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    Attended the Warrior Games this week (event for US and Great Britain warriors who were injured or ill.) Yesterday watched a guy who had lost both legs at the upper thigh and had lost one arm at the shoulder swim the 100 meter freestyle event. 100 meters. With one arm. I must remember this whenever I start to complain that something is too hard.
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    fri...teach bike and to home....pretty much it...though much was to be learned on a variety of was a rich day in it's dynamics
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    I don't think I've posted on this thread in 3 weeks. I will summarize those yesterdays:

    Monday, April 27-Thursday, May 16--Graded a lot of stuff.
    (Also taught classes and went to meetings.)

    Okay, a few other things happened:
    Saturday, May 4th--Bought a new car! We got a 2013 Prius. It replaces a 2000 Ford Taurus with almost 200,000 miles on it.

    Sunday, May 12th--Saw Annie on Broadway for Mother's Day.

    Tuesday, May 14th--La Petite ChaCha's end of the year concert.

    Read Eve Ensler's _In The Body of the World_. Recommended.

    Yesterday was my first day of freedom!

    Spent some time in the AM on clutter reduction. I washed a bunch of tablecloths that had accumulated on top of the washer-dryer: the Christmas cloth, the Valentine's Day cloth, etc. There was other junk below it, and I found to my shame a bag which had maps of Hershey Park in it...from 2010! So I think it would be fair to say that I need to do this more often!

    6.3 miles on treadmill, walked it out until 7 miles, then sprinted an extra .25 mile.

    Took Child to dentist.

    That evening: Girls' Night Out! "Star Trek: Into Darkness" with Child and one of her besties. Her friend lives even more out in the country than we do, and there is no darkness like country dark on a twisty, unfamiliar roads, esp when you are tired. But we made it home in one piece.
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    welcome back :)
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    THERE you are CCMM...good to see you! again.
    Yesterday, DH wakes up - uh's going to be a "get through it" day...he's pretty weak and frustrated. deal with it.
    Decide not to leave house, except for market later in day,,,,going to keep a keen eye on this guy.
    Converse with DH,,,,he's winded when simple a few sentences,,,radar up in my brain...hereeeee we go again!
    Rest for dh, all day.
    DH brother comes over, hangs out for a good while..."thank you, whew."....they love each other in that I'm the older brother, you can't be sick, way.
    Calls, text msgs,,,,,DH decides every single person he knows is PI___ed at him as they've told him for a long time...this was going to happen...and how could he do this to them...ect.'s George....the tongue lashings are working as well as reminding him how much he's loved.
    Oregon daughter calls in evening, talks to her dad, did I mention how loud the girls are? I hear this hospital staff member tell her dad "it's not your fault, there's nothing you could have done, it's been lingering...just get well, stay healthy and move on"....this brings relieve to DH for some reason.
    DS calls....why can I hear these kids on the phone with DH all the way into the kitchen...we are not hard of hearing.
    GD#1 has read through several books purchased at Powell Book Store already and has begun her drawing book with artwork.
    Looking forward to another trip to Portland soon. ahhhhh love it....
    I attempt to make sliders,,,,and they are fabulous I must say,,,,also note, first time DH has been truly engaged with a meal and liked it.
    Scroll through on-demand movies,,,we cancel plans to see "42" and watch "The Hobbit" instead at home. This was a good choice. DH remembers reading the book in high school, then Lord of the Rings. We find several movies we missed in the theaters....hopefully, we will have time to catch up.
    kitchen renovation starts Monday, spending Saturday and Sunday creating new kitchen temp space in living room.
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    Finish wallpaper removal.
    Take down Kitchen "nails, screws, holders, anything on walls". Haul boxes inside.
    Watch DH as he helps me...warning him...about energy usage.
    Empty all cabinets, set up temp kitchen.
    Text msg from all the kids...PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE BREAKFAST BOOTH....PLEASSSEEEEEEE. hmmmmm.
    DH is quite chatty, moving around the house, feeling good.
    NASCAR, 2million dollar all star race. I lie, tell him I want to watch it, so he sits and rests for awhile.
    Finish finding places to put things, boxes, tables, chairs, counting down to Monday morning,,,,YES!
    Take a stroll with DH outside the house.
    Neighbors all visit,,,,,the guys continue to rass DH.
    Dinner! Quiet night as we view the masses of ingredients, dishes, stuff, appliances that is no longer hidden, gotta laugh, and the kids don't even live here anymore~! HA!
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    Saturday was a day that left me feeling kind of blue and frustrated about some things.
    1) I hate schedule conflicts and I just realized that two out of the next three fun things I planned to do have pretty big schedule conflict problems. The biggest problem is my husband's 25th reunion, which I had really been looking forward to. Child's school camping trip was originally slated for May 23rd-24th. At some point, that was moved to May 30th-31st. I have been so wrapped up in work that I'm sure Husband and/or I just signed the permission slip without even absorbing this fact. In the meantime, Husband and I made plans to go to his reunion from May 30th-June 2nd. UGH! So now we need to figure out what to do. The camping trip was a true highlight of her school career for Child last year. (It's an upper elementary school thing, so last year was her first time.) It's a great opportunity, but I don't know how the school manages to put things at such horrible times for me. guess is that Child and I will probably fly up very late on Friday or early on Saturday. Ugh.

    2) I also am missing a couple things that I thought I knew where they were. I couldn't find the extras of my daughter's 4th grade class photo. I can find extras of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Where are the extras of 4th, my favorite school photo of her ever? We do have some copies and I have it scanned, but I'm bummed.

    As for actually what I did:
    10--Summer swim team sign-up.

    12-1--Naomi's gymnastics. I read Reyn's What Happened to Anna K in the parking lot.

    Responded to an e-mail from a student displeased about the grade she got on her research paper and wanting to know more about why she got that grade. I word process my final comment on her paper, so I went back and checked. I already wrote a 713 word comment on that paper! There is NO question in my mind that every single teacher in my department would have given this paper a grade close to what I gave it. The other thing that makes this annoying is that this student still managed to get the highest grade in the course overall on the strength of her other marks. Is it really THAT hard to take a little constructive criticism, even when your final grade didn't suffer? Yeesh!
    I was expecting a possible &^#storm from the students I gave a C-, a D+, and an F to, but this girl got a mark that should put her on the Dean's List. I don't get it.

    Got ready for Child's audition for the dance company's performance team. This included running through the routine a bunch of times, figuring out how to get the music onto a portable device, getting her dressed and ready.

    5:15--Dance PT audition. Is it a good decision to try out, a bad decision? Should we have done it a couple years earlier? Or should we not do it at all? Child got some corrections from the teacher she auditioned in front of, and the teacher made it clear that she will be stricter with her about technique going forward now that she knows that she is interested in the team. I hope this winds up being a positive experience.

    Stopped to pick up veggie fried rice for Child and shopped at Staples for the retreat I am planning.
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  9. fascination

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    ccm...I have a child like the student you mentioned....and I still don't understand it....though I am told I am the same way about my dancing so I reckon I ought to try to figure it out sympathies
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    And sorry I somehow quoted my whole post above. I seem to have forgotten some of the nuances of how the DF interface works during that 3 week hiatus, because I was trying to edit my post above and add a little more info to the story, not repost it a second time.

    It actually felt really good to get that out. Maybe now I can put the incident behind me!
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    possibly you hit reply instead of biggie...I absolve you, grant you pardon and peace...go forth and sin no more :)
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    Sunday was a much better day than Saturday. I tried to get some quality relaxing in, as there's quite a bit of meeting related stuff going on during Senior Week, including a big meeting I have to RUN, and I felt like I needed a little post-Finals Week mental recovery before facing that.

    Did some more clutter reduction. You can now see the top of my dryer again! (There had been an accumulation of canvas bags from various outings, gloves, tablecloths, cloth napkins, etc. hanging out on top of it.) I have also come to the conclusion that we have an insane quantity of cloth napkins crammed into our tablecloth area....and a lot of the time, we use paper towel instead of napkins of any kind. I'm trying at the very least to get this area organized.

    10-12--Read some of What Happened to Anna K.


    1:30ish--Child and I took dog for a walk. For part of this walk, Child and I were walking with our arms around each other going "Left, left, left-right-left. Left, left, left-right-kick-ball-change!" It was our dancer march! The dog probably thought we were crazy, but he also didn't care much because he was outside with his people and that makes him so happy.

    3ish--Read The Last Apprentice: Clash of the Demons with Child in our new finished basement.

    5ish--Husband came home from his 5-day business trip to Dallas!!! We all ran upstairs from basement to greet him. Dog was particularly joyous, so we tried to match the dog's level of enthusiasm by running around the room and jumping our paws up on husband as well.


    7:30ish--Put in my 7 miles on the tm, much of it at 6.4 mph. 3 weeks to comp!
    My bunion bone on my left foot was bothering me a bit post-run...and yes, I do wear good running shoes. I think my feet are just of the opinion that jogging and latin dance are both high-impact activities, and that maybe I could take up something like chess or yoga. I pointed out to feet that I spend hours and hours reading and writing, and that they get to be barefoot or just in sneakers or slippers a lot compared to the feet of women who wear pumps to work every day. Feet were apparently unimpressed by this logic.

    Oh, I read some of the book that people were talking about on another thread both during and post run: Dance with Me: Ballroom Dancing and the Purchase of Intimacy. It's a good read so far! There are a couple of things I wish the author had done differently, but I am definitely enjoying it. The photos by SDSalsaguy definitely enhance the book in a major way. My own teacher and his partner are pictured on the book jacket spine, and within the book!

    [My critiques: I wish the book were a little more interdisciplinary, and looked at things from both a sociology angle and a psychology angle, and I wish there were a little more quantitative data to supplement the qualitative data she gets from her 60-ish interviews. This would give me a little more context for understanding whether the stories of people like Phoebe and George are typical. But I'm also only a little more than 25% of the way through the book, so perhaps some of these desires will be met later.]

    Child and Husband had had a major argument while I was running. I told them that I expected them to go more than 3 1/2 hours before having an argument.
    Favorites and least favorites.
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    sunday...awake and crankypants due to poor sleep...various house tasks..... head to cathedral to sing the psalm...bilingual mass....home to a dinner with an associate of dh's...which I was dreading but which was very week for humble pie...sit on couch til 9 blissful hours of sleep...holy God we praise thy name
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    Morning, arrgghhh, ringing in the ear....I know it's from the stress of the last 10 days. ok, so deal with it.
    Morning call from Step Dad - him, "I'm going to call 9-1-1" what's wrong? ...him..."my hand hurts, the ice isn't working""your putting the ice bag on your forearm correct?"...him..."no, I took the dressing off and I'm putting the ice on my incision""DAD...your only suppose to loosen dressing, and keep ice on your forearm and elevate your hand to mid chest not call 9-1-1 because it hurts, it's suppose to hurt...that is what happens when you have an incision and your healing" him..."oh, I didn't know I wasn't suppose to put ice on the incision, ok then" whew!!!!
    really, the incision is one and one/half inch, arrggghhhhhh.
    DH, very tried, going to be a 'weak day"
    finish the spread of the entire kitchen throughout the house, decide, I'm not putting 30% of this back into the cabinets, it's going by by.
    Watch TV with DH, reassure him - strength comes in progress not all at once.
    We go for slow stroll in neighborhood. This is a victory. First walk.
    DS sends picture of a very pink mens swim shorts he's buying, just to get his dad's ire up. And it works. I HEAR about the pink bathing trunks from DH,,,,,ALOT. lol.
    Relatively quiet day otherwise. Sleep on sofa next to DH, and actually get 10 hours sleep last night...WOO WOO....first time in a long time! THANK YOU!
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    Went and saw my DBF getting hooded at graduation yesterday. I'm so proud of him :) Now he is truly a PhD :) so happy for him!
  16. ChaChaMama

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    ^^ Bravo, stash's boyfriend!!!

    What is his field? What was his dissertation on? (We'll take the one or two sentence, layperson's terms version!)
  17. stash

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    lol ok I'll try to see if I get this right. He is in the biochemistry field. His dissertation was on looking at packaging proteins (basically things that transport dna or rna to the cells) and a protecting agent (a polypeptide) to protect the dna once it is in the cell so it can do what it needs to do. They are looking to use this as possible gene delivery solution for things such as cancer or for alzheimer's. At least in cancer applications, I think, it would be used to target only the cancerous cells and leave healthy normal cells intact (unlike chemo which kills every cell that is replicating quickly) once more research has been done.

    As a disclaimer: I am in now way near the science-y fields of study. I am majoring in Studio Art with a minor in Astronomy so hopefully I got this right and didn't mess it up too bad.
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    hope he has a patent.. that could be big
  19. stash

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    I wish he could but I don't think he can't. The major reason being his adviser is terrible. Another grad student who graduated a year ago still hasn't been able to get his paper published because this adviser has been sitting on it and the corrections, and has done nothing with it.
  20. Mr 4 styles

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    he needs to apply on his own and hack out the lawsuit later

    TRRUUSTT MEE two good friends of mine patented their Phd work and made millions

    one invented optical coherence tomography
    one discovered siRNA's

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