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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

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    The aroma of the cookies permeates throughout the neighborhood...or one neighbor figures out you're baking and texts everyone else now's the time to visit 3wishes.... :)
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  2. fascination

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    tues; last lessons of the year...and they were fine....I think, at least for myself, some fog has lifted....still not sure where the ship is headed...but that is okay...teach spin....then out

    wed...teach 4 classes, home to rest...experience annoying merchant difficulties, tick a few more things off of pre-holiday to -do list....sit by tree with rings....daughter is like him ....we are not of an epic sort of thing when your baby is getting married
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    Congrats Fasc!!! So very exciting :)
  4. 3wishes

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    CONGRATS! even more epic when dad walks daughter down the about "his" emotional moment. (-:
  5. 3wishes

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    hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Austin we go, la laaa la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa, hi ho hi ho.
    Now it's 80 degrees, beautiful, no ice, no snow, no wind, no sheer terror watching cars slide and roll over off of highway.
    What a difference two weeks make, on the same exact roadway.
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thurs...teach a in cpr...attend a pot luck which was sort of in my honor and recieve a very nice gift from my class attendees....get a somewhat disturbing call from a relative about a rather troubling family development....this ends up being draining on a day that I thought would be full of celebration` able to pick up some of dh's christmas gifts which I had specially ordered and am pleased with that...teach a few other classes...continue to fighht through some of the rumblings from members about recent transitions...get home totally drained...

    fri....worked this morning....and have spent the bulk of this day dealing with the same disturbing dilemma as yesterday and my body is now beginning to react....have to work the counseling job tonight and more classes a breaking point here....but sunday should be restful
  7. ChaChaMama

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    @fascination--MAZEL TOV on your daughter's engagement!!!
    What's the timeline from here...or is it too early to say?
    The pot luck sounds delightful too.
    I hope the family dilemma is of the kind that has a swift and easy resolution.

    9--Incredibly important Math meeting. I have done my homework and we make real progress. It really helps that our boss also wants this to happen. She uses some very strong language to describe one our current practices that I am trying to change. I am pleased that it went so well. If I can get this changed, this will be a signature accomplishment of my directorship.
    10:30ish--Scurry off late to another meeting, this one with the Writing Center and SASS (Student Academic Support Services).
    Lunch break.
    1--First Year Team meeting. I brief on my recruiting efforts.
    Early dinner.
    5:30--Call time for Child's Winter Concert.
    6:30-8--Winter Concert, including band, orchestra (Child plays viola), and a chorus musical "North Pole Exposure" (Child is a reindeer and a snowman in this production). The musical is very cute. I like how they have kids from grade 1-9 in the same show. I think it's really nice for the littles to be able to work with the bigs. The group only typically rehearses once a week, so we're not talking a highly polished performance here, but it's heartwarming and funny in all the right places.
  8. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    10:30--Dentist to get temporary crown fixed.

    1--Back at work. (Why am I at work again? The semester is OVER! We just turned in grades! I love my job, but I am really looking to spend a little less time here until after the holidays.) Strategy meeting about our plan to hire a Renaissance Literature specialist.

    3--Pick up Child at school.

    Take Child to dance, stopping on the way to pick up gift cards for teachers. I decide to do $25 for the once a week teachers and $50 for the people who both teach her and run Junior PT rehearsals. Hopefully that's about right. I stay (instead of going to work out) because even though she is no longer contagious, she is still coughing a lot and I'm pretty sure she isn't going to have enough energy to make it through 4.5 hours of dance classes and rehearsal. Watch some, read some, run one quick errand. (Manage to obtain some jalapenos...ahem, jalapeno hoarders!)

    Worked out after we got back.
  9. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Threw that new 3 bean chili crockpot recipe in the crockpot.

    VISITED SISTER AND BABY NEPHEW! (I stopped by a local massage place that is ~3 minutes from Sister's house to get her and her husband gift certificates for Xmas gifts on the way. Shhh! Don't tell them!) A highlight was going on a walk in the unseasonably beautiful weather.

    Worked out when I got home. I am having to do a lot of workouts to make my goal of 125 runs this year because I had two big setbacks that kept me from running earlier in the year (passing out in late February and feeling woozy for several days after; turning my ankle super hard in May...for which I now realize I clearly should have seen a doctor, as I don't think it healed quite right).
  10. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Field trip with Child's school. Always good to get these periodic reminders of how awesome her school is and why I am better suited to teaching college than elementary school. ;)
    Today is the last day for a girl she has been friends with since she was in kindergarten. The family is moving to Florida. Child made her a nice video slideshow to the Vitamin C "Graduation" song.

    Scheduled a consult with an endodontist just to make sure before they put the permanent crown on the tooth.
    Worked out.

    Child did some serious sleepwalking, which she hasn't done in a long while. She had her eyes open and seemed partially conscious, but not conscious enough to answer questions like "Why did you come down to the basement?" or respond easily to suggestions like "Don't you think you would be more comfortable sleeping in your BED than in that chair next to Mommy's desk?" We finally got her to move to the pink sofa. (My office and our family rec room are on the basement level.)
  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thx...ccm...I would be guessing we are looking at Fall of 2015....

    the family issue will immediate family is okay but it is some rather serious stuff with my sibling
  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    lol, as to sleep walking; I had that pretty badly as a fact, once when sleeping at a cousin's house, I got up, walked to the middle of their kitchen, pulled down my jammies and tinkled on their kitchen floor...and promptly went back to bed without knowing a thing until much later
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  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sat....take 4 things to post it always ends up that I have to make a last minnute trip there I will never know....teach two fitness classes whhich are well attended given the timing....kick my own butt...go to grocery with dh b/c pre-holiday food shopping is too important to leave to interpretation....wrap stuff....clean stuff...bake...son arrives home...let the visiting around the tree with wine and good music commence
  15. j_alexandra

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    impossible to catch up. so many days are like so many others, and then: Stuff Happens. The biggest change in my life in the past few months: got a part time job, working with in the cooking classes in a fairly high-end kitchen-equipment store; started learning Standard.
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  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sunday; was planning on a relaxing day with nothing much to do but vacuum and maybe do the litter boxes....but hear that the connecting flight of dtr's fiancee's family has been cancelled and that, unless they can get a rental car I might be having a lot of company for quite a while...attach rocket boosters and jet around house in a flurry of cooking and cleaning so that we are ready to feed and sleep an extra 5 it turns out, they did not stay...but that just put me ahead of the game for getting the place ready for Christmas... as we are hosting it here...spend lovely evening noshing on the good food and hearing the details of dtr's trip/engagement....
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  17. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Wrapped presents.
    Grocery store.
    Started a little Christmas baking, but realized the milk was spoiled and did not feel like going to the grocery store for a second time in the day.
    Worked out.

    Grocery store and completed recipe. (Might have accidentally added a little extra peppermint extra to the recipe...these bars will certainly be minty enough!) Contemplated doing another recipe. This is SO not my usual thing. I need j_alex and Peaches to channel their Master Baker energy and skill my way.
    Worked out.
    Watched the FIRST "Hunger Games" movie with Child at home. (We're a little behind on our movie watching! Also, Child is still coughing too much to inflict her on innocent bystanders for no reason.) I liked it and might have shed a few tears.
    Had horrible heartburn that came out of nowhere during the movie. :(
    Tried to order Child's hip-hop dance costume online. The leggings are sold out. Now I'm mad at myself for not having gotten RIGHT ON THAT. We got the memo about this on the 13th which was the same day as my final final exam and the same day Child was diagnosed with pneumonia, so I had an extra thing or two on my mind.... (I'm also a little annoyed that they chose something without first ascertaining whether there were enough in stock for the whole team, but I will accept at least 50% of the blame.) I kind of hope I'm not the only parent with this problem, because then the team coordinator will have to come up with a solution.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    monday...teach 4 classes, visit dear friend...home to a bunch of cranky pants....not in the mood for that crap...go to bed at 8

    today(tues)xmas eve....straighten out the undies that were in a arrives....score big time on all gifts bought for 11 year old nephew....father calls ...yea...okay....whatever...if you want to spend the holidays with us, be here.....have a great time with family...after they leave, exchange with dh....basically purchased the interior of an entire new office for him (chair, art work, etc)...he is happy...I get the usual "you get to dance all year" peck on the cheek...actually a few T shirts and a book...not to soak in jacuzzi soon as we will open w/ kids tomo and skype grandbaby
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member open presents, all are happy, a few clothing items need to be returned, large breakfast. some of us goback to bed, others futz around waiting to skype grandbaby which does not happen b/c his mother says he is not in good space/2 year old burn out...we coped by playing cards and having a drink....I was in bed by 7 and slept 13 truck really ran over my butt this year
  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    fascination--Hope you get a raincheck with The Cutest One!

    MONDAY--Worked out early. Got my hair colored and flat ironed for the holiday. Made a second batch of the chocolate mint bars and a batch of blondie brownies with the red and green mini m&ms instead of choc chips.

    TUESDAY--Finished packing and got out of town by 10 AM. Arrived at parents' house around 1 PM. Lots of time with baby nephew. Opened a few presents. Only downside was lasagna we had for dinner wasn't too good--very runny. Everyone was impressed with the goodies I made, which was gratifying.

    WEDNESDAY--Christmas Day. Presents galore. Baby nephew, who had barely napped the day before, did a lot of sleeping today, which gave us plenty of downtime to play/read/recharge. Cousins showed up around 3 PM and we had a late lunch of sausage and peppers in red sauce which was so good. I normally do not eat pork at all, but made an exception and had half a sausage. We played Apples to Apples with the new trendy pack we had given Child as a stocking stuffer and laughed SO much.
    We had a Wegman's turkey dinner for Christmas dinner and I was in charge of making sure everything went in and came out at the right time, with assistance from the cousins. One wild card is that my parents' oven is VERY hot compared to normal ovens. We had the pre-cooked turkey in for an hour and a half per package instructions and then removed the foil and basted. My cousin " looks done?" And we tested it and...yup, done! Wow. Glad we didn't just reflexively put it back in for another 60-90 minutes. I definitely overcooked it last year and it was too dry, so we are trying to learn from past mistakes.
    I might have gotten a bit nuts at the end when there were like 5 side dishes to coordinate. Child "Can I put grapes in a dish on the table?" Me: "Don't talk to me. I can't deal with one more thing. Any thing you can do without talking to me is fine." Also, my brother-in-law almost moved a serving utensil from the green beans amadine to the turkey as he was second guessing my choices of serving utensils, not realizing my aunt is lethally allergic to almonds. (WHY do we even have this side dish in the house?!? I don't care if it comes with the meal; we should donate it or throw it out!) But it all worked out in the end!
    After dinner and delicious desserts, we took cute photos of all the cousins with Child and Baby Cousin in matching sweaters. We then played another round of Apples to Apples. I don't know when I've laughed so much! When Child was the judge, the category was "Nasty" and she picked "salad" over "atomic bombs." Lol.

    Presents I gave:
    Husband--I-Pad stand. Sphero.
    Child--Star Trek clock, Obsessed with Star Trek quiz book, 2 Star Trek collectibles, 2 Valentine's Day outfits, trendy Apples to Apples cards (e.g., Pilates, hashtags). Husband bought her several books like Harry Potter and Philosophy, Lord of the Rings and Philosophy, etc.
    Baby Nephew--Book called The Day the Crayons Quit. 2 Valentine's Day outfits.
    Dad--Giants umbrella, Giants tie, board book called Giants 101 to read to my baby nephew/his grandchild.
    Mom--Giant wicker basket shaped like dog bone for dog's stuff.
    Sister and brother-in-law--1 hour massage gift certificates for place 3 minutes from their new home.

    THURSDAY--Some more fun playing and hanging out, then a horrible drive home. (Traffic, crabby Child, who is STILL sick.)

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