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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. ChaChaMama

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    For right now, I'm keeping it upbeat and offering to do grocery shopping, walk the dogs, drive him to the hospital if he needs any of this. Apparently he is trying to keep a Positive Mental Attitude so I don't want to go into a mode that sounds like I'm memorializing his impact on my life when he is still hoping to beat this thing.

    This guy had the office right next door to mine for over a decade. We flew to San Francisco together for a conference, and have done several interview conferences together, going out to every meal together, etc. We've been to parties at each other's houses. Heck, my best friend--who lives in Queens--has been to a party at his house.

    Not good.

    On top of that, a 20 year old student of mine--someone who was in my FYS in 2011, and my first year seminar peer mentor in 2012--is being forced to quit her summer job and take Fall 2013 off due to serious health problems. This isn't supposed to happen.
  2. fascination

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    I hear you...he has a right not to be defined by his illness and to have hope..regardless of what stage four pancreatic cancer generally implies...I still think it is always good at some juncture, to let anyone, regardless of their terminality, know what they have meant to to the younger person; right....this is not where justice reigns...and sometimes it really bites
  3. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    exhausting day with nephew...truly don't have the energy to even recount it....
  4. ChaChaMama

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    AM--Made myself be disciplined and read more of the academic book I am reading. Decided to postpone work-related e-mail until after that...because if you start the day with e-mail, it can stink up your entire life.

    Lunch, dealt with the e-mail.

    Did some vacation planning.

    Grocery store.

    Child had meltdown about not being able to find a dress to wear for tonight, with crying. She has several options. She did, however, somehow manage to lose one of her three dressy dresses, which I am not happy about...and she has completely rejected a second one I got her, even though it looks cute on her and she picked it off the internet from several choices I gave her. Ugh. But all's well that ends well. She wore the dress that she wore for Mother's Day a couple years ago.

    Child thinks maybe we're supposed to be at Closing Ceremony an hour early. We get there and of course we are the first people to arrive. <Eye roll.> It's fine, though.

    How is it possible that my kid is done with 5th grade?!? I feel like the one for pre-school just happened a few weeks ago! It is very sweet to see her with BFFs. She loves her friends.

    Child's class sang and danced to "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang.

    Afterwards, I dealt with some more work related e-mail including not one but TWO pieces of bad news for the First Year Seminar program. (One professor has decided to drop her first year seminar course. Oh, that's great...because we were counting on you. It's actually not 100% her fault, but rather her colleague's, as he is taking a job at another school and gave her the course...but we are sorting the people into classes on Monday. Thursday is a little late to hit me with this news. Also, the computer program that is supposed to do an initial sort of students into sections based on their preferences isn't working, so we will be doing it by hand. Terrific.)

    Uploaded photos from Closing Ceremony. Some cute ones.
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    Poured metal in my metal casting class yesterday! One of the most exciting (and freaking hot!) experiences in my life! My pictures are too big for here, but I'm adding lots of photos to my blog post today about it!
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  6. fascination

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    teach a class, clean house and to northwestern to attend dtr's music sorority's concert...home just now exhausted...gah...meeting early tomo...but dtr feels loved...and has a wonderful group of peers at NU...mission accomplished...son is also psyched b/c he got to sit 3rd seat at trial for the firm for which he is interning this is good
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  7. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Make bean salad.

    11:30-2--Child's picnic, in the rain. (Nice timing, Subtropical Storm Andrea.) The school has rented three pavillions, so we hang out under those. I talk with the parents of her besties and let Child run free with her friends.


    2:50--6 miles on treadmill, hopefully not making ankle worse, but need to stay toned and conditioned for comp.

    4:30--Spray tan.

    Family Fun Night Movie: "The Spy Who Loved Me."

    Write in diary.
  8. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Throw mulch, no gloves on, into the rest of garden beds.
    While contractor, hangs shutters, paints kitchen, fixes holes in walls throughout, where we "experimented" ultimately for the experiment to fail. lol.
    Tile picked, items put away, plumbing, oh yeah,,,the new sink! it has to wait.
    Home Depot,,,,odds and ends.
    More exercise throughout house, than I think I've done in decades, DH helps.
    Pick up GS#2 for his dance lesson, hear that the performance at the CalPoly Theater went quite well, order DVD, DH is not allowed to walk uphill so we couldn't go. Enter GS classroom there is a huge poster of him in Mambo arm sleeves with his classmates. woweeee. What a ham.
    GS begs for ice cream after lesson, I give in. Too tired to care, and besides, I'm GM right?
    Note to self, he's grown, dance shoes don't fit, his pants are too short, his legs are like chicken little, shades of his daddy.
    And he's learning the art of "I'm 7, I'll negotiate with you" Pretty smart,,,,I'm smarter.
    Plow through two weeks worth of papermail sitting and growing. ARGGHHH.
    Unconnected laptop,,,,still waits,,,,in box. sigh.
    long day,,,and oh....blisters on hands. Feel like a farmer for the evening.
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  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sat...staff that was actually worth trip with in-laws to lit's a book fair in chicago on printer's row...then dinner at trufano's ...a place so italian that there is no menu(because everyone knows what they serve) and you can't pay with credit (cash only, the cash station is in the front of the restuarant), and no sign out front....looks like every other 3 flat in little italy...except for the valets outside and the Peroni umbrellas over the umbrella tables on the side of the bed nearly immediately upon returning home
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  10. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Dh and I, ouchies in the morning.
    Start motoring around house, pick up paint for kitchen.
    I decide, two more closets...two more rooms...and DONE, WELLA....we seriously have an entire closet full of pictures from ancestors, family history and our own lives and travels together. HMMMM major project coming up, I can feel it.
    Reorganize exercise room which also has ballroom closet and sewing machines/supplies.
    Feel,,,,,de-cluttered by 2:30 p.m.
    Sit. Sit still while DH goes for walk.
    Force DH to move items, wine fridge, bookcase, shoe case...(receive winks from DH as he moves things around).
    Head out to Jacuzzi late afternoon,,,ahhhh,,,much needed soak.
    pull back the pool cover for visitors arrival on Sunday.
    Grill lean steaks and salad outside.
    Nix plans to go to movies.
    Watch Hockey Game...poooeeeyyyy Kings. ARGHHHH! As step dad and I call each other about game/during game.
    Small talk with DH about future trips...ahhhh,,,,something nice other than,,,,paint, fabric, floors, trash, donate, keep.
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  11. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    5:45--Awoken by cat sitting on my pillow. We try to keep them out, but the two male pets (dog and 1 cat) are very insistent on joining us. Ugh. I had not planned to get up this early when I have a scholarship event at 10:52 PM.

    9:20ish--Wind up in a stupid argument with Child--who has rehearsal at 10--when she wants me to do her hair before dance, but only makes the most desultory attempt to look for a brush and then says "Did YOU find it?" It's YOUR hair. Find YOUR brush! Then I do her hair, and she claims that I did the ponytail too tight and it hurts her head. I suggest that she take it out, then, but this also makes her querulous. Sigh.

    10ish--Take nap.

    10:45ish--Get up and get ready. Drive to venue.

    12:15--Hair and make up.

    1:30ish--Attempt to check in at hotel front desk. Problem: no reservation and hotel sold out. This is confusing, as I got Package C, which includes a hotel room. I say that this no problem, really, as I live 35 mins from the venue, but if I'm not getting a room, I would like the hotel to give me a refund of some kind.

    Turns out they had me for a room on Friday night. I have since done some research, and there was a package with a Friday night room, but I'm pretty darn sure that I got Package C...and I know for a fact that I wrote a check for $315 (early bird special package C) and not $335 (early bird special package B). They manage to find me a room that had gotten a little bit of water in through the window during recent Subtropical Storm Andrea; they had been working on getting the patch of carpet near the window that got wet dry. I say that will be fine. (And I was pleasantly surprised: the carpet didn't seem damp at all.)

    Get ready.

    3--Family arrives.

    3:35-4--10 open singles. 1 2nd (out of 2) and the rest 1st. The 2nd was in the first dance, where I managed to mess up approximately the second figure. Nik razzed me during the results. "CCM! You better not come back here with any more of those red tickets!"

    5ish--Closed scholarship. This went well.

    Said goodbye to family, as open scholarship is too late for them to stay.

    Dinner. Pleasant convo with other dance peeps.

    Evening session. Get teased by Nik when he was on the dance floor, in between dances, when he sees me sitting there at like 9:15, still in street clothes. "CCM! You are going to be late!" (He's still in his standard outfit. He just thinks I'm hyper about being early for showing up for plane flights 2 hours early and stuff like that, whereas he's a last minute guy.)

    10:52--Open scholarship. I thought I danced pretty well, but I caught a glimpse of my competition out of the corner of my eye during rumba hitting an exceptionally eye catching line and my thought was "Ut-oh. Looks like trouble." Sure enough, I came in 2nd. That's okay for now, though. Only my 2nd time dancing the open scholarship and I do feel like I'm getting better from comp to comp.

    One bad thing: after my scholarship, my teacher--who had been dancing all day including multi-dance championships and scholarships in most age categories back to back, and going pretty all out with his students because he's a good guy--still had three multi-dance events to go. He went outside briefly after my event. Came back and did one more multi-dance, then had to scratch the last two as he was headachy and super nauseous. I think it's pretty clear he was dehydrated.

    He did bounce back and was back in the ballroom (though not dancing) within about 30 mins, but that's no fun.

    SHOWTIME: Max Sinitsa and Eulia Baranovsky. Also a pop and lock hip-hop dancer. Also Taras Savitskyy and his new-ish partner. (He is a top amateur youth 10 dancer.)

    12ish--Back to the room and took a shower.

    1ish--Hit the afterparty.

  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    doing today now as it is nearly done


    wake crabby because I have to make third trip into chicago in three days ...which came after two days with nephew, going to and from south bend, and also having been in indy the two days before that, and having been in chicago the weekend prior to this...things are crazy at my work, I have no time to practice and I may be going to a comp next yeah, crabby...but the event is a mass marking the 75th birthday of my spiritual mentor, his 50th year as a jesuit, and the 15th year of his ignatian spirituality project which provides retreats doing the spiritual exercises with the homeless witness the tremendous impact that he has had on their lives and mine was truly overwhelming...I left tearfully grateful that we went...we order pizza...I can't keep it down...then I take a nap...spend rest of day accomplishing a few tasks...will finish the day with a practice
  13. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    8:30--Wake up. Try to roll over and go back to sleep (since I was at the after-party until 2) but I can hear knocking and "Housekeeping!" down the hall. Even though I put out my own door tag, so I'm not worried about a knock on my door, I can't sleep with this distraction.

    So I get up and get ready to go.

    10ish--Home. Have some food.

    Get to see Husband's photos of the comp. Some good ones.

    My favorite:
    Bought some thread, as I may try to convince myself that I know how to alter Child's too baggy jazz costume. Grocery shopped.

    Wrote in diary.
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  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    great shot
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  15. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    there is popping and locking ... which did he do?? both??

    oh and who was it??
  16. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Great photo CCMM, love the suspended in mid-air feeling!
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    m..teach two classes, take 4 lessons, margarita and burrito...df, fb, field call that my brother is in er with heart attack symptoms...speak with him and they haven't found anything...feel a tad better since i have been through a similar sort of thing...sleep soundly

    t...4 lessons, looks like I am going to compete next week...lessons go pretty home, eat ham sandwiches, teach a spin class....enjoy vids and photos of son's ongoing visit w/grandbaby...sleep immanent
  18. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    9:30-4:30--Work on getting entire first year population of our college sorted into 32 first year seminars based on their preference forms. They have to rate 7 or more courses on a scale from 1 (yuck) to 9-OMG! (which we then translate to 10).

    Here's the challenge. Some courses might have a very small number (or no) 10s, only a few 9s, and really not even that many 8s. The two most popular classes, however, have between 40-50 10s, maybe another 40-50 9s, another 40-50 8s. We are going to need to have at least 10 people in even the least popular classes to make things work. (Classes are capped at 15.)

    4:35-4:45--Drive home.
    4:45-4:55--And get us mobilized. Note: When I call from work and ask Husband to have Child dressed for dance as I am going to blow in to pick her up and blow back out, I mean dressed and hair done, and preferably a dry snack packed. She has only been doing this for 7 years....

    4:55-5:25--Drive to venue.
    5:30-8--STAGING REHEARSAL. It actually winds up being until 8:30, as we were interrupted by warnings about this event, so they put all the kids in the orchestra pit to wait it out:

    (The show venue is in Sykesville.)

    Luckily, everything was fine, other than me eating some Toasted Wheat Thin Veggie Chips that I bought from a vending machine when I realized I wasn't going to get to eat dinner until 9 PM.

    Also got first glimpse at the dance class schedule for 2013-14. It's a little complicated to figure out to fit in all the classes and rehearsals required for performance team, esp since some classes at the same level are scheduled concurrently. They also didn't list the teachers in the schedule, which they usually do. Huh. But we'll make it work.

    Home. Talked to Assistant Director of FYS on phone.

    Was more than a little frustrated trying to figure out how to post part--but not all--of an Excel spreadsheet. Husband had to give me a lesson. Got it, and start sending individual lists to the professors in the FYS program. Quit around 15 minutes past midnight.
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sounds like a fairly miserable day
  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Fascination--what are you doing up at 4:11 AM?!

    With regard to my The tornado part wasn't fun, though at least it had a happy ending. And the part dealing with Excel wasn't fun, but that is just because--I'll admit it--my computer skills are weak. Thank goodness I have Husband to straighten me out. Computers are his thing.

    The 7 hours of placement work actually felt super-productive, so even though there are some challenges, each time you complete a class, you feel like "Yeah!" And I wasn't working alone. There was a whole team:
    -Assistant Director of First Year Seminar
    -Dean of First Year Students
    -Associate Dean of Student Affairs
    -Director of Student Academic Support Services
    ...and, some of the time...
    -Director of Residence Life (who seemed to be on the same page with me a lot of the time, interestingly enough)
    -Assistant Director of Student Engagement
    I also know that out of these placements will come some friendships that will last people their whole life long. That makes me smile inside. But yes, it is more fun when I can fill a class with all people who gave it a 9omg!

    The biggest problem of the day is that there was just too much to do. We weren't done with the placement stuff at 4:35, so I felt torn between my obligation to Child and my obligation to work...and that is NOT a good feeling.

    In retrospect, I think this we could have done this a slightly saner way. The Dean of FY Students said we HAD to finish that day. Um...why? Isn't this a self-imposed deadline? Yes, we need to get this info out by the end of the week, but if we finished by noon on Tuesday, wouldn't that have been equally fine?

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