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    today was an epic example of underachievement from all pragmatic fronts....I didn't cross much of anything off the "to-do" list...but I did devote much of the day to being relational and I need to do a better job of thhat so I am trying not to feel like a slouch.....taught one fitness class, but did spend time with those ladies also cultivating relationships....then talked with a buddy on the phone, went home and got a bit of breakfast and tended to the critters, also touched base with my dad...then enjoyed a 3 1/2 hour lunch/birthday celebration of a recently widowed friend...home exhausted and sleep for an up and worked on afghan for dtr and cooked dinner for dh....pretty much nothing else but tv, fb and df
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    tues..teach gentle stretch, Y get Moving, and senior strength...go home and plan evening classes, crochet, nap, lunch...can't remember what else....teach yoga, core, pilates fusion, take a toning class b/c I have an hour to kill, teach a cycling class....lots of new folks in my evening classes, particularly young people annd men who felt challenged...which was the goal :)...home tired and crabby because my teeth hurt and I hate going to the dentist

    wed/today....teach step, drive to chicago, park in old neighborhood....why don't I live here anymore?....hear that I need two crowns...decide that I will get one and the other tooth will just have to wait untill after tuition and wedding issues die down...home to love on the kitties...and my MOTB dress arrives...I ordered it online from macy's and am pleased to report that it looks great and fits more thing checked off the list...go to hot yoga...and it was hotter than usual, but it felt great afterward...flower decoration people send us a second, more same happy to be able to move forward with that in the next week...currently watching big bang theory while dh works at the kitchen table probably late into the night...bed soon....
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    Admitted Students Day.
    Wrote in diary.
    Big news of the day: one of Child's favorite dance teachers auditioned to be a Washington Redskins cheerleader...and made it! That's great because she really wanted it, but also sad because it means she won't be teaching the rest of the year.

    ENG 1101. Only 10 students showed up (out of 16), again. Picked research topics for longer essay. Sent tough love e-mail to slackers.
    POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Finished discussion of It Does Not Die.
    Lunch. Grading.
    WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Sarah Waters' Tipping the Velvet. Great discussion. One person said "Whenever I read a book for this class, I'm like 'Okay, where's the gay?'" That made me laugh.
    2-4--A TON of advisee appointments.

    Took La Petite ChaCha to dance.

    TUESDAY...LONG day!!!
    9-10--More advisee appts.
    10-11:30--First year team meeting.
    11:30-1--Department meeting.
    1-4:30--Grade 6 essays.
    Home to do Child's hair and change clothes.
    6--Dinner at Prez's house.
    7:30--Poetry reading: Eric Pankey.
    Home around 9 PM.

    9-10--ENG 1101 student meetings on their research Abstracts and Works Cited. I have a new person every 10 minutes, which was a touch ambitious, esp since the first person was late and wanted to talk a lot. Also, my husband called me at work to tell me about the Pittsburgh thing. [!!!--I don't know how the rest of you feel about this, and maybe this makes me a bad wife, but I am not a huge fan of being called at work to talk about the news of the day unless it is something where I need to take action immediately. If I'm at work, I need to work. I thought I had trained him out of calling to chat during my scheduled teaching times years ago, so I'm wondering what is going on with him emotionally that he felt a need to touch base after this particular tragedy...which is indeed very, very sad.]
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children. Discuss Scheherazade, magic realism, postmodernism.
    Lunch, grading.
    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. More of the Sarah Waters book.
    1:45--More ENG 1101 appts.
    3--Pick up Child at school.
    4--Leave with Child for dance.
    4:30-9--Child dances. I put in 8 miles on tm. Pick up Child.
  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member only guess might be that many men tend to get a tad more reflective about their mortality at a certain age....particularly when they may be staring down a serious parental illness...and that perhaps the recent issues of school violence have him a bit worried about CCC...and the two things both cause a sense of loss of control, prompting a need to touch base....just a guess...
  5. fascination

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    8 teach blast
    915 gentle stretch
    10:30 Yget moving
    11 senior strength

    walgreens to buy easter stuff and a few odds and ends
    lunch of cottage cheese and chips
    feed pets, plan evening classes

    4 teach core, pilates, and yoga
    5 meet with boss
    6 teach 50/50

    cook soup
    crash and burn watching big bang...out soon
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    I think you are right. Apparently he and his mom both admitted to "How can we let CCC go to high school?" feelings after this incident, even though they knew it was irrational.

    So yes, I think this incident made him feel a sense of loss of control.
    On the other hand, I feel a sense of loss of control when I am already behind on my appointment schedule and then get a phone call from my husband (that I assumed was an emergency) that makes me even more behind on my appointment schedule. I'm all for touching bases, but would vastly prefer to do it over my lunch break or when I get home. I tried not to sound impatient...but I did mention "I'm with a student." Because I was, and I did need to give my attention back to that student reasonably soon.
  7. fascination

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    I hear you, one need was certainly more pressing than the other.....
  8. fascination

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    doing today now

    teach cycle
    teach ygm
    go to meijers to pick up the rest os the groceries and goodies for hosting easter...other than fresh foods which will wait til next saturday
    clean car
    clean litter boxes
    do dishes
    do laundry
    pick up dtr from train so she can borrow dh's car to visit fiancee
    put together assorted easter baskets....why do the old one's always disapppear?
    take out some of the trash
    cook dh dinner...
    all that remains is to highlight hair, pay bills, take a shower, and sip wine
    didn't get the practice in or the oil change...but I have the weekend and my ankleis still smarting so I want to delay that
  9. fascination

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    teach 8 o'clock "fit for life"
    teach 9 '' " 50/50....a few new ladies who were the "let's see what you've got" types....happily handed them their fannies :) (in a warm and welcoming way)
    drive to hot is 107 in there.....good lord
    home to some protein
    grocery store with dh
    see "captain america" with dhand our friend who is divorcing our other friend....gah
    home to dinner and am in bed by 8:30
  10. fascination

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    alarming that my short term memory of today is virtually non-existant...going to start with what I do remember and hopefully the rest will fall into place as I go...

    wake around 7ish...df, fb
    do some dishes, bring laundry upstairs, scoop litter, sweep kitchen and one stall of the garage, count and fill easter eggs, practice some new dance choreo, mostly waltz and tango...

    head to meijer for embroidery floss and a cat scratcher to put on a wall that my cats are tearing up...the floss is for pillowcases that I am making for my daughter....I also bought more yarn for a second afghan for them...his and hers :)...

    dtr stops by to return the car and dh takes her to the train back to school

    spent some time watching dh and the cats sleep through the masters while I embroidered...

    took a long soak in the tub, currently sipping wine and watching tv...bed soon
  11. fascination

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  12. fascination

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    mon...teach step at 8 am...home to heaven knows what...think I wen to the bank and tanned b/c I ave had enough of the Winter...then road trip to lessons...home tired and to bed promptly
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    tues...sigh...where to begin?

    wake at 8
    teach stretch at 9:15
    teach y get moving at 10:30
    teach senior strength at 11
    write check for cookie dough fundraiser
    pick up pizzas from another fundraiser...why do these fundraisers always involve crap?
    dink around with decorator contract for daughter's wedding...check goes out more thing off the list
    navigate stressful moment over god-daughter's student loan which she is late on paying which gets punted to us when that happens because we co-signed...annoying because it is due to a battle between her divorcing parents....this leads to temporary stress btwn dh and I....
    recieve notice that another engaged couple is ready to be seen at job 2
    turn in time sheet, feed animals...ooops...feed cats, still need to feed dog...brief nap because the day has been rough
    teach core, yoga and pilates fusion at 4, dink around for an hour, teach spin at 6 where two young ladies proceed to ignore me the entire time and nearly break their necks in 5 different ways because of it.....
    home to apology from dh, which I try to recieve graciously...currently fighting cat for possession of my laptop...
    looking forward to watching the little indulgence, they are cool people...and there will be skinny margaritas
    but got picture (see above) of my baby and still savoring lesson afterglow...things could be worse
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    THURSDAY--Grade essays.
    Extra faculty meeting to discuss possible Faculty Handbook changes. If you are a big fan of Robert's Rules of Order, this would be your idea of good times. Regrettably, not one of my fetishes.
    Drive to Towson.
    2--Double Nik lesson!
    Horrendous traffic on the way home. A drive that is typically 45-60 minutes takes 100 minutes, and might have taken even longer except I eventually bailed out and went a backroad route. Barely on time for...
    6--Spray tanning. After that, obviously in for the night since the spray tanning stuff requires one to wear clothes that can get stained.

    Craptastic news: The hair and make-up person FORGOT that she said she would do my hair and make-up and did not put me on her schedule. She says she is sorry and will try to squeeze me in. So now I have to be prepared to do my own. And since the costume I have been wearing is dark pink and my new one is red, I can't wear the lipstick (for example) that goes with that dress. I really do not need one more thing to think about.

    Grade essays.

    9:10--ENG 1101 appts.
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL--More discussion of Rushdie's Midnight's Children.
    Lunch, prep.
    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Sarah Water's Tipping the Velvet.
    Did some needful work tasks.

    Home. Packed. Put Child's hair in a bun for tomorrow.
    4:30ish--Left for Philly. Stopped to get gas and buy make-up before leaving town. Obviously hit some traffic in B-more, but better than the totally not moving traffic of the day before.
    Arrived around 8.

    Did a classic CCM move. I decided to treat myself to valet parking. I went up to my room...and then got a phone call from the valet. "Did you leave us a key?" I guess that would help, huh? The Prius is one of those keyless cars--you just need to have a key fob--so I sometimes forget that piece is necessary. It seems like it just starts by magic when I push the button. The valet offered to send someone up to fetch the key, but I said I would come down.

    The hair and make-up person finally gets back to me at maybe 9:30 PM and she will fit me in the next day.
  15. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Relaxing AM. Write in diary some, watch some TV. I haven't watched this much CNN in years, and at the risk of sounding old...the quality has really gone downhill from the days of Bernard Shaw.

    12:15--Hair and make-up. Except not really, because she is running way behind. But eventually I get my turn.
    Back to my room...and...oh for goodness sake. Let's just say I'm glad I have some tampons with me.

    Get ready for comp.

    Get down to the ballroom and surprise! They are ahead of schedule by quite a bit.

    Single dances sooner than I expected. They felt okay but my teacher said I was rushing the music.
    Championship and scholarship rounds go better, in his view.
    Placements were not good. My expectations had not been super high as I am dancing the open scholarship and the top people in my event were quite good, but I finished behind someone I should have been able to beat.
    Passing temptation is to go mope in my room, but I realize that is ridiculous and that I am old enough to know how to lose graciously. So I eat a pb sandwich quickly and then get back down to the ballroom for the evening session.

    Had a good time. Was able to do a married couple a good turn. (There were very few general admission seats, and I nabbed one. The wife of this couple nabbed the last available seat next to me. I said I would go try to upgrade my seat and that if I succeeded, the husband could have my seat. I succeeded).

    Btw, Fascination: do you realize we are only like "two degrees of separation" now? I'll PM you if you don't know what I'm talking about.
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  16. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Had a bagel for breakfast. I very rarely have stuff like this, so a real treat.
    Walked around Philly some.
    Had lunch in the restaurant, a cobb salad. Very pretty presentation in a long thin boat rather than a traditional round bowl.
    Read and graded.
    Dance workshops! With Colin James, Beata, and Bryan Watson!
    It took forever to get my car out of the parking lot after the workshops, but that's okay.
    Drove back to MD, arriving home around 10.
  17. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 appts.
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL. More Rushdie.
    11:20--Meeting with student about her last paper.
    Meeting with student about registration.
    Try to straighten out registration problems of two students with regard to ASL III scheduling.

    Go get lunchbox which I accidentally left in the car.

    Student already waiting for me. I am little Ms. Popularity today, huh? I tell her I need 10 mins to eat, then we meet.

    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Sarah Waters.

    2, 2:20, 2:40, 3--ENG 1101 appts.

    3:30--Meet w/junior colleague to review a class of hers which I observed.
    4--Meet w/colleague to discuss summer advising issues.

    Home. First night of Passover.

    Upload photos from the weekend.
    Watch DWTS with Child.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I have a very clear inkling :), but we are more separated than you are probably aware, nonetheless...and I will pm you on that at some point in the future ....chin up on the aggravating result....
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  19. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Fascination!

    AM--Stare at closet trying to come up with solution to "What to wear?" that encompasses a day where the temperature will go from the 60s to the 20s. Finally decide there is no great solution to this other than the obvious point to have layers.

    9, 9:20...10:40--ENG 1101 appts.
    In between, get ready for big 11:30 meeting, which requires reading some documents.

    11:30-1--Academic Planning Committee. We get a lot done. Hooray.

    Grade some stuff.

    Home early, around 3. Often I have my lesson on Tuesday, but we never made a plan and I wasn't eager to sign myself up for this day because the weather is just awful and the beltway would be a mess.

    Read, then read and snuggle with Child.
    Wind up having a total laughfest reading old family journals. We find many things from our past hilarious. I will tell you about a couple of them, while recognizing that this might be one of those "You had to be there" situations. One day, after a whole list of favorites, then 8-year-old Child wrote that her least favorite was "Dad smells like stinky armpits." Of course we had to share that with him. He had recently come back from spin class and said "If you think my armpits smelled then, you should smell them now!"
    I also had written something like "Child and I made up our own version of Monopoly, only it was a social welfare version and the rent on every property was $10 no matter what the purchase price." I laughed so hard at that that it looked like the dog was considering biting me. (I don't think my laugh even sounds like laughter when I am laughing that hard.)
  20. Purr

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    Keep your chin up.

    I saw your picture on FB, and I like your new dress.

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