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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

  1. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Massive snow day, in which I did a whole lotta nothing, was very relaxing


    Dig car out of snowbank; this takes some time, shall we say
    Shower and change and prep for lesson; go out to car to drive to lesson; car has frozen itself into the ice beneath its tires; TDNWMH; chip car out of ice, am 15 minutes late for
    Lesson, in which magic happened
    To House of Ex to pack and ship; takes forever, to ship one small package
    Home; crash hard
  2. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Up early; prep small dinner party for later
    To work by 9am; we are baking bread today, and that's always fun
    It starts to snow. Again.
    Home from work early enough to manage the rest of dinner prep without going crazy
    Guest -- ok, let's call him Date -- takes bus from NYC, where he lives, shows up on time, even though it's snowing again; we get conversation going while finishing dinner prep (I get him to peel apples for the pie; he manages not to draw any blood, so I figure it'll be OK); BFF shows up for dinner without her spouse, who is not feeling well (her car gets stuck in driveway); father returns from theater in NY, much food consumed, smashingly wonderful wine (courtesy of Date) consumed, and a whole lotta talk; dessert in front of fireplace, then Date gets bus back to NYC; all in all, an interesting and successful evening, barring the car stuck in the driveway
    Finish remaining wine while pondering many things, sitting in front of dying embers of fire
  3. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Dig out BFF's car; this involves the two of us, four shovels, a pitchfork, and some deep breathing, b/c car has melted itself into the 4" of ice in the driveway, and freeing the tires takes us about 2.5 woman-hours of hard labor, but it is free at last
    Spend the rest of the day napping, except for brief visit to Downton Abbey
  4. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    Lesson, in which I get used to the weight of the gown, before this weekend's comp
    Drop off gown at dressmaker for re-stoning
    To NYC to have Fun with Samina and some of her family; Chinatown for dim sum, Little Italy for pastry and coffee; SoHo for shopping -- young people are headed to Topshop, I go to Farmacia Santa Maria Novella and get the most luscious hand cream in the world; more shopping, then the youngsters are exhausted and ready to go home; seriously? you are in your 20s, why are you tired?
    Text from Teach; tonight's class cancelled; bah humbug
    As long as I'm in the city... text Date; hey, you doing anything? we meet for a drink (me) and a meal (him) in his neighborhood, which is extremely ethnic and I like 'em like that, bachata music blaring from the shops on teh avenue, street life like crazy; restaurant is weird, a sushi/steakhouse with Dominican flavor, green lighting (so flattering to me, green neon) and a wicked good mojito; about half an hour into the evening, we also discover it's a hookah bar
    say what?
    Hookah bar. I have not been in a restaurant that permitted smoking in ages. in NYC? hookah bar? Seriously?
    Home, leave car at bottom of driveway, facing down, so I can get out in the morning
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  5. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    A word about NYC streets in this, the Serious Winter: don't even think about parking on the street. I have friends who have used crowbars to get their cars out of the ice/snow mounds. Holy cow, it's impressive out there.
  6. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Yay for the Date! Both dim sum and the Dominican-ish sushi/steakhouse sounds quite interesting and fun. Chipping BFF's car out of the snow less so. Glad you were able to do it without hurting yourselves because that sounds like quite a challenging workout!

    I'm interested that your house does not have garage or carport for your car. I would have assumed that given where you live, garages or carports would be pretty standard. Is it that land is so expensive that no one wants to waste valuable property on a home for a car?

    Here in my part of semi-rural/semi-suburban Maryland, there's a mix. I would say more people have garages or carports than do not, but it's far from 100%. I think there's a fairly widespread belief that it is not "supposed to" snow here as much as it does, so you shouldn't need a garage. My next door neighbors on one side do not have a garage and have two teens old enough to drive, so they have several vehicles to dig out. (They also are the ones who own a snowplow, though, so they pretty much dig out the neighborhood.) The neighbors on the other side are car buffs and have like 6 garage portals on their custom 2 or maybe 3 bedroom house. (!!!)
  7. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    There's plenty of land. The house is 200+ years old, and a garage was never retrofitted. There have been upwards of five cars resident, in recent years; a garage would have to be a serious retrofit. The driveway is about 300 feet long. It makes for plenty of digging/brooming/chipping. It's a famous PITA -- people who drive professionally, and I mean for major, major famous people, have been defeated by this driveway. I hired a plow, this year. I am too.old.for.shoveling. Even though it is great exercise.
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  8. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Hooked HUBBY into Game of Thrones,,,,note: he never likes HBO series that I like, so this is new!
    DH cannot stop watching,,,and notes Season 4 of series starts in April on HBO.
    I laugh, this is good, as he must ride recumbent bike for heart health - time is flying for him watching this.
    Call from ex-work employer.
    Call from DS.."mom, pls bring Donut Man Fresh Strawberry Donuts" to business staff meeting...PLEASSSSEEE.
    ANYONE from Glendora, CA or surrounding region knows about these packed to the hilt fresh strawberry donuts..yum.
    Go over more information about DH's business, start asking questions ofact him for better understanding.
    Prepping myself to create web page but now I need Geek Squad out here for a list of things to fix including this freaking crazy cursor. I'm about ready to go back to a straight PC with an actual keyboard. WANT TO SCREAM.
    DH and I map out a two year business plan together.
    Contact BFF since 6th grade for ideas.
    Pull out picture from 1989 of DS, dear neighbor boy...and giggle at the mere thought of posting it on FB.
    GS calls from Texas, baseball is starting,,,this is his life..he loves this game and has dreams of the majors.
    Watch the Olympics bobsled, aerials, ice dancing. PERFECT!
  9. sbrnsmith

    sbrnsmith Well-Known Member

    Two hour dance class which was awesome, followed by one hour workout with my trainer where we focused on weight training. Three mile run, followed by grocery shopping, running errands and making dinner, to bed after watching some Sochi Games
  10. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    hmmm..monday; teach 3 classes, tues; don't remember but taught a class and took; teach three and then do hot; teach a to south bend for a family funeral (distant family) home to plan the two evening classes
  11. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    OK, so I'll be the dummy: what is hot yoga?
  12. sbrnsmith

    sbrnsmith Well-Known Member

    A sequence of 26 poses in Bikram yoga performed over 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees.
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    well...that is one type of hot yoga.....not every place does bikram...some do hot vinyasa....but, the bottom line is that it is some form of yoga in a room in excess of 90 degrees...usually not exceeding 105...I used to do it a few years back when it was in indy near to me on the days I went there...I am currently driving about half an hour twice a week...and am finding that the mental and physcial benefits are precisely as I remembered them...I feel less sore, more centered....(at least once I have determined that I will not actually die in there) :)
  14. sbrnsmith

    sbrnsmith Well-Known Member

    Ours is a combination of Bikram and vinyasa yoga... Originally hot yoga was Bikram. Either way, it's an awesome way to feel refreshed and centered. My first time I thought I would pass out in the last 10 minutes, but I made it thru. Like you, I have to drive for my hot yoga just like I do for dance, but well worth the effort
  15. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    we even have some classes which include hot with way....not interested...keeping my lifting andmy yoga separate here.....
  16. Sania

    Sania Well-Known Member

    I really prefer the hot vinyasa and was very disappointed when my favorite hip studio switched their famous "sweaty yoga" to a standardized sequence instead of the wonderfully creative and varied vinyasa classes I had been attending.
  17. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    I think I'm 4 days behind. The one sentence summary is that we actually completed FIVE consecutive days of school this week without any weather disruptions!

    Graded essays.
    Worked out.
    Took Child to dance. Finished reading Gay L.A.

    9:10--ENG 1101. In class debates on "Is college worth the cost?" and "Do college honor codes work?"

    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. The Joys of Motherhood.

    Lunch and massive prep for 3rd class of day.

    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Queer London. My first time teaching this history book, which I am therefore re-reading. Discussed classifications/taxonomies of sexual behavior and how they are culturally determined rather than strictly biological.

    Office hours. Dealt with some work e-mail.


    Academic Planning Committee meeting in which frank opinions were expressed.

    Drove to Towson.

    Double Nik lesson! Omg. Spent the bulk of time on samba technique. If I can get myself APPLYING this consistently, it is going to fundamentally change the look of my samba for the better. Also spent some time on rumba, and concept of counterbalancing weight on certain moves. This would have scared the daylights out of me when I first started taking lessons with Nik, but I'm getting better about having faith in the physics of movement (i.e., centrifugal force WILL work if you let it!) and that I can do this.

    Went home for about 5 mins, picked up Child and headed back to campus for...
    Screening of "Inequality for All," Robert Reich's documentary, followed by a live stream discussion with Reich. Very interesting, and I think Child learned from it too.

    Stayed up too late watching the Olympics.

    FRIDAY--A CRAZY day and on not enough sleep due to staying up too late to watch the Olympics. I made Child go to bed at a reasonable hour, telling her we were recording it and she could watch it the next day, but then stayed up too late myself...a little hypocritical of me.

    Prepared a grammar handout and helped Child get ready for her country research presentation.

    8:45-9:09--At Child's country research fair. I had promised myself I would leave for work no later than 9:05, but lost track of time. (This is the 4th re-schedule of this event due to snow, and at this point we have missed SO much school that I did not feel I could just cancel class. So I told them we would start 10 minutes late.)

    9:23?-10:10--ENG 1101. Okay, 13-16 minutes late. In-class debate on whether the TSA does a good job keeping us safe from terrorism without violating our rights. Grammar review exercise.

    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE--1st day of discussing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. We actually had an interesting sub-discussion--based on the opening lines of the novel--about SMELL. One student said she thought that the only place that had no smell would be hell. I argue that I *LOVE* the absence of smell and that it is one of my favorite smells. (Also--and I did not say this, because it's not like I'm any great expert, but I would have thought the Christian concept of hell would have included a sulphurous smell.)

    Lunch. Prep.

    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. More Queer London. Another interesting discussion, and one thing I am unsure if I handled correctly. A couple students admitted they are more uncomfortable if a gay person tells them about their sex life than a straight person. I indicated that there is a point at which I don't want to hear details either way. But I wonder if I should have pushed them harder to interrogate themselves about why that is. Part of me thought it was pretty brave to admit something like that and that even acknowledging it is a form of internal honesty to be lightly applauded...before breaking down one's remaining homophobia.

    Grading. What the what??? Some of the late papers are so weird.


    Figured out our plane flight for a wedding in Atlanta. Figured out a wedding gift from the registry. I was a little worried the registry would be super picked over and there would be nothing left worth giving, but there was a ton, which surprised me. I picked out some items worth about $200. This wedding has been a bit of a problem for me because the invite did not include ChaChaChild's name and it's far away so we have to stay overnight. After much thinking, I made arrangements for her to sleep over at a friend's house. THEN the mom of the groom (my aunt) said more recently it would be fine if she came and they hoped she would. [That thudding sound is me banging my head against the wall.] I *WISH* that had been clear from the outset! But now Child is excited about sleeping over at a friend's house, so I'm inclined to leave well enough alone.

    Watched some Olympics replay as a family.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    bless you, however, for not just bringing her without asking...I am always one to include kids...but, now that I am staring down cost like 150 a plate....well.....I can see how some folks might think that it is simply best not to have the young ones attend....but my empathy that they simply weren't clear...we have a LARGE extended family...some of whom simply cannot be plan is to alter the invite such that the elders of that branch of the clan will be told that they can have up to 6 come...and I am going to let THEM slug it out...but at least the number is unambiguous
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  19. Loki

    Loki Well-Known Member

    Offer the happy couple $5K to elope. Meh, make it 10.
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  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I wouldn't miss this one for the world
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