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    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    up. Roll around on knee scooter. Do laundry - figured out way to drag laundry basket behind knee scooter. Do three sets of exercises (gentle stretching - aahhhh! and the pain was tremendous.) Decorated knee scooter with Corvette decals. Iced leg. Pretty much did nothing else.
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    :nurse: aw....sad face

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    No sad faces...This rest is good for me. I am definitely feeling stronger every day since the surgery on Tuesday. I don't need the pain meds any more (husband says he paid for them and I need to use them! ha) and plan to head back to work on Tuesday. It's just hard for me to be a couch potato... But I tell you, I'm going to HATE this scooter before too much longer.
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  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sunday...practice., write bills, household stuff and work prep...and then more drama that just makes me feel like finding a deserted island...
  5. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Huh. I really thought I posted a couple days ago, but maybe I wrote it and didn't push reply???

    Sent many e-mails soliciting First Year Seminars from specific departments.

    Took Child to dance. Grocery shopped. Spent a little time at home. Went back early as I noticed Child had forgotten her snack. Returned to see Child had been crying because coach was mean. Mama Bear very ticked off.

    Started the day by accidentally almost setting the house on fire. Well, slight exaggeration...but I forgot I had set eggs on the stove to hard boil and did manage to set off the smoke alarm.
    On a more positive note, succeeded in nagging campaign and got Husband to go to the doctor. They gave him a nebulizer treatment on the spot, diagnosed bronchitis, and sent him home with four prescriptions.

    Spent most of the day with my baby nephew (now 2 months) and my sister!

    Watched final episode of BBC Sherlock, Season 2, at Child's insistence, so we will be all ready for Season 3 debuting Sunday.

    Phone calls, errands.
    Went in to work. Drafted syllabus and course policies for one class. Haven't taught this particular course since 2010 and am making some changes.
    Stopped at grocery store on way home. They finally have the falafel that Child likes back in stock!

    Worked out.
    Child is on what they call "two a day" rehearsals for her upcoming competition. Picked her up at 4:15, took her to a pizza party at a teammate's house, took her back to dress rehearsal. Helped with costumes.

    Finished reading Alex London's _Proxy_. (It's a young adult novel.)
    Took Child and one of her BFF's to see "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" which we quite liked! Child likes doing ANYTHING with her BFFs, but it was nice that this was such an enjoyable movie.
  6. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    - Up, coffee, breakfast, e-mails. Give cat some love.
    - Head to sewing locale. Figure out length skirts need to be, plan out trimming.
    - Second breakfast. More skirt measuring then (gulp) trimming. Begin to pin horsehair.
    - Lunch. Continue horsehair application. Somewhere in the middle of sewing, begin to wonder how long this seam is... take cut off piece of one skirt layer, and decide it's a good idea to hang it from the 2nd floor chandelier in the foyer. It touches the floor. Laugh hysterically, leave it hanging there, and go back to sewing.
    - Shut down the sweat shop about 4:30, snack, go to practice at studio.
    - Home, shower, dinner.
    - Hand wash dye out of dress lace, iron a week's worth of clothes for work.
    - Bed.
  7. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Holy Moly Batman! Missed lots while playing away from home.
    Took GS#2 out of school mid-week and put him in ski school at local - easy drive hill.
    HE LOVED IT!!! Wanted to go back the next day...
    AHHH, fresh air, snow, skills, and other children...this is why Friends SHOULD NEVER teach friends/family how to ski. Get a "Pro".
    Even I don't teach my family.
    GS#2 - already asking when he can go back with me. Color me - really happy and having true fun.
    Inform "Pro" I'm not dancing for awhile. Pro has shocked look on face. Pro thinks I'm joking. uhhhh, nope,
    Explain, there's a built-in pool that absolutely - no doubt- needs repair,,,last year it was all the repairs to the house that were on hold for 8 years, renovate the kitchen,,,clear the yards. This's the dreaded..."pool".
    Remind Pro that in recent coaching...the coach realized and remembered I am now retired,,,stopped lesson mid-way, took me by the shoulders and said clearly "don't ever pass up an opportunity to travel and experience the world now that you have time".
    Wake up a few mornings a phone call from ex-co-workers at Los Angeles City Hall,,,,
    "how close is the fire above your house"? We can see all the smoke this far away.
    I thought they were joking,,,really,,,until we looked out our north facing windows. ARRGHHHH!!!! this was no joke.
    Watch superscoopers and air support fire/air forest service fly directly over our house with - water drops...and even this morning the fire is still going in the back canyon.
    Go over with DH....the dreaded...."if you had 5 minutes to get out of the house...this is what you grab and go"....whew, this time he didn't joke about it.
    Go up to fire line. Nasty stuff.
    Collect neighborhood kids whose school(s) were closed as fire grew. Kept them inside and used great imagination games, arts and crafts.
    Meet up for lunch on another day with ex-co-workers. Had fun,,,with the gals.
    Met up with ballroom sister for Thai Food and August:Osage County...drama and laughter all at the same time. WHAT A CAST.
    Ballroom sister and I discuss travel...her...France, London as she backs off of Everywhere,,,when all the repairs are done and $$$ are back where they should be.
    Look at niece photo shots from Florence Italy...ahhh the itch to travel is hitting big time.
    Sign up for catering courses...just experienced my first successful small bites creativity - for personal friend and fundraiser. LOVED doing it.
    GS#2 informs me he is done with dancing as we watch him do round-offs, cartwheels and free falling into foam pits...uhhhhh, ok then. I'm pretty sure this is headed towards Gymnastics.
    Started interval training,,finally hit 4 miles on threadmill. Signed up for Pound dot com workouts and loving it.
    Getting tickets for "Book of Mormon" at the Pantages. Girls day/night out coming up!
    Signed up for Rose Parade volunteer meeting for one of the 35 committees that puts the parade together...should be fun..if I get in.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    mon...teach 3 classes, lessons...first week of only doing three....struggle a bit worrying about losing ground...tired and a bit blue...had a bunch of folks kicking my butt lately and I miss the overnight in indy...will go to bed will be fine...just not a great day today...but I am still grateful
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  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    tuesday...practice...twice....spend a bunch of time dealing with securing the wedding location...we have the reception, but we need to secure the church...which, even though I have lots of contacts is more complicated than it would seem....stay tuned....may be spectacular :)

    spend a bunch of time at work perpping for an upcomming weekend long training that I am conducting for our new instructors....

    teach cycling...guy visiting from Milwaukee in serious cycling gear who said it was the best spin he's ever taken....color me "feeling really good about that"

    home to peace and quiet with dh....and early to bed...but am stressed about upcoming training and dh flying in this awake...TDNWMH
  10. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    MONDAY, MLK Day:
    -Took Child to her 11-2 rehearsal.
    Ran in to work while she was at rehearsal and came up with a rough draft of my Postcolonial Literature syllabus.
    (Husband had originally acted like he couldn't take her to either of her rehearsals, but later relented and agreed to take her to the 4:30-6:30.)

    Worked out.

    TUESDAY, a snow day for all:
    -Grocery store early AM before things got crazy.
    -Read a lot.
    -Made a pot of black beans for dinner. Mmmm! (I've been meaning to do this for days, but kept forgetting to soak the beans the night before.) And yes, we eat beans as a main dish.
    -Sewed Child's hat and hat elastic for her sailor themed costume. It's a little uncomfortable, but I feel reasonably certain it would stay on.
    -Child and I did an online tutorial on the rules for the game Settlers of Catan. We have the "Star Trek" version of it, but we don't know how to play, so we learned.

    P.S. Some good news: It looks like FIL may have turned a corner. They were able to remove one of his tubes. He is far from out of the woods and is obviously not leaving the hospital yet (he's already been there a month), but...a step forward, to be sure!!! (He had made it clear he does NOT want to die in Houston and would want to be transported back to Santa Fe, and for awhile I was thinking "I'm not even sure they will be able to do that for him. I don't know if he can make that trip. He's going to die in the hospital. Ugh." But now I'm feeling like there could be a light at the end of the tunnel which would allow him to return home and start chemo. Fingers crossed!)
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  11. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    WEDNESDAY, another snow day:
    -Child and I played Settlers of Catan: Star Trek edition. We had never played this before, so there was for sure a learning curve.
    -Took Child to dance, which was not cancelled.
    -Helped out at the dance studio. I COUNTED GEMS, which were in bags of 10 gross each, into 1 gross bags. Costumes need to be gemmed before the next competition. The next competition is in--wait for it--10 days! And each costume is supposed to get 5.5 gross of gems glued on. A gross is 144 gems. And I still do not have the gems for my kid's costume, or the gem glue. (The gems will be distributed at the end of the week.) I have had the costume since October. I love doing things at the last minute, don't you?
  12. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wed...3 prep, dishes, no idea what else....sleep soundly

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    yesterday worked WAAAY too long for still being in surgery recovery stage. came home exhausted and very, very sore. Scared myself into believing that maybe I'm not quite the superwoman I originally thought and that the doctor wasn't kidding when he said only four-hour days at work this week. Okay, I'll try to be good from now on.
  14. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    long exhausting, train and prep, work again, wedding stuff .....etc...
  15. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Wake up to cell phone(s) - showing pictures of snowed in day in Austin Texas. Really? DD - it's EARLY here in So. Calif.
    Start planning a "family" quilt for Pro(s) pregnant wife - try to find pictures that matter to her - of her family and insert them into quilt.
    GS #2 - begging to get on the hill again and really ride on the 'real' chairlift. uhhhh WHAT DID I DO?! snicker, wink.
    Begin reading Tim Conway's book...and it's hysterical. I need a good laugh.
    Sit down with DH,,,look at finances,,,ARGHHH.
    Sign up for some cooking classes which I'm quite excited about with the Chef I previously had classes from.
    Receive news that our dearest family friend/practicing chiropractor had passed from a sudden heart attack,,,,DH and I
    remained in shock and quite stunned for several he was in his mid-40's, very fit, and we had just seen him.
    Cried my eyes out yesterday about his passing.
    DH comes home from work...his friend at another manufacturer, young man with a 1 yr old and 3 yr old, passed from H1N1 flu.
    ARGGHHH....DH is clearly upset.
    ok, we will work through this.
    DH goes to circuit training....thankfully - I know he needs to release.
    I start going through all my ballroom shoes...trying to figure out what to do with the used ones that I don't wear anymore or are simply worn out.....hmmmmm...thoughts of Pinterest cross my brain waves.
    DH tries to change my flat tire on my Street Strider...and he does a good job,,,until I ride it and notice it's not changing gears at's just one gear now. Ok, kudos for changing the flat we can just get it to work right.
    Head out to circuit training....uhhhh,,,,trainer must have had a hard day,,,he takes it out on my leg workout...and I slowly walk to car afterwards....and creep into the house...and plopped on the sofa and didn't move! ouchie~!
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    teach classes, nap...staff meeting....nothing else
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  17. llamasarefuzzy

    llamasarefuzzy Well-Known Member

    Go to class, go to work. Come home and try really hard not to think about tomorrow. Start planning outfit for nationals, because seems like a good way to keep distracted. Order shirt for outfit, as well as sports bra which is much needed. Watch some Netflix, go over to parents house, get Thai takeout and watch more Netflix. Off to bed now to get what will hopefully be a good nights sleep
  18. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Went to local grocery store, need to "stockpile" vitamin supplements, etc etc,,,you know, those things that last a year but must take every day. I had tons of coupons, matched with store discounts and electronic coupons.
    purchased "real" groceries as well.
    YIPEEE, purchased $420 worth of items for $161.23 YES YES YES! she says, even store manager says that is really good!
    Home to hubby, whose legs are up on ottoman - it appears he ripped the calf tendon while doing his power walk.
    Poor him as I watch him hobble around the house.
    up the hill to check on step dad, take him to bone scan, pick up odds and ends, discuss SuperBowl picks with him.
    Down the hill and from this view, note exactly how dry the mountains are.
    Listen to news about local Black Bear in Pasadena who decided to follow a visiting Scotland couple out to their car. YIKES!
    DH and I also note that Disneyland is offering $53 a day pass to So. Calif. we discuss....
    did they notice that So. Calif residents were not going to pay $100 a day to visit? and instead go to Knott's for $37 a person? hmmm
    we laugh.
    Speak with S_I_L, who has moved from Rancho Cucamonga,Calif, to Hoover Alabama and now Lake Mary Florida - to be near grown daughters (our nieces) as a family unit. Receive open ended invitation to visit and the offer of Walt Disney World not that far away.
    Dear niece works right at Daytona Beach located hospital...and the beach view is great! Must visit!
    DH and I found our dream home in the much discussed dream region for us of Central Coast of Calif....hard decisions coming up.
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  19. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Read. Finished Graham Robb's Strangers: Homosexual Love in the 19th Century.
    Went in to work and worked on ENG 1101. Also made some corrections on my other syllabi.
    Worked out.
    Talked to Dad on phone.
    Read some more. Started Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge.

    Got Child off to school.
    Did some housecleaning.
    In at work from around 12-5 finalizing syllabi and course policies for the semester (which starts on Monday) and turning them in to the secretary for xeroxing, uploading materials to our learning management system (LMS), and cleaning office. It is still in the 80s in many parts of the building. Our secretary's office is like a sauna. It's too bad a bikini is not really appropriate officewear.

    Family Fun Night: James Bond's "Goldeneye." First Pierce Brosnan one. First one with Judy Densch as M.
  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sat; teach 50/50...spend rest of day training new batch of instructors...home to prep and study for repeating it all to the jacuzzi with wine...dh made me a salad...thank God for that
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