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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    saturday continued; rally a bit and stay up past midnight wrapping presents...which was unfortunate because my father, forgetting it is an hour earlier her, decided to call this morn at 7:45....this is not acceptable on a weekend
  2. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Horrible night sleep because woke up at 3:30 and started worrying about forgetting stuff for Child's dance comp.

    Class parties for my 3 classes.
    Grading and averaging.
    Got a form notorized that Husband needed me to do. (Secretary is notary public, so that one was easy). Picked up a book for Husband in another building in pouring, cold rain (and I did not have an umbrella because I had had my arms full on the way to work carrying stuff for the class party). Yay me.

    Packing, laundering, bought more lash glue for Child (?!?!!!), attempted not to panic at the thought might be forgetting something. Delegated "make bean salad" to Husband.
    (Tried not to feel irritated that both Husband and Child act like they cannot possibly figure out what needs to be done before a trip and will therefore only help if delegated specific tasks and told where every single item is they need to complete the task. Child did not even pack her own toothbrush. Come on!)
    Drove to Baltimore in the pouring rain.
  3. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    6:15--Up to help Child get ready.
    7:15--Check in for dance convention.
    8--Child's dance convention begins. Dance classes.
    9:45-10--They have a break. I check in. I also go to Walgreen's with some other Moms because lucky, lucky me...guess what I didn't think of? (Hint: female issues).
    11:30--Child's lunch break. Husband orders us a kick butt gourmet pizza from a local place.
    12:15-2--Child has more dance classes.
    2:15-3:15--MAD DASH TO GET READY! Oh my Lord...the make-up, the putting fake lashes on an 11-year-old, the putting eye gems on an 11-year-old, the Hairgami, the wanted everything to be sprayed and perfect.
    3:15-8:15--COMPETITION! Child was in just the one number with the Junior PT. Many of the Junior Company were in 5-7, and the very top Junior and Senior Company kids were in like 14-15! It went reasonably well for a first competition! The scores are Bronze, Silver, High Silver, Gold, High Gold, and Platinum, and Child's number got a Gold. Happy with her.

    Back to room. Some crabbiness about make-up removal. Husband also wants to know when we are leaving tomorrow and if we are really going to stay until the end because OMG, snow is going to happen, time to start panicking Baltimore. I say we are going to have to play it by ear.
  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sun...zomg...spent most of sunday ordering wrapping and preparing to ship gifts, also shampooing office and de-junking areas, also making holiday newsletter and spin playlists...simply bust all day

    mon; 4 classes, post office to ship things...feed animals, eat,, lessons...dinner...crash soon
  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Child continues classes at dance convention. Child was very crabby , and she and I had words when I went to do her bun, so I told her I was done and she could go down with her hair just in a ponytail all by herself.
    I then took the elevator down 18 floors to go check and make sure she made it and I apologized, but said I did not appreciate her words or tone given that we gave up our weekend to come to support her.

    Weather is deteriorating. We decide to leave at lunch, as do many families, in the hopes of beating the worst of the storm. (In retrospect--HA!)
    Order photos. I can do $15/photo for the first three, $10/photo for the next three, seventh photo free...or get every single one of our company's photos and group routine videos for a package rate of $70. I was definitely getting two photos for $30 and debating another four...this made the decision easy. (My a la carte rate for 6 photos, no video would be $75!)

    Back up to room just before leaving. Child vomits, twice. Oh no.
    She says she feels better after 10 minutes of lying down, so we leave. (With a bag, just in case.)
    An unhappy thought: Child could not find her toothbrush, and I let her use mine last night. Ugh.

    THUS BEGAN ONE OF THE THREE WORST DRIVING EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE. Conditions were incredibly dicey once we got out of the Inner Harbor. Normally, it takes us 45-60 minutes to get from downtown Baltimore to our home. At 2.5 hours in, we were only halfway home. Many, many roads were closed due to cars having spun out and the cops deciding not to let anyone else on, so we were forced onto secondary streets. Every time the car had to stop on a traffic light on a hill, I was worried we were done. After 2.5 hours, we gave up and went to a hotel I knew of at the nearest exit that wasn't closed down by the cops. (Our exit to go home was!) We managed to hit a Barnes & Noble just before it closed (they had decided to close at 4 PM due to deteriorating conditions), so Child was able to stock up on books.

    Child read, watched programs on Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Bonnie and Clyde on Nat Geo TV, and vomited every 3-4 hours around the clock. It was a rough night.

    Roads much better. And Child seemed to stop vomiting after 9 AM.

    Drove home. Cats had not torn up entire house in a rage, for which we were profoundly grateful. Fed them.

    Went to the grocery store to pick up Pedialyte, more cat food, etc.
    Cancelled re-scheduled class party due to having sick Child.

    Graded stuff.
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    ick ...does sound dreadful....hope child is improved
  7. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    ohh CCMM, hope child gets over it. Seems to go around during the Holidays.
    Yesterday, cough, hack, sneeze, realize the potent prescripted cough syrup by doctor, is empty...ok, suppose to last 10 days, it lasted 3.
    Back to Dayquil. Husband is miffed that I'm still sick. He knows i'm never ill this long and pushes me to return to doctor.
    I check out "the hill" see and read snow coverage. hmmm, not quite there yet.
    Neighbor boy now adult comes over, borrows my waxing kit...mentions going up to check out new snow coverage...
    I have to laugh, they all learned from and with me, and now as adults they love going up mid-week without weekend crowds.
    Go to coaching at studio. THAT was fun. really, it was.
    Pick up GS#2. Take him to his private lesson and group class. He askes..."can I learn skiing? but I really want to do snowboarding"...
    uhhhh, ski first, then we will talk about snowboarding.
    His excitement is noticeable. Especially when I tell him that I will pull him out of school mid-week to take him to the snow.
    Watch GS#2 flirt like mad with a new little girl in group class. Does he realize he's doing this? I can't watch...a 7 year old's too funny.
    Watch little girl follow him around studio.
    Ok, this is way too cute, and I decide he's growing up way too fast! ARRGHHH. lol.
    Discuss some upcoming decisions with DH. One will affect dancing. One may put me on the hill full time. One - ex-work called...pondering.
    Workout for DH as I'm still coughing. SCREAM.
    Note to self: Wear face mask everytime I return from Texas....there's something in the air...EVERY TIME I RETURN HOME. lol.
    probably allergic to empty nest. giggle.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    tues; bank, target for christmas stuff, also einstien bagels for same...4 lessons...he has no interest in being there...but monday was good so, I will take home and teach spin

    wed; teach 4 classes, change and drive to chicago for dh's office party....much fun...was an iron chef competition...but home late and exhausted

    thurs...teach in to south bend b/c close relative is having open heart...long stressful day...home to teach two more fitness classes and a staff care on auto pilot

    fri= teach two classes and another to symphony and more house b/c dtr and her bf are here...completely want to die by bed by 8 for 11 hours

    sat...teach 3 classes b/c my co-workers stink office...nap... pet care...cuddling immanent....tomo will be floor cleaning, dishes, and practice....I have left out hundreds of other tasks but I don't have the time or energy...also baking tomo...oy....but life is good and I am so very,very grateful for that
  9. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    @fascination--RE: Tuesday. Hopefully he was just having an "off" day??? I agree that it is disappointing, though.

    My week has been kind of meh.

    Tuesday--Another snow day for Child, for which I am grateful since she is still sick. My department meeting was also cancelled, although the college was open. I graded stuff.
    That night, I got into a bit of a debate with a student at my college on FB who made the false claim that there was "no food" on campus. (What he meant was that only the main dining hall was open and not The Pub/Grill or the coffeeshop.) I made some fairly innocuous point about how Sodexo--our food service provider--was operating with limited staff due to the weather and that these employees are people too and their safety is important. He said he thought the needs of paying students should come first. I did not go as hardcore as I could have, but I did not let that comment pass unchallenged and he took umbrage. The next day, I heard about this debate from several students, so I got the impression like half of the freshman class got popcorn and pulled up a chair for this.

    Wednesday--Finally a NON-snow day! Finished grading for my FYS. Got together with them at the lunch hour and took some final group photos. Then took students who didn't have a 1:30 exam out to lunch at Panera. Probably the high point of my week. Child made it through the entire day without vomiting. Woot! Worked out.

    Thursday--Child persuaded us that she was feeling MUCH better and should be allowed to go to school. I suggested maybe just part of a day, but she felt I was being silly. (I'm worried because even though she wasn't vomiting anymore, she seems a little wan, she hasn't eaten much, she looked too thin, she's still coughing). But we caved because she was so persistent.
    Went to a breakfast meeting...but I was late b/c I had written down the time wrong. (Whoops.) Wrote an exam. Had a department meeting. Graded a couple re-writes. Averaged and submitted grades for that class. Sent a ton of e-mails soliciting first year seminar courses for Fall 2014. Making progress.
    Come home. Child did fine at school, but is EXHAUSTED. She falls asleep around 6:30. Then she wakes up around 10:30 and vomits. I am getting super worried. I insist that she will go to the doctor tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to give a final, so we agree that if she can in before noon, Husband will take her, and if not, I will come home right after my exam (8:30-11:30 AM) and take her.

    Friday--8:30-11:30 AM--Give exam.
    Husband takes Child to doctor. Diagnosis: pneumonia in right lung. His assessment is that the vomiting is brought on by coughing. (Although...I don't know. The first few times, she seemed queasy as well.) He wants her to go to Radiology for an x-ray, so Husband takes her there.
    I gather my stuff together, drive home, grade exams.
    Child and Husband come home. Child has been prescribed Augmentin...which she hates.
    Child rests. Later that evening, she does Facetime with the friends she was supposed to have a sleepover party with. Apparently they are putting make-up on each other with blindfolds on. Ah, 10-12 year old girls at a slumber party!
    I finish reading Jim Crace's Harvest while waiting for her to fall asleep. It was okay. I left the room to go get another novel...and while I was out of the room, she rushed to the bathroom and vomited up the Augmentin. Ugh. So that's not going well. Started Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries.

    Saturday--Finish grading and submit grades by 1:30 PM.
    Read some of The Luminaries and spent some time slowly getting Child to eat Augmentin and ice cream mixed together. It takes FOREVER. At least that dose stayed down.
    Child and Husband watch some TV. I read some more.
    Then I read some with Child while she took her bath.
    Evening dose of Augmentin went very badly. Child went into hysterics about having to take it...and sure enough, it came back up. Ugh. We need to look at getting her a different antibiotic. I am afraid she's going to wind up missing all the fun end of the year activities, such as her winter chorus and orchestra concert, and even Christmas at my parents. (My sister has a tiny baby. I can't take Naomi if she has pneumonia.) The doctor said she could go back to school on Monday if she doesn't have a fever and I was really hoping that would work out for her, but right now...I'm thinking no.
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    ccm...I think so...and everyone is human...I learned that is enough...I don't expect him to be thrilled to be there every time...

    and my very best wishes for a a speedy recovery for cha cha child
  11. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, help neighbor LOAD her tiny little car with all her homemade crafts for a large craft fair.
    Consider taking a picture that allows just her head to be seen among all the bins and boxes, warned by her, NOT TO...or This is GREAT!
    Camera at the ready.
    DD calls, excited about us returning,,,,making plans for Austin's famous Trail of Lights. Never been, but planning on walking the 2 miles and taking loads of nighttime light pictures.
    GS#2 comes over. We have a gas hanging out, making "molded" cookies for Danceshow, we start singing Jingle Bells.
    And somehow, in the far reaches of my mind,,,is my mom, singing along. (-:
    Clean up, play games.
    Start getting ready for employee dinner at Lawry's in Beverly Hills. I'm thrilled. Always wanted to go.
    AMAZING, LOVED Lawry's Beverly Hills. Strolling Christmas Carollers stop at our table twice, and we witness a
    marriage proposal take place as well.
    Wonderful night out.
    DH hates the traffic, really? at 10:30 at night...where are all these people coming from?
    We talk about the wasted carpool lanes that are now Fastrack and require a Transponder - saw a whopping 7 cars in the entire evening using those 15 miles of lanes. GROUSE!!
    Get things out for Dance Christmas Party for the next day.
    YEA!!! Found an organization to join that is for the second half of life, living the legacy,,,not just leaving it.
    Place on my "very important" must do on Monday morning list. FIND out about this organization.
  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sun...clean all floors in house...this is no small task, wrap more laundry, litter boxes, dishes, book room, cat nap, cook dinner...still have to bake, bathe and practice....
  13. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    DS shows up. Ok, he's looks the worse for wear after Lawry's the night before.
    DS immediately goes to sleep on sofa. Out like a light.
    DH goes to sleep in to DS.
    ahhhhh male bonding, while football game plays out on TV with no one watching it.
    Pack up GS's molded Christmas Cookies for children's dance group at studio.
    Prepare costume, accessories.
    Decide to check out some organizations on Monday morning. AFTER
    AFTER, and AFTER - my baking is done. The smell of chocolate chip cookies should wake everyone up.
    Head out to Studio Christmas Party, meet up with folks I tend to miss since I take lessons at mid-day now.
    DS helps out his son giving out gifts, filming for other students, and, be still my heart, askes me to FT and Rumba later in the evening.
    Ok, heart sings, smile is big - doesn't matter about solo....DS has asked me to dance.
    GS does solo...which is actually pretty funny watching him, hidden inside a Christmas box, move that box across the floor.
    DF Lurkers who are my co-dancers found this pretty funny as well.
    GS has a good time at his first ever studio production, DS is one proud papa while filming (note to self: he'll never say that to me...but his body language gives him away).
    Perform my Paso, funnier moment - the cape does not detach from my dress as teacher assured me it would,,,but it did the 20 times we practiced it previously...ok PLAN B as I realize this is happening....DO NOT CRACK UP he madly searches waistband for release tab. REALLY? LOL.
    Lovely studio gifts given out to the end of the evening.
    Guest Judge, let's me know my solo was top 3 dances performed in the evening events...ahhhhh thank you.
    Hug GS's mama, say goodbyes, as we load up into our car and head home for a now quiet evening with DS staying over.
  14. Debra

    Debra Member

    Coming out of lurkdom to confirm GS's routine was adorable, the cape malfunction was something to see as pro was more flustered than 3wishes. I was happy with my routine but for the arm flailing, aka smooth section, that I always miss! A lovely evening and fun was had by all.
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  15. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    Today: administer lab final exam. I'll miss (most) of my students!
    Schedule patients for the clinical trial and drop of orders for tomorrow. Boss stops by and gives me a generous gift card to one of my favorite lunch haunts. Score! Eat at said lunch haunt.
    Drop off teacher evaluation forms and wrap up outstanding grades for my lab
    Finish a project for a seminar
    MCAT studying
    Study for an exam.
    Upcoming: run, dinner, more studying and grading lab final.
  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Sunday--Day got off to less than wonderful start. Temporary crown no longer doing its thing. Ugh.
    Read Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries.
    Ran errands to Target, Sears, Michaels' Arts and Crafts to buy things for the family Child's class is giving to for Neighbors in Need. Child is part of a team buying for a 10-year-old boy. Child usually enjoys doing this kind of shopping with me and wants to come, but she really needs to rest.
    Worked out. 6 miles.

    Monday--Call dentist first thing appointments today. None. The only one on Tuesday is during an important and delicate meeting involving the math department and my big boss that was hard to find a time for. So have to do Wednesday.
    Ran Child up to her school to drop off stuff for Neighbors in Need and so she could pick up work to do at home. She spent much of the day working on her Christmas cards for her classmates.
    Monitored my students' grades, which are rolling in.
    More errands. Picked up new prescription for Child. Tried to get ingredients for new (to me) vegetarian chili, but the grocery store had no jalapenos. Who is hoarding all the jalapenos?

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Me. Making Afterburners (jalapenos, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped with bacon, grilled to perfection.) Yum.
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  18. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member classes...drivedrivedrive...lessons...time with son drinking wine and eating stuff...lessons were okay....he seemed interested enough with being there....but mondays are usually is another matter
  20. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Watched Dear Son lay on sofa after seeing Dentist and having a massive amount of work done. He hates him and loves him - all at the same time.
    Flashbacks happen, to when DS was a little boy, would lay on sofa watching me in the kitchen while the living room TV was on, as he would doze in and out of the "mom, I don't feel good" rhythm. ahhhh, memories.
    Make a "soft to eat" lunch for him.
    The perfume of Chocolate Chip cookies fill the air of the house,
    somehow several neighbor visits happen...of course....after the cookies come out of oven.
    Lots of chatter, laughter, house is filling up by early afternoon.....
    End up PROTECTING the cookies I donated to DF for ship out.
    Really? how do these men just KNOW...there's baking going on.
    DS and I watch some TV, get his new glasses, do the "remember when"...and his sister calls in and does FACETIME.
    They hatch a plan, as their
    Oregon Sister has sent Oregon Ducks sport clothing to each of them for Christmas..ahhhhhhh,,,the love/hate relationship of loyal college sport fans.
    I'm sworn to secret plan...while I excuse myself as to the "I know nothing" and don't involve me excuse. LOL.
    Dear Husband? now, that's another matter,,,he's all in.
    GOOOO OREGON, or is that Hook Em Horns? hmmm hmmm I say.
    More neighbors stop by in the early evening, supposed "taste test"...hmm and hmmmm again. wink.

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