member



    To American Style Congress
    To New York Dance Festival, working; watch DB#1 and 2 do their Rhythm heats
    Friend from Houston arrives ~10pm, I put her to work immediately; we finish out the evening at the comp, then talk until 3:30 am; this will come back to bite me in the knat


    To hairdresser to get my hair done; take iPad with photos of what I want, get what I want, leave iPad at salon; TDNWMH
    Back to comp; work for a while; watch DB#1 and 4 do their Smooth
    Walk over to the Mary Poppins theater and get my makeup done by a makeup artist there
    Pick up some food and get cab back to hotel
    Dress, pick at food
    Dance! single dances, Peabody!!!, more single dances; Ladies C Dancesport Championship, my first championship ever, have illegal fun dancing
    Run to hotel room, change into evening gown, then work the rest of the night, til ~1:30, Z 2:30
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  15. j_alexandra

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    Back into ballroom by 7am, as I don't have anyone to cover for me that early
    Get coverage for most of daytime, then grab friend from Houston, pack up and go home, build a fire in the fireplace, take nap, dress, and get back to comp in plenty of time for evening session
    Work until midnight
    Try to find food b/c am ravenous; stop at a diner for a bowl of soup
    Fall asleep at the wheel 6 times on the way home; TDNWMH in spades
    Home 1:30; remove makeup and crash
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    mon...teach two classes on fumes...home to wash gowns...then hell freezes over...I will leave the details aside, not sure what to make of it anyhow, but am going with positiveness...tend to some other work details and pet care, beyond that; more sitting and recovering
  17. samina

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  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Channeling positive thoughts to the Chacha Family today.
  19. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Yes, you read that right. 3:30. And I was up 2 hours later. And am paying the price now.
  20. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    This one sentence showed up onscreen by itself. Out of context, it evoked um, er, um... wotthe?

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