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  1. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Friday-Sunday--25th College Reunion!!!

    Sunday--Fly home for Child's dance photos in costumes and dance banquet.

    Monday--Husband flies to Phoenix early in the AM. ENG placement exam day. Read over 80 exams. I got very sick of certain errors, up to and including:
    "could of" (instead of could have)
    "Asian decent" instead of "Asian descent"

    Grocery store, picked up Child at school, took her to dance, home for an hour, parent hip-hop rehearsal, collapsed.

    Tuesday--First year team meeting.
    Lessons with Nik!
    Pick up Child.
    Parent hip-hop rehearsal, Child's dance class.

    Wednesday--Finally a relax and recover day...and a good thing, as the dog woke me up multiple times in the night.
    Read. I've started reading a new book, Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow. It came highly recommended by a friend.
    8 miles on treadmill.
    Picked up Child.
    Took her to dance.
    Read. Talked to my sister on the phone.
  2. SwayWithMe

    SwayWithMe Well-Known Member

    8 Drop DS and DD1 at school
    8:15 Drop DD2 at her school
    9 fitness class. Still love it!
    Home, shower, housework
    11:40 pickup weeping DD2 from school. Last day of 3rd grade, this year's and last year's wonderful teachers are moving to different schools next year, so she's bereft.
    Home, lunch, DD2 "not hungry" so we take it with us to the studio
    1 practice w partner
    2 coaching w partner
    3:30 pickup DS and DD1 from school. They are very hot and thirsty after PE out in 90 degree weather. DD2 still "not hungry"
    4-6 Kids class at the studio
    Write notes from coaching, attend to various emails and stuff. Comfort DD2 who comes out of class weeping about school teachers again. I'm tired and don't make it to the practice room, which is just pathetic.
    Home, make dinner. Sad DD2 still "not hungry"
    8:30 DD2's "lights out" time. Oh, wait! She's hungry... LOL
    Currently enjoying summer evening sounds through open windows, including quite nice music from next door neighbour who is out in his hammock playing guitar. Mmmm. :)
  3. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    teach a fitness class, breakfast, teach another, to the city and park in neighborhood where we used to live, walk to the dentist to have crown put on...should be simple and pain free...isn' home and take motrin....neck arm and back begins to hurt from power pump on tuesday...apply more motrin...spend evening chatting with son about about his latest extended dream and how also taking a few concrete steps to be employed in the near future would be a better place for him to direct his energies....make sure that I send him out on an errand so that I can prepare dh for that and get a drink in him before son returns.....son is at the end of his second week of being here due to a complicated car repair...we are beginning to miss our empty nest much as we love him....but we can also see that because he is single and in transition, he has really needed this time with us....parenting never fact, it becomes even more critical
  4. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    UGH, where have I been? allow me to mush this together.
    Variety of appts with Dear Husband preparing for second CardioConversion attempt. Joined two AFib groups on-line, educated ourselves, learning to live with it and adjust. Stopped the What-If' sense in going there anymore. Planned with Brother-In-Law his move to Emmett Idaho (YIPPEEEE a free place for me to stay just 2 hours from ski resort). Husband gives brother rasing...about being a sput or "ho-ho" as he will now be called. We discover husband's roots, seriously in Quebec Canada and there is evidence! Now planning future trip to Koumaski? Canada where his "first" north American ancestor settled in 1637. We discuss to Loire France where this person came from....exciting thoughts are discussed. Lessons with pro, having to remember patterns, change patterns, is a challenge while doing other things. Grandson askes to return to studio...gotta plan that one. Grandson also informs "papa" that he has read the entire Whimpy Kid series and now wants to read Judy Moody. Yep, he's a reader and a Lego builder at this point. I check out some new recipes and such. Go through closets yet again, ok, does this stuff creep into the house. Thanks to VA donation pick up,,,just cannot deal with Yard Sales at this stage in life. Out to dinner with DS's future in-laws at Hillstone Santa Monica. LOVELY evening, lots of laughter. Make plans to fly back home from Austin after driving daughters car from here to there. Go through ALOT of surprise dental work due to sharp sensation in upper jaw. AND I AM STILL feeling all kinds of referred pain. SOOO not fun. Set out things for day trip to hospital with DH. Maybe I can get a glimpse of California Chrome working out at Santa Anita from DH's hospital room...ahhhhhh thoughts and more thoughts.
  5. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    taught cycling.....pretty much spent the rest of the day trying to medicate/nurse a fairly incapacitating pinched nerve in my back/neck/radiating down my left arm...and I am left handed...but the good news is that son's car is finally, after he golfs with dh tomo we may have the house back to ourselves until...dtr comes home monday for a few days...note to self; savor miss them all of the time....just hard right now b/c I am hurting and have lots to do and have other health issues going on as well that probably need to be looked into...will spare you all of those details....just hoping to be functional enough for lessons on sunday...will happily endure any misery until then if I can have that...
  6. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    teach a fitness class with horrible cramps and the pinched nerve in my to chicago...go through the various nightmares associated with trying to park in the gold coast on a beautiful saturday ....visit 4th bridal shop....put deposit down on "the dress".....she looks beautiful in is an oscar de la renta ballgown...celebratory dinner with home...exhausted...bed early b/c I have to leave for lessons around 630 am tomo...son has left to go back to bloomington...I missed hugging him goodbye and I hate that...but it will be nice to have one day alone with dh before dtr comes home for a few days....why is summer always so crazy?
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  7. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Early to Methodist Hospital Arcadia. Doctor checks in, everything is snap snap snap, very efficient. more than other places we've been.
    DH admits to Electro-Physicist Cardiologist he's nervous. really nervous. They talk.
    He gets wheeled away, kids call wishing him well.
    Doctor comes in some time later, with a Thumbs UP. DH converted to normal sinus heart rhythm on the first shock. However, this was done differently than last time. I'm so relieved I jumped up and HUGGED HIM - thank you can't say enough. Doctor laughed, replied "your welcome but I had no doubt about this at all, ever". WHEW.
    Discharged - new instructions - a different medication - follow up appt made.
    We go home, very happy, very relieved - this has been a long 90 days. LONG is an understatement.
    Neighbors, friends and family - tons of calls, texts, good thoughts received.
    Finish packing for road trip to Austin, YES if your wondering - he's perfectly ok for this road trip.
    DD calls - informs us GS#1 is not only on all-stars but he's doing great and there's a chance if the team wins we can see his game in Smithville on Monday evening.
    We are very pleased and excited.
    Head over to studio to drop some things off with Pro, he gives huge hug, he's expressively happy about the success of the procedure for us. All is good.
    Early to bed - emotionally's a good time to fall asleep early. Gotta hit the road, and I'm driving the first segment. Savor this victory and make sure he puts lotion on those marvelous paddle burns on his chest and back while I'm driving. YIPEEEE.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    that is GREAT to hear 3w
  9. Cal

    Cal Well-Known Member

    Hope that everything remains positive 3wishes.
  10. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    thank you and thank you and thank you to the private PM's and msgs (yes, you lurkers how there, I got you msg(s) as well through the grapevine) tee hee.
    Up at normal morning time, rummage through house, DH eats breakfast and proceeds to be a "normal" person now.
    I drive to Tucson, he takes over to Deming New Mexico.
    Conversations vary, he expresses his relief, joy and utter amazement that electricity can fix this...and starts laughing.
    YEP, tazing can be a good thing at times, I agree.
    It's a quick drive this time with good weather.
    DD keeps us informed about the All Star game GS#1 is involved in. They win! That means we get to see the next game for the winners bracket Monday night in Smithville Texas. Won't GS be surprised - the kids don't know we are on our way.
    Temps hit 104 in places - yet it's a, darn it, DRY heat. hahahaha.
    We watch the King's Ice Hockey go into OT 2x. And rejoice at the winning goal.
    It's a good night to end a great day. Rejoice in the small things and let the other things go....just be,,,in the moment, in the hour, in the day. Just be.
    I finish Jennifer's Way - her journey through Celiac disease, which resonates with me and DH as our family members have this and our methods of cooking have completely changed. We laughed at her paragraphs, cried at others, and decided to buy more copies of this book for DH's sister and her family.
    Nighty Night
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  11. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    again, just delightedfor you, 3w lucky fortunate...great dance life, great personal life......neck pain almost
  12. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Arrive at DD's house. The kids all have BIG EYES,,like,,,are our grandparents REALLY HERE? or is this a joke.
    They run to us barefoot in the middle of a huge storm, and the "I'll never let go of you hugs" begin.
    They can't talk fast enough, each trying to out-do the other.
    Get asked if I'm going to cook...for them...and annoy mommy since they like my cooking better (snicker, tee hee).
    Get asked about baseball.
    The grandkids make sure we see their gifts for us and of course I have a new RED "NANA LOVES BASEBALL" hat.
    The dogs go wild, the kids jump on grandpa - and demand to see his new sunburns on his chest and back.
    He immediately tackles all three and they love it.
    My teeth are killing me from the dental work last week but there's nothing I can do about it for at least a week.
    The girls take all the hair bows I brought from home and are deciding who gets what...and then OF COURSE,
    they try to put the bows in the dogs hair...Needless to say, the dogs are having none of it. is good.
    Practice for Desert Classic can wait.
  13. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    mixed bag today...taught three classes and that felt great...also have two interesting work opportunities, one on the near horizon in terms of adding wellness coaching to my duties at work along with instructor training...and the other being a chance to finally publish an infant loss book after the is a manuscript that I have worked on off and on over two decades...frustrating part of the day has been having dtr home now and having to run all sorts of errands with her....I love having her here but I also had son for 2 weeks and consequently I haven't been able to get anything done for the better part of three kids are more important, but I am wearing down...and dtr ran dh's car battery down tonight causing a long night in a wet parking lot with jumper cables and then triple A
  14. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    - Coffee, breakfast, FB, DF, etc.
    - Shop online for materials for new dress, send a couple inquiry e-mails about this
    - Pull out serger, swear while troubleshooting, then construct under-ruffle for current dress to make the skirt fuller
    - Lunch
    - Add stones to current dress. (Thankfully, cat does not like "helping" with this, so I get to do it solo... unlike cutting fabric.)
    - Snack, then to studio to practice for a few hours
    - Dinner, shower, tv, bed

    Today will also feature alterations to my current dress (attaching under-ruffle, minor float modification and a strap repair) and practice.
  15. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    today/wed...teach pilates, core yoga...go back home and catch up on some sleep...luch with a friend....long soak in jacuzzi...FINALLY have house to mysself and take small stepstoward being productive and organized once again
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    thurs....teach blast, teach PYC....walgreens doesn't have stamps...drat...cvs does...yay...tan....home to feed all animals and get quick nap before returning to work to sub for co-worker...power to schererville for hot yoga...home soaking wet....applying wine
  17. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    spin cancelled...yay...sore....very sore...mailed father's day card, went to the bank, practiced and cleaned the house...tired at the end of the week as always
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sat...sleep in....breakfast....lessons....very fruitful .....home to practice and time w/ dh and dtr....also spoke with a buddy at long last....bed very soon....learned a lot about myself today...and about denying pain that is still there...and about being okay with being vulnerable
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  19. stash

    stash Well-Known Member

    Stood in my beautiful cousin's bridal party as she married the love of her life. Very excited to bring her new hubby into our family, and so very happy for her! Best weekend ever!
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  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    since I anticipate nothing more than watching some mindless tv, taking out the trash and maybe snuggling with dh, I will do today now....healthy brekkies.....5k jog with dh....he dusted me....I HATE running but I hung in was father's day so I told him I LET him win :)...took dtr to meijer for "stuff" that she needs for her new apartment for summer/senior year....accepted a request to be confirmation sponsor to my cousin's sweet....cook good food for dh

    edit....given all of those typos, I should have had wine and created an excuse
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