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  1. j_alexandra

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    So: Let me see if I can do a couple of days this week.

    Go out to broom off snow from disastrous driveway, only to find that the plow/shovel guy was already on it, yay
    Lesson, yay
    Home, lunch, crash
    Group class
    Soup and salad at old favorite place, which I miss; since moving away, I seldom stop by
    Home, read, Z

    Gyro, which I almost didn't do b/c I was so ouchie, but the stretching and movement inherent in gyro was a magical fix
    Get text from Amy, who rented my best gown for her last comp, and wants to rent it for the next one; however, I am wearing it for that comp, so she asks if I have anything else; I do; she's pleased; however, we laugh over the fact that she and I will be dancing against each other!
    Home, food, prep for
    Lesson, in which Magic Happened; ones like that will keep me coming back forever
    Home; bit o' food
    To work; traffic is appalling, I am LATE TO WORK, which makes me crazy and the chef is most displeased with me and says so; who can blame her? there's an hour to prep for class, I've thrown the schedule off
    Class is mercifully small, only 6 people, and there are two assistants, so all the work gets done quickly and well, until... chef gets flustered and starts to forget steps and ingredients; the possibility for disaster is huge, but luckily all students are friends of the chef, so nobody cares, not to mention they've brought their own liquid supplies, so they would be happy anyway; class runs way over time
    Leave phone at work; TDNWMH
    Stop at winebar on the way home to visit with Blond German Friend, but winebar has a wine tasting, so she can't hang out, and I turn around and walk out the moment I see the crowd
    Pulled over by police on the way home -- same cop, same intersection as the last time, 3 years ago; TDNWMH, he obviously has JA radar
    Home, glass of wine, Z
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  2. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Wake late, by my standards (7:00); this happening often recently, I think partly b/c it's WINTER and b/c cat is no longer waking me at 5am
    Have intestinal issues for the whole morning; also realize I did not eat enough the previous day; am lightheaded and wobbly
    Coffee banana etc
    Shower, dress for Lesson
    Eat a lot; by way of a change, this does not come back to bite me in the knat, so I obviously needed it
    To work before lesson, to pick up my phone; people I work with give me some minor razzing about leaving the phone
    To supermarket to pick up ingredients for Samina's Amazing Homemade No Kidding This Stuff Is Great Gatorade-Replacement
    Lesson; inform Teach that I'm wobbly and weak and make some Samina's Amazing real fast; consume it; five minutes later, am doing well; he decides we will do Standard foxtrot instead of Smooth, since JA is wobbly and weak; turns r not me, at the moment, but 15 minutes later, I'm all better (Samina's Amazing is truly amazing)
    Supermarket for pre-Snowmageddon supplies; get call from a buddy, Let's Have Lunch; we do
    Home; nap
    Tutor; my Tutee has big issues, I did not realize, when I took her on, that she's got an IQ of 75; I have a lot to learn from her, maybe more than she has to learn from me
    Theater; we take my car rather than Father's new SUV, b/c who wants to pay the extra $10 to park an SUV? I'd much rather take his car, in winter; it's 4WD and high driving position, great for crappy roads, but we have to balance that and the $; meh, if that's my worst problem, I'm doing well; show is so-so, drive home is easy
    To winebar to deliver bag of stones and some glue to Blond German Friend, who may be re-stoning the gown I'm renting, if renter so wishes
    Home; Z
  3. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    ccm...thanks...transitions can be rough, but I am actually trusting into this one reasonably well, and I also think that hot yoga is playing a big role in helping me to be in touch with my best self right now and in knowing what I need and what is not good for me...perhaps it is because my husband has had so much uncertainty at work, or perhaps it is because I will turn 50 in 19 months, or perhaps it is because that is only one month before my baby gets married, or maybe it is because I have simply felt overwhelmed by pressure and toxicity at work and elsewhere for so long that, while some parts of this make me very sad, I am welcoming an opportunity to construct a healthier more affirming experience ...and I am grateful for that.....
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  4. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Fasc, I hope that whatever this transition involves, that it goes well and leaves you in a better place.

    BTW, nice new avatar photo.
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  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thx buddy
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  6. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Pretty regular day of work.
    8:45, 9:05, 9:25, 9:45--ENG 1101 appts. First one was no show.

    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Finished discussing Things Fall Apart. A student surprised me and came up with an interpretation I'd never heard or thought of...which is pretty amazing considering I've taught this book probably a dozen times, and read quite a number of scholarly articles on it. This stimulated quite a bit of discussion. We really probably needed another class session to do full justice to this book, or at least another 30 minutes, but we are already struggling to stay on top of things due to the snowstorm.

    Lunch, preparation for next class.

    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Wilde's trials. The first was a libel trial he brought against the Marquis of Queensbury who had accused him of "posing as a sodomite."

    1:45, 2:05--ENG 1101 appts.

    3--Pick up Child. Check to see what the studio is going to do in light of impending snow. Close 1 hour early? Deal.

    4--Child to dance.
    4:30-7--Child at dance. I am SUPER tired due to going to bed too late after DC outing. (I didn't get home until 10:30 PM and was kind of keyed up.) Wrote in diary a bit.
    Kids are supposed to be out at 7:45, but coach is keeping them over...and it's snowing. Parents are getting itchy to hit the road before the conditions get worse. Finally out.

    Snow day! All told, we get something like 22" of snow, about 19-20" in the first wave, and then a second wave came in after darkness, undoing some of the the work of the plows.

    I had a pretty relaxing day:
    -Wrote in my diary.
    -8.25 miles on treadmill. Showered.
    -Solved a minor crisis Child was having vis a vis an online course she is taking.
    -Watched the Olympics.
    -Marked a half dozen papers.
    Basically, other than the workout, it was a PJ day!
  7. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Spent the better part of yesterday working on a lean and mean
    WEB PAGE for my husband's business. Let's note: I have no idea what I'm doing. I am NOT a technology person.
    PRAISED the heavens for Go Daddy dot com - now, if I can just follow the instructions.
    WHY? I ask myself....yesterday, Because, as I remind myself all day yesterday, a web page designer costs $$$$.
    Caught the Olympics loved the snow sports. Ice Skating was magnificent and amazing, almost cried hearing the back story of the Gold Medal pairs male.
    Promised myself, if I get back to Park City, UT, I'm definately doing a bob-sled ride. WEEEEEEEEE.
    Found pictures from long ago of our kids, had a rockin good laugh,,,,compelled to post a few on social media,,,hysterical calls from cousins,,,who needed a laugh apparently.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    valentines day: well, the cat did a great job of picking a card...the spouse? he has other endearing qualities

    sat. teach blast, 50/50 then go to hot shop, laundry, dishes, olympics...bed soon
  9. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Plan logistics with Grandson's mama for Calif Open.
    Pick up GS, DH and I - head to beach.
    Check into our hotel, Check into Mama's hotel - pick up her room keys - she arrives in evening.
    Head to Hilton Costa Mesa - get lay of the land so we are not LOST on Sunday morning.
    GS does cartwheels on the hotel carpet,,continuous - into restaurant...uhhhhhh, sigh.
    He has got more energy than I could possibly bottle and sell.
    Dinner at hotel restaurant (promise to GS since he's never been),
    Pro spots "Z" at glass elevator which GS "Z" wants to ride...thinking this is awesome.
    Pro kidnaps GS from DH - takes him for a ride, and escalators, and where Pro has DW and kids.
    GS loves it.
    Eat dinner, run into friends I haven't seen since's catch up conversation time,,,GS still doing cartwheels.
    Meet up with GS mama,,,drop him off.
    Next morning, logistics mapped out, phone calls made,
    Meet up at the Hilton, more friends,,,GS is good to go and not at all nervous...
    GS dances with teacher...while dancing Swing,,,GS is pulling up his belt as they open out in the figures cause his pants are falling...LOL.
    Mama - has huge giant tears in her eyes, trying not to cry while she watches her son.
    Ahhhh, memory making moments in time.
    Good day for GS, and everyone else. Head home - lots of pics. Post a few to FB.
    Take a 3 hour nap, haven't done THAT in years!
    Watch ice dancing/Olympics - nighty night!
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sun...cook most of the morning...have family over....husband goes out to console friend of ours who is going through a divorce....these are very close much sleep last night
  11. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Another snow day in which I largely stayed in my pjs.
    Activities included:
    -writing in my diary,
    -reading ENG 1101 rough drafts and e-mail feedback to students,
    -reading Gay L.A.,
    -watching the Olympics,
    -long talk on the phone with my BFF.

    Just for a rare change of pace, it snowed some more, but at least this time there was no serious accumulation.
    The day's activities included
    -reading and commenting on 12 Walk on the Wilde Side short pieces,
    -reading Gay L.A.,
    -8 miles on the treadmill while reading Divergent.

    -Child and I visited my sister and my baby nephew!
    -Later, we moved on to the Mid-Atlantic Dancesport Championships. We watched for about 2.5 hours and handed out the scholarship checks for Youth Latin.

    That night, Child had a lengthy Facetime chat with her friends who moved to Florida around Christmas.

    Wrote a FB PM to try to solve one of my logistical challenges. (To wit, we are invited to an out of state wedding that Child is not invited to.) Good news: the family of a BFF would be thrilled to have her sleepover. YAY! Win-win.)

    After 4 days off, we were finally back at the college!
    8ish--Mad preparatory hour, as it somehow had not occurred to me on Wednesday that school would be cancelled Thursday AND Friday, so I wasn't as prepared as I could be to lose Friday.
    9:10--ENG 1101. Discussed audience.
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. The Joys of Motherhood.
    Lunch and grading time. Treated myself to a candy bar from the vending machine since we had been all out of lunchbox desserts.
    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    2-5--Grading and office hours.

    Home. Dinner.
    Wrote a letter of recommendation.

    Re-read some Queer London, in prep for Wednesday.
    Read some Gay L.A. for fun.
  12. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Massive snow day, in which I did a whole lotta nothing, was very relaxing


    Dig car out of snowbank; this takes some time, shall we say
    Shower and change and prep for lesson; go out to car to drive to lesson; car has frozen itself into the ice beneath its tires; TDNWMH; chip car out of ice, am 15 minutes late for
    Lesson, in which magic happened
    To House of Ex to pack and ship; takes forever, to ship one small package
    Home; crash hard
  13. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Up early; prep small dinner party for later
    To work by 9am; we are baking bread today, and that's always fun
    It starts to snow. Again.
    Home from work early enough to manage the rest of dinner prep without going crazy
    Guest -- ok, let's call him Date -- takes bus from NYC, where he lives, shows up on time, even though it's snowing again; we get conversation going while finishing dinner prep (I get him to peel apples for the pie; he manages not to draw any blood, so I figure it'll be OK); BFF shows up for dinner without her spouse, who is not feeling well (her car gets stuck in driveway); father returns from theater in NY, much food consumed, smashingly wonderful wine (courtesy of Date) consumed, and a whole lotta talk; dessert in front of fireplace, then Date gets bus back to NYC; all in all, an interesting and successful evening, barring the car stuck in the driveway
    Finish remaining wine while pondering many things, sitting in front of dying embers of fire
  14. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Dig out BFF's car; this involves the two of us, four shovels, a pitchfork, and some deep breathing, b/c car has melted itself into the 4" of ice in the driveway, and freeing the tires takes us about 2.5 woman-hours of hard labor, but it is free at last
    Spend the rest of the day napping, except for brief visit to Downton Abbey
  15. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Lesson, in which I get used to the weight of the gown, before this weekend's comp
    Drop off gown at dressmaker for re-stoning
    To NYC to have Fun with Samina and some of her family; Chinatown for dim sum, Little Italy for pastry and coffee; SoHo for shopping -- young people are headed to Topshop, I go to Farmacia Santa Maria Novella and get the most luscious hand cream in the world; more shopping, then the youngsters are exhausted and ready to go home; seriously? you are in your 20s, why are you tired?
    Text from Teach; tonight's class cancelled; bah humbug
    As long as I'm in the city... text Date; hey, you doing anything? we meet for a drink (me) and a meal (him) in his neighborhood, which is extremely ethnic and I like 'em like that, bachata music blaring from the shops on teh avenue, street life like crazy; restaurant is weird, a sushi/steakhouse with Dominican flavor, green lighting (so flattering to me, green neon) and a wicked good mojito; about half an hour into the evening, we also discover it's a hookah bar
    say what?
    Hookah bar. I have not been in a restaurant that permitted smoking in ages. in NYC? hookah bar? Seriously?
    Home, leave car at bottom of driveway, facing down, so I can get out in the morning
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  16. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    A word about NYC streets in this, the Serious Winter: don't even think about parking on the street. I have friends who have used crowbars to get their cars out of the ice/snow mounds. Holy cow, it's impressive out there.
  17. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Yay for the Date! Both dim sum and the Dominican-ish sushi/steakhouse sounds quite interesting and fun. Chipping BFF's car out of the snow less so. Glad you were able to do it without hurting yourselves because that sounds like quite a challenging workout!

    I'm interested that your house does not have garage or carport for your car. I would have assumed that given where you live, garages or carports would be pretty standard. Is it that land is so expensive that no one wants to waste valuable property on a home for a car?

    Here in my part of semi-rural/semi-suburban Maryland, there's a mix. I would say more people have garages or carports than do not, but it's far from 100%. I think there's a fairly widespread belief that it is not "supposed to" snow here as much as it does, so you shouldn't need a garage. My next door neighbors on one side do not have a garage and have two teens old enough to drive, so they have several vehicles to dig out. (They also are the ones who own a snowplow, though, so they pretty much dig out the neighborhood.) The neighbors on the other side are car buffs and have like 6 garage portals on their custom 2 or maybe 3 bedroom house. (!!!)
  18. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    There's plenty of land. The house is 200+ years old, and a garage was never retrofitted. There have been upwards of five cars resident, in recent years; a garage would have to be a serious retrofit. The driveway is about 300 feet long. It makes for plenty of digging/brooming/chipping. It's a famous PITA -- people who drive professionally, and I mean for major, major famous people, have been defeated by this driveway. I hired a plow, this year. I am too.old.for.shoveling. Even though it is great exercise.
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  19. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Hooked HUBBY into Game of Thrones,,,,note: he never likes HBO series that I like, so this is new!
    DH cannot stop watching,,,and notes Season 4 of series starts in April on HBO.
    I laugh, this is good, as he must ride recumbent bike for heart health - time is flying for him watching this.
    Call from ex-work employer.
    Call from DS.."mom, pls bring Donut Man Fresh Strawberry Donuts" to business staff meeting...PLEASSSSEEE.
    ANYONE from Glendora, CA or surrounding region knows about these packed to the hilt fresh strawberry donuts..yum.
    Go over more information about DH's business, start asking questions ofact him for better understanding.
    Prepping myself to create web page but now I need Geek Squad out here for a list of things to fix including this freaking crazy cursor. I'm about ready to go back to a straight PC with an actual keyboard. WANT TO SCREAM.
    DH and I map out a two year business plan together.
    Contact BFF since 6th grade for ideas.
    Pull out picture from 1989 of DS, dear neighbor boy...and giggle at the mere thought of posting it on FB.
    GS calls from Texas, baseball is starting,,,this is his life..he loves this game and has dreams of the majors.
    Watch the Olympics bobsled, aerials, ice dancing. PERFECT!
  20. sbrnsmith

    sbrnsmith Well-Known Member

    Two hour dance class which was awesome, followed by one hour workout with my trainer where we focused on weight training. Three mile run, followed by grocery shopping, running errands and making dinner, to bed after watching some Sochi Games

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