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    crashed and burned today...slept poorly so, after teaching step, instead of staying for spin and/or going to hot yoga in the afternoon, I took a nap, cleaned the house and prepped for easter ...also took a very difficult grief call from one of my hardest families from when I worked for hospice (5 year old luekemia pt)...they have suffered another sudden and out of the ordinary loss (the dad died in a sudden industrial accident) is going to be a very difficult road for them, watched a bunch of utube to prep for tomorrow's classes.....
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    That is so very sad. Why is it that some families seem to get so much more than their share of heart breaking loss?
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    Let's see if I can remember back far enough:
    9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 appts.
    10:20--Postcolonial. Rushdie.
    Lunch break. (May have had to do stuff during this, but not remembering what.)
    12:40--Walk on the Wilde Side. Individual conferences with students on research projects while the class watched the movie version of "Maurice."
    1:45, 2:05--ENG 1101 appts.
    3--Picked up Child from school.
    Spent some quality time with Child.
    Worked out.

    11:30-1--Academic Planning Committee meeting.
    More grading.
    More quality time with Child.

    9, 9:20, 9:40--ENG 1101 appts.
    10:20--Postcolonial Literature. Lighter turnout than usual due to impending Easter holiday. (No days off from school, but students take it anyway.) Finish Rushdie.
    Lunch break.
    12:40--Walk on the Wilde Side. Individual conferences with students on research projects while the class watched the movie version of "Maurice."
    HUGE SURPRISE! A special person I haven't gotten to see in a long time was waiting for me outside class with a current student! Hugging and "Oh my gosh, how have you been?!?" and all that good stuff. The only thing that is a little problematic is that Nik is also coming to campus to teach me. (I think this is maybe the 3rd time we've done this, where he comes to me instead of vice versa, and obviously this is a pretty big treat for me since it saves me A LOT of driving.) So talk with the students for awhile, and they walk me to the gym...and very obviously check out Nik.
    Double Nik lesson. An analysis of what went wrong at the comp and how I need to do better. Some drills to work on.

    Home. Cleaning person is at our house until after 7 PM. I really wish she would get here earlier and leave earlier. She also hasn't been here in over a month. (It's supposed to be every 2 weeks.) She does a nice job and I know she has a lot of struggles, but the scheduling piece is really challenging. Even when she says she is coming, it is at best a 50-50 proposition. But the house does look nicer after she has been here!
    Get ready to go out of town.

    Early AM grocery shop.
    Out the door by 8:30 AM!
    11:30-on--Pre-Easter Family Get Together at my parents!!!
    Mom, Dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, one aunt, one uncle, two cousins, and us = 12 people.
    My nephew is 5 months and I bought him a cute little Easter bunny suit (even though he is being brought up Jewish) because it was so cute.
    Child had lots of fun playing with her baby cousin.
    Very, very fun family day!

    One bad thing: my Mom had been taking care of baby cousin down in Maryland on Thursday-Friday. She was trying to give my sister and her husband a break. Baby nephew had a rough night, and when my Mom was up with him at 4 AM and went to push the on button on his bouncy chair, she missed and fell awkwardly and it looks like her wrist might be broken. It is SO swollen and bruised. But here is the outrageous thing: This happened Friday around 4 AM. Did my Mom go to the emergency room in Maryland? No. In New Jersey? No. Will she go today? No. She wants to spend time with family. How about going to an urgent care? No. My dad said "I tried"...but he also seems to think that if it is broken, you probably wouldn't want the urgent care setting it. (Why?! That's still a doctor!) Her plan is to go on Monday. OMG. If I could make her go against her will, I would. Her philosophy seemed to be "Yeah, it's probably broken, and it hurts a lot, but it won't be any more broken by Monday." She did have to take some Advil and go lie down for awhile. Yeah, because your wrist is purple and looks like an eggplant! Too stoical for her own good. [End of rant.]

    8:30--Out of the house!
    10:30--Brunch with friends in NYC! 8 at table--me, Husband, Child, my BFF, my Husband's junior year roommate who is also one of my BFFs and his daughter, two alumni of my college. Fantastic fun. Looked forward to this all week!
    1--"All About Ann" at Tribeca Film Festival!!! This was great. It has been purchased by HBO and is going to debut soon--I think they said April 28th--and I recommend it. Chat with the directors aftewards.
    Back to MD. Traffic surprisingly not that bad.
  5. 3wishes

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    DH felt incredibly good after a morning nap from his A-Fib meds.
    He motored around the house, drove the car (first time since early March), did errands, etc etc.
    And snored. Sometimes during his sleep.
    ok, this is music to my ears, seriously.
    We're thinkin, his heart may be back in perfect rhythm and not doing the thoroughbred race track beat. Fingers crossed.
    Watched Game of Thrones (total addict).
    Answered text msgs with BIL.
    Stuck by DH side 95% of the time yesterday, waiting for the other shoe to drop...and it didn't! YEA!
  6. fascination

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    last thursday...taught a full day of the same old stuff...6 classes, but three of them were only half an hour.....probably tended to some easter prep ....son was home so he and dh talked about law school and I listened...oh, and break tooth....lovely

    friday I taught in the morning, made tacos for son, he wasn't feeling the whole good Friday thing at all, staff meeting in the evening....dtr comes home with dh....everyone now home for easter a big open houre at the other instructor described it as a "cluster"....I will leave it at that....home around one...and sleep...I have been so tired lately...the guys are golfing and dtr is doing homework anyhow...not much of consequence other than doing some pre-holiday cooking

    sunday; up at 6 am to continue cooking...spend the next 6 hours in the kitchen....kisd hunt for baskets and family falls asleepafter dinner, dh and nephew go out in woods to play indian....dtr say insensitive thing to me which causes an significant amount of hurt...we play cards anyhow with son and sister in-law...since the others are outside or sleeping....then son goes and joins wakes and is ready to leave...okay...boys come back....loaded with ticks....more drama...nephew is convinced that he is going to die....

    there have been more heartwarming holidays :) daughter back to Northwestern....spend literally the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the dentist chair...suffice it to say that I have had better bed by 8
  7. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Take DH to work.
    Praise the Lord we didn't get up at 4 a.m. again.
    Meet with contractor who is walking on the roof.
    Q&A with employees.
    Resist the urge to mom-smack our DS after his way with words with me. ARGGHHHHH, resist resist resist.
    Entertain the thought of a 6 month lease in Hawaii next year, when DH is healthy and completely retired
    from everything.
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  8. ChaChaMama

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    @3wishes--Wow! That sounds like a great kick off to retirement!

    @fascination--Yeah, I can see how that would be less than the #1 holiday weekend of your lifetime. I hope your tooth is feeling better now. I have put in some serious mileage in the dentist chair, so I feel you on the tooth situation. I'm sure your daughter regrets hurting your feelings. This parenting thing is challenging sometimes!
  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thx ccm...dtr did apologize...but we are at about 4 incidents in the past 4 months so I need something a bit more substantial than an apology...getting the feeling that this whole wedding thing is a bit like a very precarious high beam event...

    the tooth thing is always bad...I handle nerve pain as poorly as I handle other pain well...

    the holiday is not a surprise, just depleting combined with other things....but thank you
  10. ChaChaMama

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    I actually said to my BFF once that really bad tooth pain is a major argument against gun possession. In my opinion, it can be as bad as the pain of childbirth...but unlike childbirth, which is limited in duration, tooth pain can go on and on. It is the worst. My upper wisdom teeth were impacted and got infected before I got them extracted and the pain was absolutely excruciating until the antibiotic kicked in. Ugh. Stupid vestigial body features.
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  11. ChaChaMama

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    9, 9:30--ENG 1101 full draft appointments. First person just e-mails me her draft, which is only 4 pages (instead of 8-10). Second paper is not at all where it needs to be content-wise and is only 6 pages. So I'm writing a lot of comments.
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL. Start Monica Ali's Brick Lane.
    Lunch break. Knock an item or two off the to-do list.
    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. They watch the end of "Maurice," then start "Tipping the Velvet," while I individually conference with people about their research projects. Interlibrary loan is going to be wondering why there is this huge rush on books about Christopher Isherwood and Sarah Waters.
    2, 2:30, 3--ENG 1101 paper conference. First one not good, second one the best of the day, third person no shows.
    Home. Get Child ready for dance. Drive her to the studio...and realize dance is still on "Easter break" as we are the only ones there. Whoops.
    Home again. Argument with Child who needs to finish her science fair project write-up before we can watch "Dancing with the Stars." Apparently this is quite an unreasonable thing for us, her parents, to demand, and we have to realize she always gets her work done on time and that she is a tween now, etc. Unnecessary drama.

    9, 9:30--ENG 1101 full draft conferences. One needs a lot of work but at least represents a serious effort, and the other is in GREAT shape and I could probably already give it an A- or B+.
    10--First year team meeting.
    11:30--Meeting with the head of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. I walk her through the course proposal process.
    Leave for Towson.
    2:30--Double Nik lesson. Drill heavy.
    Awful drive home. I think there was a horrible accident. When I finally passed the choke point, there was a smear on the pavement that I hope was not a person's blood.
    Very quick turn around.
    6-7:30--Hip-hop rehearsal. This is nuts, but we are going to do that number IN COMPETITION at the kids' next competition!
    Home. Watched the rest of DWTS.
    End of Passover! Had some leavened foods.
    Planned my birthday.
  12. 3wishes

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    Meet with exit strategy lawyer.
    He is keen on tax shelters since we are not a sub-chapter S company. LOVED the meeting and both of us are quite relieved. Run into some people who recognize me from City service...ok...THAT was weird. oh yeah, we're at Ontario Airport (owned by LA City) wonder.
    Go to Lucille's for lunch, new location near our home, fabulous - I love their Tri-Tip lunch plate.
    Home, deal with questions from escrow, questions from SBA, questions from Bank.
    Watch some of the movies I taped as DH is still not allowed to exercise, on meds, and waiting for procedure.
    Talk with step-dad, who learns he has two murmurs and a leaky heart valve.
    I decide my higher power does not like my balance of ying and yang and must be awful at the rebalancing stuff because both men have heart problems at the same time. really?! sighhhhhhhhh.
    Pray anyways.
    DD informs us that our 3 Texas GKs have now traded in their DSI's for I-Pods and suddenly we are getting text msgs from all three within minutes. WOW.
    Time flies.
    Other GK who lives here - calls, askes to return to dance lessons.....hmmmmmmm.
    I start cruising through long term leases in the islands and a ballroom sister (travel agent) suggests a cruise and stay later pkg...gotta see what those are about.
    Note to self: the freedom of choice is clearly on display with he giggles.
  13. Larinda McRaven

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    Inside another studio to coach. This one is hugely busy and at one time I counted 19 privates/practices going on simultaneously. It was invigorating. After work there were several of us that went out WCS dancing for the night.
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  14. fascination

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    tues...teach three classes...home to household stuff and planning evening classes....teach evening into an acquaintance who recently lost his mom...spend a lot of time listening...I don't consider that meeting a coincidence....tooth still hurts so have some motrin and wine and cuddle time
  15. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Contact with ex-pro (still good friend), asked about DH's health. Then slammed me, with....
    "You should know your close friend-ballroom sister is dealing with stage 4 ovarian cancer"...)-:
    I am so grateful he contacted me, shared with DH who loves this person - we are both stunned to say the least.
    I go walk 4 miles at park - thinking, praying, taking a deep breath and getting centered again.
    Take DH for a ride.
    visit with neighbors, start noticing garden artichokes that are huge!
    Pack for overnight up north, the drive will do us both good.
    Discuss with DH his procedure that will happen next Thursday, and he brings up the "if this goes sideways" conversation..."this is what I want you to do".
    Catch up on e-mails, read, rest.
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sorry to hear all of this 3w...that is some heavy stuff
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wed...teach step, and go to spin class as 8...theological chat with a friend....for the life of me I cannot remember what else...subbed cardio kick in the evening

    today (as I will not be long for it)
    fit for life at 8
    stretch at 9
    Y get moving at 10
    senior strength at 11
    lunch and nap
    pet care
    pilates core and yoga at 4
    toning at 5
    kickbox and running the track at 6 immanent
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wake around 7...soak in jacuzzi...electricity goes out in bathroom...breakfast...teach spin and Y get to kohls, have forgotten electrician eat lunch....driveback to kohl's....wait for it--------have forgotten purse AGAIN.....wait for electrician...fortunately only minor back to kohl's and manage to take my stuff for various showers, birthdays, communions, etc....clean house, begin monumental task of raking the leaves for the first time this have no idea....currently sipping pinot grigio and hoping more motrin will not be neccessary for the tooth....
  19. ChaChaMama

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    9, 9:30--ENG 1101 appointments. Today's students are MUCH better prepared. Hooray.
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Begin discussing Monica Ali's Brick Lane.
    Lunch and grade some short pieces.
    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. Watch "Tipping the Velvet."
    1:45, 2:15--Two more good ENG 1101 appointments.
    3--Pick up Child.
    4--Leave with Child for dance.
    4:30-9--Leave with Child for dance.
    Child's Advanced SCAT test results are back. She scored high enough on the verbal section to qualify for CTY courses from 7-12 grade!!!! YAY boogie boogie!
    [Her quantitative scores fell short of the cutoff for math/science programs, but that is okay as I'm pretty sure she would have selected writing or humanities courses anyway.]

    I also put in 7 miles on the treadmill.

    Supposed to be my sleep-in day, but no rest for the weary in April.
    8:30, 9...and 11:10--ENG 1101 appointments. Half hour appointments means I have to do some of them on Thursday.
    Did a little exam review preparation in between.

    11:30--Academic Planning Committee, at which we discuss the math department's external review, among other things.

    Short reading break.

    1:45-2--Pick up Child early from school.

    2:40-4:10--Talk by Holocaust survivor Rubin Sztajer. I thought it was important for Child to attend this. By the time she is in college, she may not have the opportunity to hear someone bear witness.

    Back to office to do some work that I didn't get to do earlier because I had to pick up Child early from school.

    5--Arrive late for unveiling of college's literary journal. We walk in right as a student who is one of my classes is starting a reading of her poem "Why I am not a vegetarian," which is particularly hilarious since Child is a vegetarian and an increasingly militant one.
  20. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    9:10--ENG 1101. Peer review of essays.
    10:20--POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE. Brick Lane discussion.
    Grading over lunch break.
    12:40--WALK ON THE WILDE SIDE. "Tipping the Velvet."
    More work on exam prep.
    Home just before it started to pour.

    8-9--Parent hip-hop number rehearsal.

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