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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. fascination

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    doing today now as I suspect there won't be much left of it....

    everyone is home and snowed in...the entire state

    eat a lot...not bad stuff, but too much of it...I have been pretty good in terms of portion control over the trying not to panick...but several days of no activity begins to feel very distressing...spend a good deal of time reassuring our dog that the end of the world has not arrived...he is an outdoor dog (he is the last of a pack of 3) and he was very very upset about being brought in...but it had to be done....spent a good deal of time cooking a veal stew w/vegetables and indian sweet potato pancakes, as well as cleaning this house which has been a fright....
    bed is calling as we were up early with the dog situation and checking our son's arrival in oregon
  2. sbrnsmith

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    Spent most of day cleaning and organizing condo and getting ready for work tomorrow.
    Second dance class in 3 days cancelled due to inclement weather and it's only January. Workout session with trainer cancelled as well.
    Grocery run. Roads snow covered.
  3. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Get Child off to school. She skips into the building in absolute delightful anticipation of the day to come. That's my girl!

    Go to work. Find out that, confusingly, my chair and colleague R has asked the secretary to pull the data sets I thought I was supposed to be looking at. Huh. Decide it would be silly to duplicate work and that I should therefore send him an e-mail for clarification and go home. (He doesn't get up this early, so pointless to wait around.)


    12:30-2--ROOT CANAL. I stopped the guy right at the beginning when he put in the triangular wedge to keep my mouth open. "Does it need to be quite THAT big? That's pretty tough for me with TMJ." So he went to a smaller one. Still not a pleasure cruise, but at least I could tolerate it. The root canal itself didn't hurt, just the keeping my wide open. There was so much novocaine involved. I felt numb all the way up to my eye.

    Home. Read and recovered. Tried to keep cats from brushing up against my face...not because I was in pain (still Novocained out) but because it felt weird.

    Took Child to dance. At the end of practice, they had the kids try on their costumes for a number they will be performing in competition in February...but they kicked all the parents except one out of the room when they explained what alterations need to take place, as they want one mom per routine to handle all costume questions. (They had the kids order adult costumes. Obviously I got Child an XS. It's not that bad in terms of length, but unsurprisingly, the majority of these kids have narrow shoulders, are still flat chested or A-cup at most, and not very curvy. So suffice it to say that I am reasonably confident that there will be alterations.)

    Watched the second episode of "Sherlock" as a family.

    Winds are crazy-loud outside. Let the pets sleep with us.
  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    doing today now as I do not anticipate anything momentous occurring before bed....

    3am...dh accidentally locks us out of the area of our bedroom that includes our closet and bathroom...this is not lovely...and causes some crankiness and not much sleep...up at gym by 7:45...teach step, cycling and Y get moving....home to field many wedding vendors who are now on our tails....but it is exciting.... while the venue is pricey and spectacular, the rest of it we hope will be unique and unpretentious rather than "spectacular"....which is one of those things that vendors really don't want to hear....we will do some very cool stuff...but we have no intention of being stupid about it...

    in fact, as I said elsewhere, my daughter is not at all about tradition other than her ethnic and faith traditions....she has no interest in flowers at the church....she really wants to put big baskets up at the front of church and have people bring offerings of books, yarn, and canned goods for her favorite charities...she will allow some autumnal stuff like baskets of fruit and indian corn and that sort of thing, but she is much more into the use of her colors olive/eggplant/burnt orange and lighting..she wants to carry a book instead of flowers and all of her bridesmaids as cool is that? my little nerd...she wants to crochet the flowers to go atop each book in her colors .... lots of parents were very limited in funds and imagination and I was young so many of the details of my wedding were not up to me...shrug...not complaining....but it is cool that we can do all sorts of original things now and I love her vision....we are going to have cocktails and appetizers on the second floor balcony and people can enjoy the open exhibits...Grace is thinking multi-colored potato bar in martini glasses for that (plus other things of course) and Polish tradition dictates that there be vodka....because there are so many vegetarians in the crowd we will have at least one Indian entree offered, and she doesnt want a cake...she wants pies, a taffy apple bar and chai and hot cider...I am not going to fight her on, I spent most of the day responding to the preferred vendors...

    also today; pet care, organizational tasks, cooking dh some dinner, changing the bedding ...jacuzzi was my first day alone in the house since early december...I am so glad to get back into a routine...and so are my cats :)
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  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    ^^My "like" above was for the wedding plans part, not the locking out part!

    Got Child off to school.

    10-11--Scouted location for our meeting, as the room we were originally booked in was 57 degrees. I ran upstairs and booked a different room via the online book system...and then went back down and realized that room felt a little too toasty. Brought my portable thermostat. 89 degrees. 89 degrees!!!!!! The cold snap that is having such devastating effects in the midwest has been echoed in a milder form here and it was 1 degree outside when I took Child to school. Who heats an empty classroom to 89 degrees on a 1 degree day??? If we have all this extra money to throw around, I really wouldn't say no to a bigger raise! Honest! I'm very open-minded on that topic! Finally found a room that was a more compromise temperature of around 75 and took that.

    11-1:30--Assessfest. We had lunch and talked about assessment data.

    Wrote a draft of a letter of recommendation.

    6 miles on treadmill.

    Took Child to ballet. Played Harry on the way home, of course.

  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    not sure how the heat there works, but I have found (with a lot of heating systems) that the colder it is, themore likely a room is to overheat because the heat never really goes off, and the reverse being true of air-conditioning
  7. j_alexandra

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  8. fascination

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  9. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    I love these colors! When I'm making jewelry, olivine and amethyst are two of my favorite color beads to work with, both the regular and the AB version. It's interesting how the AB version of a bead can look entirely different from the regular color, especially depending on what color bead it's next to. I also love the colors of sun, fire opal and astral pink beads; they work very well as accent colors.
  10. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    Does the groom have any thoughts about the pies vs. a traditional wedding cake?
  11. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    I personally would do individual serving size pies rather than having the catering staff slice full sized pies. Also, you could stack small individual pieces on a tiered cupcake rack and get a wedding cake effect...sort of a compromise between tradition and innovation. One could even put a cake topper on top of the stack of mini pies, were the bride and groom so inclined. There are plenty of couples going to cupcake route for weddings. I think it's a very fun idea.
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  12. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    This sounds logical, but the building engineers are going to have to do better. The building is allegedly climate controlled, but it doesn't work right. The room I was in is one of our nicer classrooms. At 89 degrees, how can the teacher teach and the students learn? A room that warm after a nice lunch and people are going to be feeling sleeeeeeeepy. To add further insult to injury, although there is a huge, beautiful can't open it. Sealed shut. (In an emergency you could possibly jimmy it open or just break it, but there is a little strip saying "Do not open window.") Also, I'm pretty sure that the more people you have in the room, the more body heat sends the temperature upward. 89 is not oppressively hot if you are wearing removable layers, but what if a student doesn't have anything on under that sweater? He/she is going to be pretty uncomfortable.

    Similarly, our original meeting room should not have been 57. At 57 degrees, I'm cold and thinking more about how to get warm than about whether the percentage of commuter students who felt that orientation did not fully meet their needs is too high and what we should do about that.

    I did some research on this, and apparently 70-77 are considered good temperatures for office buildings, with 70-73 being the optimal range for maximum productivity.
  13. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    -Child to school.
    -Read a lot...both Tartt's The Goldfinch and bits of the NYT and Chronicle of Higher Education. (What?!? Reading more than the headlines before the day is over? Must be break!)
    -Contemplated my reading list for the one course where I still have not settled this definitively. (Bad CCM!)
    -Grocery shopped.
    -Worked out.
    -Took Child to/from dance.
    -Read hilarious History of the World According to Facebook book with Child...we laughed our butts off.
  14. stash

    stash Well-Known Member


    Got through most of my accounts at work, however I'm waiting for my boss to look into things because I have not been trained in everything yet. Three years here and there are some things she just doesn't want to teach me... Though I have asked for it. Anywho, took care of mail, paper and cat for my parents. Fed my fish, saw parents' goldfish tank, notice bubbler wasn't work, minor panic... Realized dad must have unplugged it before he left... Then filter stopped working... cleaned it out recent so it should have been fine, but then realized I didn't do the impeller. Cleaned impeller and the filter started working again. Fed gold fish.

    Went over to bf's place and watch gilmore girls which helped me take a break from all the feels and laugh a little.
  15. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    agree... we have the same problem at the gym...imagine working a cold muscle in a room of 57, or doing intense cardio without being warm ..or, worse, intense cardio in a room at life....gah
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    the groom has thoughts...and is allowed to express them....most of the time ..... :) actually, they work very well together....
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    from what I hear, cupcakes are so "done" to pie, yes, I think the plan is to do pie or cobbler and in individual portions (even small mini-iron skillets)...she is willing to concede something like a multi layered unfrosted sponge cake with fresh berries between the layers...thank goodness for pinterest...but she really has no interest in a cake topper or cutting the cake or any of that business...shrug...okay, whatever...there are a few hills I am willing to die on...that is not one of them
  18. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to hear it. :)

    There are many wedding related reality shows on tv, and now and again I'll catch an episode of one. It seems like on these shows the emphasis is all about what the bride wants and it's "her" day. In all fairness, there wouldn't be a wedding without the groom. Isn't it "their" day? It seems like if the groom had any opinion on things like type of wedding service, venue, food, or whatever, it should be considered.

    I watched one show, and I was appalled at the excess. The bride and her mother went to a MAC counter and spent $70 or $80 plus dollars for a custom lipstick shade, because they weren't satisfied with any of the regular colors. And bride and mother also spent $1000 plus for a pair of diamond crusted false eyelashes. The flowers for the venue were in the tens of thousands. And so it went. Seriously? I'd give that marriage 6 months to a year tops.

    If your daughter wants to walk down the aisle carrying books and hand crocheted flowers, serve individual fruit pies, and collect donations for the needy, that sounds fine to me.
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  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    because I counsel engaged couples, and work for a church, I would hope to never raise a child to think that the sacrament of marriage was about any of that crap, or that she was one iota more important than her runs counter to everything we raised her to understand about herself, love, and the vocation of fact, we have told the vendors explicitly that the spectacular nature of the venue stands alone, everything else should be unique, but unpretentious...we are donors at the Field because we support its mission, and the fee goes in large part to that mission, but there will be no Limos, no professional hair and make-up, none of the needless bling....I have long told my wedding couples to make sure their wedding speaks to their message as a couple...and being good stewards is a part of that....yes, it will cost more than many people could ever swing because of the venue, but it won't be gratuitiously stupid
  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    Jon, the groom, was an advocate of a sit down meal, because he works in catering at his college...she wanted stations and he was definitely the deciding factor in "we will have a served meal".....we have a year and nine months to go, but I think that we are very fortunate in that most of the key players are not lunatics....we have some of that on the fringes, but we will keep them there :)...strategic planning, but we shall prevail

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