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    sun....sleep in some a bunch of for bad weather...see a bunch of engaged couples....planning on being useless now til bed time
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    Sleep in until after 8 … will need all possible energy for the evening festivities.

    Shower. Print and review lists. Pile things (tablecloths, ribbons, baskets, plastic cups, napkins, plates, pens, utensils, boxes of wine, jugs of iced tea, tea bags, sugar) on dining table, checking them off the list. Load two large ice chests into car, and we’re off.

    First stop: breakfast (no, it was probably brunch) at favorite restaurant. Pick more caloric of usual options …. “eggs Louis” which is eggs benedict with crab and fresh spinach in place of Canadian bacon … super yummy. DH has “San Francisco scramble” which is no longer on the menu, but they’ll make it anyway if you ask.

    Second stop: party rental place. Strangely, they have my customer information but not my order. The order was for 10 pitchers, which they have in stock, so no problem. We wait while they find the pitchers (which turn out to be the fancier version, but they charge us for the plainer version that we thought we had requested, so all is well).

    Third stop: giant warehouse store. DH has decided that our Christmas icicle lights are marginal and we need them for tonight, so he needs to buy replacements. Whatever. We also do the usual weekly stuff since we’re here.

    Fourth stop: grocery store. We’ve purchased most things on the list but we still need milk (for coffee) and ice for tonight, and our usual groceries. At the checkout DH says “and four 20-lb bags of ice.” The clerk says, “so you want 80 pounds of ice?” Well, when you put it that way …. yes, we really do want 80 pounds of ice.

    Home. Leave the ice chests with 80 pounds of ice in the car. Bring in new icicle lights so DH can take them out of the packaging and check them. Go through photo albums and select additional photos for DH to add to slideshow. Re-do about 18 inches of hem of skirt … it came down the last time I wore it. Iron skirt and discover that stitching on waistband is coming out too. Re-stitch waistband and finish ironing. Iron white shirt for DH. DH loads car. We’re ahead of schedule, so take a few minutes to check email and DF.

    Get dressed, but put nice blouse on hanger and wear t-shirt.

    Arrive at destination early and see friend carrying her first load into church hall. Church caretaker is waiting for us, other friend appears with husband and helpers; unload all three vehicles and start setting up. No one has forgotten or missed anything on the lists. Extreme chaos … the four of us (me, DH and two friends) have a general idea what we want to do, but we need to finalize details. Resolve each issue as it comes up … our friends are wonderfully easy to work with. Tables for food, bar setup, dining tables, decorations … all fall into place. DH sets up computer and projector to show photos; mainly of dancing but a few from the hosts’ past. Both bands arrive and start to tune up. Slip off to change shirt.

    But one hour is not really enough time, so the first guests arrive before we’re ready. Guests pitch in and then suddenly it’s all done. More people arrive, potluck food is set on tables. Find a minute to change into dance shoes.

    More people, hugs, band #1 starts background music, more people … and it’s time to start dancing. Band #1 is replaced by band #2 (Hungarian). I announce that the first set will be the Hungarian dance that is traditionally done at the start (of a ball, the dance season, or any important occasion), and the non-Hungarian dancers should start to eat.

    I’ve invited one of my ballroom friends who is interested in different dance styles (waves at friend!) so I grab him for the first dance. It’s actually a group of separate dances from the village of Szeki, and the first few are very easy. I backlead him at first, but he catches on very quickly and pretty soon he’s leading me. He responds quickly to every suggestion (“make a fist and hold the fist under my elbow” (not kidding … this is a really weird hold but it works in context … “in ballroom, you keep your head left, but in this dance you need to keep your head right”). When I point out that I’m not going to try backleading one step, he observes what other leaders are doing and picks it up … swoon. When we switch to the parts that I can’t backlead, I thank my partner and DH steps in to finish the dance with me. That dance cycle lasts over half an hour total, so when it’s done the Hungarian band takes a break and band #1 takes the stage.

    Over the course of the evening from 6 to 11:30, the two bands switched off about 4 times (if I recall correctly). Band #1 played a variety of music (mostly Balkan line dances but also including a surprise set they put together in recognition of the fact that the party was to celebrate the four “Vintage 1953” hosts), The Hungarian band played 6 dances (or dance cycles), each one lasting 15 to 30 minutes (two of the sets had more than one dance).
    I danced with DH for the (second part of) the first cycle and all of the last. One of the other cycles included a “mixer” aspect, and I had different partners for each of the remaining three dances. In other words, if you don’t count the mixer, I had only five (or is it 4 and a half?) partners for the Hungarian part of the evening. (Normally, each dance would be longer, but we didn’t want to bore the non-Hungarian dancers so we asked the band to cut the sets short.) When you accept an invitation to do a Hungarian dance, you’re committed to your partner for a long time, so the etiquette of asking/accepting is slightly different from ballroom etiquette. It’s not unreasonable to check the credentials of an unknown partner before agreeing to a commitment.

    Midway through the evening, we stopped to sing the (Hungarian) birthday song and cut the cakes. We had a decent contingent of “real” Hungarian guests, so the singing was very powerful (and the song is much nicer than the American “Happy Birthday to you”). We projected the lyrics so those who could decipher the Hungarian pronunciation could join in.

    After the last dance, we joined again in singing a Hungarian “going home” song, traditionally sung at the end of the evening. We didn’t have the lyrics projected this time, and I couldn’t remember all the words, but the Hungarian contingent sang it beautifully. More hugs as people leave.

    As we were cleaning up, the church caretaker commented on the energy of our guests who continued dancing to the last possible moment. Our friends of vintage 1953 (and others) show the power of dance to keep people young.

    I’m still floating on the energy from the party. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our friendship, dancing, and our dance community!
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    @Zhena--That sounds so nice! The college where I work has a branch campus in Hungary; I think it would be very cool if we here on the U.S. campus could see an exhibition of Hungarian folk dances. Maybe someday!

    Sunday: Featured event of the day is the bris for my nephew. I was a little worried about how I would hold up at this event, but I looked away so I didn't have to see anything. (And the kids were sent into another room.) I did a reading (in English) at the ceremony. My husband, who is not Jewish, found the whole thing fascinating and meaningful. My Mom, who has COPD, started to experience shortness of breath after standing for too long during the ceremony and had to sit down. (And unlike me, she is not wimpy about blood; this really was shortness of breath.) That was a little frightening. On a more positive note, I got some good snuggle time with my little man before the ceremony.

    After the party, I took Child to a scrapbooking event at one of her BFF's houses.

    I also e-mail all my classes with reminders for this week, work out some final details (I hope!) for tonight's big lecture, make a 2nd batch of lemon chicken and potatoes to freeze, and finish reading Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being, which I could barely put down.

    Have a new thing to add to my list of things to worry about, re: parents. Sigh.

    Also got an interesting piece of dance gossip! Can't share in accordance with DF rules, though! ;)

    Big day ahead with this big lecture. Wish me luck!
  4. fascination

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    take dh to train before at Y 7:30 - 11:30....home to feed animals and some prep work for upcoming Grief Group, make a few calls, nap, to mechanic to pay for my car repairs...pick dh up at train...head to funeral visitation of a dear man...pick up our home to find that ambulances, squad cars, etc .....are at our neighbors....long day
  5. sbrnsmith

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    Yesterday got a lot of Christmas shopping done. Today dance class which was awesome especially after a week of work. Evening- relax with glass of wine, cook dinner and watch my favorite trashy tv reality shows
  6. tancos

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    I too was at this party and it was great. The Hungarians have a particularly lovely birthday song, originally from the village of Szek in Transylvania. Here is the English translation:

    Joyfully live many birthdays.
    May it be easy to count your days.
    May the sky's dew refresh your heart.
    May a flood of blessings cover your house.

    May you receive every happiness
    as long as you live.
    Moreover, may no troubles befriend you.
    May all the flowers of your life blossom.
    May your heart never suffer any open wound.
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  7. ChaChaMama

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    Some AM nonsense with Child, then get her off to school.

    9:10--ENG 1101. Discussion of best practices for oral presentations.

    10:20, 10:40, 11, 11:20--Appointments.

    Lunch and prep.

    12:40--20th C Brit Lit. Monica Ali's Brick Lane.

    Leave campus and pick up guest speaker.

    Let guest speaker have some downtime.

    Pick guest speaker back up and take her for a tech check.

    6--Reception at President's house.
    It was a very interesting talk and a definite success. Not a full house, but a good sized audience, and people asked good questions during the Q+A.

    9--Take speaker out to dinner, then back to her hotel.

    11--Home and collapse!
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    mammogram...dh calls to check up...interesting...because I have already had 3 benign tumors removed and still have one not removed in the past 2 decades... I am a bit taken aback by this sudden concern...think it may havesomething to do with all the funerals we are attending these days...still waiting for bloodwork which I hope will contain some answers as to why I work so hard to no some shopping because the holidays are coming...ready or not....teach energy...take two low dose and ponder being old....cook for dh who eats and promptly falls asleep on my lap...and that is calm about how much I am not missing OSB
  9. Purr

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    Yesterday I walked down to the Hyatt during my lunch to look at the vendor booths at OSB. I tried out a practice dress from one of the vendors. It fit me ok, but I wasn't loving the style, so I passed. The vendor suggested an alternative style with potential, but time was short and I didn't try it on. I talked to a pro/am student getting ready for rhythm, the student of a local pro I know. She gave me a promising lead on dress rentals for future events.

    I didn't stay long. Being there wasn't very much fun. I wasn't sad I'm not dancing - I haven't competed in awhile and I'm not ready for such a big event. Without getting into too many details, that kind of event brings out a lot of body insecurity issues I have, and I was more that happy to get the h-e-double hockey sticks out of there.
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sorry to hear that Purr....
  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wed; 8-11=fitness classes....11-12 phone calls , change clothes, feed animals, 12 -2 lunch with friend, 2-5 df, fb, calls, look for old X-mas lights for gym project, early dinner, 5-9 facilitate grief group and see an engaged home, watch dh pack for another trip, sip skinnny margarita
  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    7a groggy..up late due to some distressing news about a few acquaintances and dh left at o'dark thirty for the airport..
    8-9 teach blast....9:30 -4 home to laundry, dishes, pet care, taking out trash, etc...lunch, nap...4:30 -9:30p; teach spin, and fusion, staff meeting, brief chat w/ dh on way home....10p eat small amount of dinner, drink wine and watch news...bed eventually
  13. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Up at 4 a.m. Shower. Unplug everything in the house. Note RAI,,,N!!!
    Leave with DH in the rain,,,pass a horrible 4 car accident in the carpool lane eastbound...ok, it's only 4:45 a.m.
    Get out of traffic and watch a gorgeous Purple Sunrise outside of Palm Desert.
    Drop down to Route 8 to bypass Phoenix and see some really interesting things traveling down the road, including a HUGE HUGE shovel to probably an Earthmover? took up two lanes and had 7 police cars escorting it.
    Stop in Deming New Mexico, head out to Italian Grill, weather news, cold, windy, freezing rain (from Calif.) headed in on collision course right into the region we are driving into. DH is not thrilled...but that's part of the adventure right?
    Peaceful evening, flying e-mails and msgs about Kate winning "World Championship Bronze Smooth A" in Ohio she's a great young lady and I'm in love with her horse. He's amazing himself! I'm thrilled for her first time at Ohio and also coming in second in the Best of the Best Bronze presentations. The chatter quiets down, the Big Bang and The Crazy Ones is enjoyable!
  14. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Woke up, Deming New Mexico. LOVED the mattress - my back said "thank you very much"...looked outside and the strangest cloud cover I've ever seen in my life was a blanket over the mountains. Took at least 10 shots of it. Posted one to Facebook. Amazing....really.
    Terrible freezing wind, some rain,,,and never above 28 degrees all the way into Junction Texas.
    Stayed in BW-Junction, very nice and a good workout room...wake is frozen over, ice warnings,,,"don't drive if you don't have to"...uhhhh.
    Staff is quite nice and checking with roadways and Sheriff on conditions.
    150 miles away from family...and NOW we are in bad weather.
    Get to Round Rock, all three grandkids run out of their house, pull open our doors and drag us out of our car. News, hugs, kisses, more hugs, "I lost a tooth this morning news"...
    They help drag all of the stuff into the house, we are doing early Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow (so I'm posting now) and I'm teaching them all how to make cookie cutter sugar cookies and a special only made at Christmas Roll Up Cake. I also teach them how to stink the egg yolk out of the white with an empty water bottle and they think that is the coolest thing ever.
    Gifts,,,,for all. The BEST GIFT,,,,I went to Hallmark Card Shop, purchased the barrel of "soft throwing snowballs" very safe in the house, does not hurt or destroy anything...they tore that open and Grandpa, me, DD and SO - against 3 kids,,,,a 20 minute throw as you go SnowBall Fight in the house. I'm the favorite grandparent right now....THEY LOVE IT, we love one got hurt and nothing got destroyed. Actually took video clip of snowball fight hitting Dh. He's a good guy when it comes to Grandchildren. But we know he's planning a surprise attack with these things. Possibly the best gift I ever purchased. And it got the kids tired as well!!1
    Baked Ice Cream Roll Cake that DD could never eat due to food reactions, and she is amazed and excited to have it tomorrow.
    Feels like home, can't hear yourself think, talk is never ending, GS#1 wants GP attention, GDDs - want to learn in the kitchen, and it feels soooo much like....THanksgiving! The Family, The food, The Baking, the Friends, the BAD WEATHER driving, the smiles and laughter...yes, it's great being a grandparent and hearing all the exciting news they've been holding up to tell us. Invited to a Dance Social in north Austin, must pass, important Cookie Cutter Making tradition taking place tonight....color me happier than I've been in a long time. Joy,,,,and more joy.
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  15. fascination

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    fri; teach spin, teach senior class...home to change and can't remember what to job two...facilitate second session of grief group...get blood work back which shows nothing but perfectly fine cholesterol (slightly elevated triglycerides=advised to cut the carbs back and slightly low vitamin d...get a supplement)...exhausted and out early

    sat (today)awake today at 8, tan (hey, that vitamin D thing)...teach fusion (step and run today) hour and a half in snow to nephews' 11th birthday party....the only relatives there....I am not going to say what I think about that, you can imagine it...anyhow, he was thrilled and we went rollerskating, which seemed suicidal at first, but we eventually remembered how.....home to kitchen bunches of non-carb stuff...anticipate bed soon
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  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Thursday: travel day to Houston
    Arrive at Modern B&B, which plays a large part in the weekend:
    Quick trip to Whole Foods for survival food and water
    Phone conversation with coach/teacher/friend
    Surprise invite to go swing dancing, which I can't take b/c of previous commitment to go...
    Blues dancing in low-down dive with a great blues band; this bites me in the knat b/c it turns out to have morphed into a Westie night and my WCS is iffy at best; I end up doing two things I dislike: breaking into a dance clique; accidentally kicking someone, hard; put a bad taste in my mouth for the night; but the band was wonderful
  17. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Morning brekkie at b&b is fun b/c of other guests, two of whom are partners in the Oil Biz; one man lives in Canada and Latvia, the other in Dubai, but I think they really live in airports; turns out Mr. Dubai lived in my area when he first came to the US and we have a grand time talking about the neighborhood; Dubai invites me to join him, partner, B&B owner, her BF, a friend of theirs, and another biz partner, for dinner that night in the b&b; Dubai is cooking; color me happy that I can go late to my Friday dance night (more blues)
    To Houston Museum of Natural Science; see exhibits on prehistoric cave painting; dinosaurs; Ancient Egypt; gems and minerals
    Back to b&b to get glasses (sigh; squinting to read museum info gave me small headache)
    Lunch with Houston friend A
    Errands, which take much of the afternoon and I still forget stuff
    Wow, when it rains in Houston, it really effing rains
    Back to b&b; have a glass of old-vine Zinfandel while watching Dubai cook; he is making shellfish with tomatoes and garlic, pasta, a clear potato soup with chicken, salad, and mussels marinara; swooooooon
    Dinner is late, later, latest, b/c last guest is TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATE; Dubai dishes out food along the way, very smart; he also breaks out the arak; JA has never had arak before; JA is surprised she can walk after the wine and the arak; so much for going dancing; more like passing out
  18. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Bake pecan pie and pumpkin pie in "guest kitchen" of b&b
    Meet A&L, my Houston friends, in their apartment, and we have a pre-thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, dressing, candied yams, greens, salad, pie; this is HUGE fun
    Drink coffee at 9pm so I can stay awake long enough to...
    Go swing dancing
    Try to sleep; not working
  19. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Moderator

    Hmmm...that sounds remarkably similar to my Saturday from last weekend. ;)

    6:15pm - Walk through doors of church hall. This is my second encounter ever with folk dancing. I plan to make it a brief encounter (say, till 8pm), as I have to wake up at 5am the next day. Friend/hostess/birthyear-celebrator spots me immediately and makes a beeline towards me. :hug: It's been too long; we haven't danced ballroom since we took dgarstang out dancing. She invites me (me!) to dance the opening set with her. Wow! Feel *incredibly* honored. A few minutes later, she comes back over with her DH and an unsuspecting, but very forgiving, lady in tow. Music begins. We lock arms in a circle and begin to circle in one direction. It's a 4-person fleckerl! We alternate splitting apart, coming together, and circling in the opposite direction. Like a pre-pre-bronze newbie, my eyes are glued to the feet of my partners. I also get a major case of the dizzies.

    Next part of the dance begins and we split into couples. Friend continues to dance (very patiently!) with me. We take up a hold which has our heads to the right of each other's. Am *very* disturbed. May be the first time I have had my head oriented this way in 7 or 8 years. For hugging, too, I *always* go left. Eventually start to get used to it. My world does not come to an end. It actually turns out to be pretty comfy! Dance ends, thank friend, and sit down to watch.

    Am very intrigued by music which ranges widely in meter. With my fingers, I start counting the beats to a lively song. I get lost. Start over counting. Get lost and start again. Get lost several more times. Then realize that I am running out of fingers...because song is in 11-meter!

    Join in some of the traveling line dances that snake through the hall. They're like...sideways moving conga lines...with a leader at the head of the line, who is improvising steps to the rhythm of the music. A few minutes into one song, when I am finally starting to match the leader's steps, I start counting again. 15-meter!

    Make my way over to friend, ready to make my apologies for leaving so early. She points out that her celebration is, in fact, going to end in half an hour. I look at my watch in surprise. She adds that the band will be playing her favorite set at the end. I decide to stay.

    Band begins last set. Friend and her DH have been dancing almost all night. I watch in amazement as they *leap* across the floor. Attempt a little mental math, subtracting their birthyear from 2013. Hmmm...that can't be right. Try again. And again. Same answer. Confirm their age. :astonished: Proof indeed that folk-dancing keeps one young.

    Music ends (it's 11:30!). I make my final farewells and glide out the door with some Hungarian chanting still echoing in my mind. I'm certain there will be many more milestone celebrations in friend and her DH's future.
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  20. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    A slew thrown together
    Cook, delicious stuff all day long on Sunday. Early Thanksgiving in DD Austin home. She let's me cook...
    We all chat and discuss, this is the first Thanksgiving she is not leaving at midnight to set up for Target Black Friday, opening doors, sleeping for 3 hours, going back, not seeing her kids,,,etc etc. Get the picture.
    And she is SAVORING every minute of these days.
    Stuffing, Turkey, Gravy, Acorn Squash Vegan Stuffing (5 star hit with entire family,,,color it GONE in a flash), brussel sprouts, dinner rolls, grilled fresh green beans, cranberry sauce,,,,
    DD comes into her kitchen and sets table,,,looks at me,,,,and her tears are sitting in her eyes.
    "mom I miss you"....heart strings tug...I try really hard not to cry....blame it on the onions.
    Three little ones who are growing up so fast decorate the table with their drawings,
    Grandpa starts another HallMark Snowball fight...and now I'm involved. LOTS of running around house, dogs, all the adults are involved...screaming, laughing, ambush from stairs. I love these hurting, soft, fuzzy, and gets the energy out.
    Artwork with kiddos, Grandpa does not let GS#1 get away without chores done,,,although GS#1 spends an enormous amount of time trying to get out of the chores. AHHHHH HAAAAAA,,,not today buddy, you may be a good baseball player but you have chores to do. and WE are here get with it.
    Dogs. I love this crazy Austrailan dog/puppy - he's a big goof.
    Kids, settle in for the evenings with a game of Twister, another snowball fight, the movie Planes, and concerns about their mommy's kneecap surgery. The little one cannot stop crying...HERE WEEEEEE GO!.
    Grandpa saves the evening, shows his knee,,,,kids are more settled but they are really worried and scared.
    We go to school yesterday with the kids. See the assembly and watch one of the twins hold the Texas Flag and recite the Texas Pledge! lots of pictures.
    COLD, wet, windy, chilly, rainy....ahhhhh THanksgiving!
    DAughter calls, surprised charges for her surgery for which she has no money. ahhhh, sigh, there goes my dance money. Any parent would do this....she breaks down...hold her while she crys...assure DD somehow this is going to be ok.
    Reassure kids, mom is going to be able to roller skate, ride a bike, run again and dance...Somehow they do not believe us.
    Keep reassuring.
    long night.
    Read bedtime stories, kids draw artwork for us and what they are thankful for. ahhhh....these ARE the times of our lives. DD informs us as much as she loved Target, she's blissfully happy that she left retail and is now teaching 3rd grade.
    Brush the girls hair, kisses goodnight, hide Elf On The Shelf.
    These are the moments, the memories, the minutes,,,that I would have missed, not been a part of...if I had gone to Ohio Star Ball, I love dancing...but there are other roads of life...and the growth of grandkids, the hunt for bugs in the yard, the cookie making, the reassuring in live person,,,,that cannot be substituted, ever. Preparing for trip to hospital with daughter, fingers crossed for a good outcome!

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