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  1. j_alexandra

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    Gyro, yay
    Lesson, equal parts frustration and bliss
    Rolfer, yay
    Dinner with visiting cousin and the rest of the fam
    Stop at winebar to drop off a scale so my Blond German Friend can weigh her suitcase; she's going to Germany to visit her mother, who has stomach cancer and not much time
    Meet a man at winebar who is: local, age-appropriate, smart, funny, cute, a dancer, and engaged; le sigh; however, at least I now know for sure like totally, such things exist
  2. 3wishes

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    Purchased primer/paint gallon from Home Depot. Painted our Bedroom,,,,Azul Tequila -
    Cancelled GS#2 dance group as I was still putting things away and needed shower.
    Brought GS#2 to house (thank you DH),went swimming and made him dinner.
    DH starts picking on me, afterwards, and it wasn't all. It was mean and quite critical, like an employee evaluation.
    We end up in screaming match and I walk out.
    Thank God, the kids were across the street.
    DH, leaves in car in a huff. Yep, totally normal.
    I take kid-lets home....and as I drive all I can think about is....DARN IT...that Tequila paint...should be the real thing....I could use double shot about now. hmmmm hmmmmm she says.
  3. fascination

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  4. j_alexandra

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  5. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    up and walk high school track. think about how time has flown withcalifornia grandson. all of 7 and with a big comic side to him!
    Head home where dh is running around the house, organizing, sorting, putting away little things and papers.
    h attempts conversation, all day.
    neighbor ladies come over, neighbor ladies a d i plan attack to capture big ol racoon.
    it is mentioned "he is in the dog house, huh?"
    yep, they love the paint color we r all inspired!
    pizza and cable lrovider to actually set up lap top purchased months ago, and i do not miss cbs channel.
    start search for volunteer orga izations to join, read huck finn!
  6. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    ying to use this tablet dh got for me do not like keyboard i type
    fast and this misses letters sorry.
  7. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    you will

    Big Bang Theory, TheThe Spoiler Alert Segmentation

    Two and a Half MenI Scream When I Pee

    Two and a Half MenI Scream When I Pee

    Big Brother

    ElementaryLong Fuse, The

    Undercover BossOrkin

    Hawaii Five-0Kanalua (Doubt)

    Blue BloodsInside Jobs

    NCIS: Los AngelesEndgame



    60 Minutes

    Big Brother

    UnforgettableDay of the Jackie

    Mentalist, TheBehind the Red Curtain
  8. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Well, sigh. I suppose Game of Thrones and White Queen will have to suffice! heh heh heh.
    Yesterday, TWC installation,,of lap/top wireless - computer I've had in box for 5 months.
    He was GREAT! Got rid of all my plugs, wires, stapled the cable to the baseboard, everything is so much CLEANER,,,in the den/child's room.
    TWC guy, says at the end of you want your old computer to be wireless?
    HUH? WHAT? Really? are you serious?
    He changes a few things, works his computer genius and WELLA,,,,now I have my old computer -wireless, and the new Dell wireless. TA. DA! who knew!!!!
    I could leap for joy, now DH will have his own laptop/wi-fi...and will stop having to wait until I'm done...and go. DH is using his tablet ALOT..... sigh.
    More painting, doors, trim,,,working my way to exercise room and also this den/childs room.
    Things are lookin' really good before our long road trip in September.
    Banff and Jasper, finishing with Salt Lake City, Vegas and possibly the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Wednesday last:

    Lesson; swoon-a-rama
    Social dancing: shoot me (actually not necessary as I basically didn't dance at all)


    Hair day! Cut and color
    Theater; seriously, people produce stuff this bad? eesh

    Friday evening; rest of day not worth talking about

    To Metropolitan Museum of Art with Blond German Friend; BGF and I sit in the balcony bar, have a couple of cocktails, a couple of small plates, and it only costs the annual budget of Lichtenstein
    Wander the museum and see some magnificent art and also the Fashion Institute exhibit, which is trying to convince me that Punk fashion became couture; I hate it less than I expected
    Then we go to a gorgeous hotel bar and have gorgeous cocktails and there's a small jazz trio playing, and... BGF and I agree that, as much as we like each other, it's time for both of us to find men to date, b/c this was fun but...
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  10. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Saturday (again, evening only as the day is a blur)

    Social dancing; the former owner of this studio got married in the afternoon, and he and bride are having a small reception at one end of the studio, while the social dancers foxtrot by; this is a banner night for me in terms of being turned down, I've never ever had so many men say no to me when I asked them to dance; one actually just pursed his lips and shook his head; good thing my ego's not too involved with social dancing; also had some splendid fun with some other leaders, so, all in all, a win
    To winebar after, visit with BGF, who works there
    Home late but too energized to sleep
  11. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    somebody else please post b/c I'm boring myself
  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member summarize; dtr goes to iowa state fair without telling me b/c she is flying....dh invites in-laws over on the weekend (more work)...dh is stressed which impacts me....i work too much and am tired and sore...which affects my dancing...that is really all
  13. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Damn. If you ever come to Alabama, we're dancing.
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  14. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Montgomery? I have a friend in Montgomery, I could go visit her...
  15. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Take Blond German Friend to airport
    and that's the highlight of my day

    Oh yeah, finally finish clearing out my storage unit; go me
  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Am disoriented b/c no lessons this week and I run the rest of my life around them
    Phone call early from DB#1; long story short, she and I end up at the Guggenheim Museum just as it opens, and see the James Turrell exhibit, second time for me, first for her; she is as powerfully affected as I was, which surprises me
    Stop on the way home at Balthazar for pastry; she's never been, so the car is loaded down when we leave; Balthazar Bakery is... well... crack, if you like good French bread and pastry; where else can you get cannele over the counter?
    Definitely a "never eating again" day
  17. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    To House of X, to pack and ship what I hope hope hope will be the last piece of merchandise I EVER EFFING HAVE TO PACK
    Gyro, and it was good
    Rolfer, and it was OK, although in the middle, I started to fear that I"d not locked my car, and the rolfer went out to check; kind of made for a break in teh continuity, and revealed that my state of mind was, um, frazzled; rolfer remarked at the end of the session that "you really need to dance" which is, by his standards, a harsh critique
    Date, which, by way of a change, did not totally, utterly stink; at least the date and I had something in common to talk about
    Home, disturbed sleep all effing night
  18. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    10--Leave house with Child. Stop at bank on the way out of town.

    1--Fly to Vegas!
    Why am I flying to Vegas, you ask? The answer: THE big Star Trek convention of the year is here and Child is hugely into Star Trek. I feel that if I get to go to these amazing dance competitions, I should treat her to a weekend to follow one of her passions too. :)

    3:05 PST--Arrive Vegas. Bumpy landing. Ugh.
    Claim luggage, taxi to hotel.
    Lie on bed with eyes closed trying to recover from motion sickness. Child reads book.

    5ish--Go to registration area for convention. Check things out.

    6--Pool! Child plays with girl from Australia.

    7--Order room service. It takes about an hour, so we relax and read. Ate dinner. I had a cobb salad and Naomi has breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs.

    9--Bed, as it is midnight back east and I am beat!

    Up. Breakfast.

    Elevator down to casino level with Casey Biggs, who played Damar on Deep Space Nine. We don't recognize him at all without his make-up and he teases Child because she said DS9 was her favorite Star Trek and yet she doesn't know who he is.

    8:30--Panel on best Star Trek crew, where you put together best captain, best first officer, etc. Child gets up at the mike in front of about 300 people, mostly adults, to offer an opinion! She's into it!

    Vendor area. Get Child a better Star Trek costume. (The one I got from Amazon for $19 was not good. Perhaps I should have anticipated that.)
    And then, this happened...
    11:10--Terry Farrell panel. Child gets up to ask a question, but it looks like the line is just a little too long and she won't make it. A man tells her to go ahead of him, and she winds up being the last question of the panel. Someone (not me, as I did not have a video camera with me) shot a video of what happened next:

    To say the least, Child was THRILLED!!!

    11:55--Gates McFadden and Levar Burton. [Dr. Beverly Crusher and Jordy LaForge on The Next Generation.]

    12:35--Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. [Riker and Troi on The Next Generation.]

    2:15--William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew...and Joel Grey.

    Dinner break. I ordered breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs, hashed browns, toast. Naomi had pizza and onion rings.

    6:15-7:20--Guinness Book of World Record Attempt--most people in Star Trek costumes. (Yes, I wore a Star Trek costume for this.)

    7:30--Costume contest final round. Some people's costumes were AMAZING!!! Handmade Star Trek costumes with amazing detail.

    -I am pretty much dying of fatigue by the end of this, but Child is rapt with attention, so I make it to the end of the event, around 9 PM (midnight on the east coast!) before heading back to our tower of the hotel and collapsing!
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  19. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    10:10--George Takei, who was Sulu on the on the original series. Gives an impassioned speech about the importance of tolerance to Star Trek and how he feels it is important that the 2014 Winter Games not be held in Sochi, Russia due to their repressive crackdown on LGBT people. There is a petition on

    10:50--Photo op with DS9 cast members: Avery Brooks (Sisko), Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), Michael Dorn (Worf), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax), and Rene Auberjonois (Odo). Terry Farrell pulled Child up onto her lap for the photo!

    11:15--Lunch with twelve members of the DS9 cast! Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys), Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Casey Biggs (Dumar--who remembered Child and teased her again), Andrew Robinson (Garak--Child's favorite character), Max Grodenchik (Nog), Aron Eisenberg (Rom), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax), Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun). They had 10 guests per table, and one open seat. The actors and actresses circulated and spent 3-4 minutes per table. Very fun and added a lot of value to the convention experience.

    1:10--Photo with Andrew Robinson.
    2:15--Deep Space Nine Reunion Panel #1. Best panel of the convention, from my perspective.

    3:20 Deep Space Nine Photo--whole cast on stage!

    3:35--Deep Space Nine Reunion Panel #2.

    4:30ish--Autograph from Andrew Robinson.

    Shopped til we dropped.

    Back to room for some cold leftover pizza.

    Child shed a few tears because convention was over and she wished it could last forever. She had a really good time.
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  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member


    Taxi to Luxor.
    Checked out hotel decor.
    Toured Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. We had seen this in NYC a couple years ago, but it is impressive enough to see again. Also, the Vegas version has the biggest piece of the hull ever pulled up from the bottom of the ocean. That was haunting to see.

    Back to hotel for some treats. I never go to Starbucks, but I had been eyeing the iced lemon pound cake all weekend. Child said "Mom, you deserve it!" So I had a piece. She had a chocolate fro-yo with all kinds of crazy toppings!
    In general, we were very economical about food. Ordered room service twice, but otherwise ate pb sandwiches, Cheerios, oranges, crackers, cookies, etc that we brought from home. We did have to buy drinks, though, and hotels really rob you on that: around $3 for an apple juice (her) or a Diet Pepsi (me)!

    12:30--To airport.

    3:30--Flew home.
    Flight home was much smoother, and we actually beat our arrival time, deplaning around 11 PM Eastern time instead of 11:30. Our luggage took awhile, though.


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