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  1. ChaChaMama

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    NURDSRMS--Oooh, what are you getting? (I've only had two new cars in my entire life, both from existing dealer stock, so this idea of ordering a car to be built sounds exotic and exciting!) And what cool places did you get to go in 16,000 miles of air travel?
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    Looks like I haven't updated since July 13th. I won't back up and do all those days, but I will do some highlights.

    July 18th--Child's final day of Model U.N. and Advanced Geography camp. Very cool Parents Day presentation: they did a formal debate on whether we should have a world government, and then we played a UN/Advanced Geography Jeopardy. Very pleased to see kids learning debate skills at 11 years old!

    July 19th--Relaxing weekend day. We were originally going to start our beach vacation today, but couldn't because Child has to go back to the orthopedist on Monday. Some pre-beach preparations. Worked out.

    July 20th--Another relaxing day, and much more pre-beach prep.

    July 21st--Worked out early. Went for dance lesson, but we must have gotten our signals crossed, b/c no teacher. I practiced instead. Child to orthopedist. I can barely handle being in that office, but we get through it. We were HOPING he would be able to give her a waterproof cast, but that's a no go because of the pin, apparently.
    Drove to beach to join family vacation.

    July 22-26--At beach with my Mom, Dad, sister, sister's husband (though he had to leave early--he is a police officer and had a court appearance), sister's 8 month old baby, Mom's sister (my aunt), and Mom's sister's husband (my uncle). Child not allowed to swim or get any sand in her cast, so we had to be quite cautious, but she still managed to have a good time.

    July 26 (actual yesterday!)--Drove home from beach, reading Joseph Delaney's The Fury of the Seventh Son.

    Husband's asthma could be better. I've been nagging him for about a month now to to go to the doctor as I think his current asthma management plan is no longer working as well as it could. I think he may finally be ready to follow through, which would make me happy.
  3. fascination

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    friday...teach spin...cannot remember what else except daughter came home and we got in a nice visit

    sat...teach two classes, drive to first lessons in a month... we are still getting used to one another it still feels new....but I am hoping that we will begin to get a better feel for one another; how he teaches, how I learn, and meshing those things together into some space that seems effective, natural, and pleasant for both of us is harder when the lessons aren't weekly...that being said, I feel safe and I feel like I am learning...and the open material that he is choreographing is already feeling very, I am, if I could just drop some of the stress, it would help a great deal....came home to house guests; our recently divorced friend and his daugther who is home briefly from serving in Food Corps in Hawaii....she is like a daughter to us and she will be in our daughter's wedding....we are just trying to establish a new normal without her mother who, for lack of a better term, simply went nuts after her own father's death and turning was the first time since the split in October, when it felt like things were going to be okay....a nice evening in front of the chimnea

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    I ordered a 2015 corvette. Chevy won't start building the 2015s until next month and they don't build cars with all the features every week so to get what you want as soon as possible you need to order it. I found a broker online (I actually used him for my current car as well) who takes the specs for the car I want and finds a dealer somewhere in the country who has the earliest allocation for that particular car who will give me the biggest discount. Then he gives that dealer my contact info and we work out the details - the broker gets paid by the dealer. The trickiest issue with buying a car this way is whether you want to take delivery from the dealer (therefore requiring you to take a trip to wherever this dealer is) or if you want the car 'drop-shipped' to a dealer near you, which costs more. So, long story short, new 2015 corvette on order to be built in September. Very excited!

    For the 16,000 air miles, I went to Denmark (very interesting country), returned home for one night, then flew to DC for a few days, all work related. Needless to say, I don't want to see the inside of a plane for a while.

    Sounds like you had a great beach vacation. I'm jealous...
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    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Speaking of buying cars and Denmark, the sales tax for a car in Denmark is 180% !!! Wow.
  6. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    Very cool! We saw a Corvette the other day and thought it looked so cool.

    My dream car is one that I would have to pre-order. I would love to get a Tesla. I don't know if it will ever happen, but they are planning to come out with a somewhat more affordable model in 2017 which is tentatively named the Model 3. Right now, we have one new car (2013 Toyota Prius) and one old car (1997 Toyota Camry with 119K miles). We would love for the Camry to last until the new Tesla...but not sure that's realistic. Do cars ever make it 20 years? I wouldn't say no to a Model S either, but that's a lot of coin to drop on a car! Our Prius cost about 25K. Our Camry was already owned by someone in the family and I think we paid very little for it, maybe 5K-8K. (It was a long time ago.) A Tesla Model S seems like it would cost as much as I've paid for all the cars I've had in my lifetime, combined!

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    I've been reading up on Teslas as well. The concept wouldn't work yet for me, since there just aren't enough charging stations for long drives. But a very cool car.
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    sun...continued visit with dtr and god-daughter.....trip to a friend.s house who does landscaping to talk about the calamity that is my yard....various houshold tasks and a deep shopping...mindless tv...
  9. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    mon...teach pilates, core, and yoga...newly bereaved cousin, her children, and her mom come over....we make pizzas and I do wellness check in subtle ways well as inserting grief info here and there into the discourse...we also just do family stuff and love on each want to go to cabellas...not my thing, but hey, as good a place to bond as any...and we spend some time working through using the escalator alone and handling various other anxiety issues...I am so fortunate to be able to be with them through this...exhausted now...but in a deeply good way......
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    Sunday--First full day back tasks including:
    -Picking up dog at kennel.
    -Going through e-mail.

    Husband went to ExpressCare. They gave him a nebulizer treatment, and prescriptions for Prednisone and Augmentin.

    Worked out that night, but I think I got dehydrated because stomach started cramping really awfully. Cut workout short.

    Monday--Husband slept terribly due to asthma being out of control. We were up and talking at 4 AM. (We don't need to be up until 7 AM.) Yuck.

    Child's first day of dance camp.

    Husband followed up at his regular doctor. They liked the approach of ExpressCare, but thought it wasn't aggressive enough and gave him a Prednisone shot and a prescription for a more powerful dose of Prednisone, plus a home nebulizer.

    Went in to work in the afternoon. Prepared the syllabus for my FYS and did some filing, recycling, and shredding.
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    What color???

    NURDRMS Well-Known Member

    Laguna Blue

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  13. fascination

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    sleep past with a friend...teach care, lunch, watch some power pump dvds and upload some music...teach power pump, teach spin....home to some laundry and going to soak in the tub
  14. nikkitta

    nikkitta Well-Known Member

    ah, makes me miss my old blue Dodge Daytona...
  15. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    wed...teach with boss and a few cat litter and stuff...home to enter ceus onto my work transcript...practice my smooth routines, cook for dh, brush dog who is molting....continue to weed the jungle in the back yard....currently trying to talk self into a soak...because I probably have wood ticks and poison ivy on me
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    teach two mexican food....five hours of floating on a raft drinking margaritas....cook dh dinner, feed animals...anticipating an early bed time
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    Double dance lesson (knees are sore and tired), then multiple stops on the way home for shopping and such. Home....light dinner, nap, laundry, prepping kale for dehydrator, thawing, slicing and marinating salmon for same, finishing kale chips, steaming one head each of cauliflower and broccoli for work week lunches, taking kale out of dehydrator, and replacing with marinated salmon for jerky, cleaning kitchen, pet feeding and care, taking black soybeans off the stove and freezing for later soups......still waiting for jerky to be properly done. Long day ahead tomorrow......*sigh*
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    teach to chicago to have lunch at the French Market with dtr, her fiancee, and dh...they are a bit frazzled as their kitty has fleas (Lord, forgive me for enjoying this in some small measure)....dh and I advise but secretly enjoy watching them deal with being all grown up...afterwards, we drive to a Polish area of the town to pick up some frozen Polish food that dh wants to try....and we take "kids" back to dtr's apt...get home around 7, order pizza which I now regret...oink "gravity" which I think was the most over-rated banal movie that I have seen in a looooong time....cannot beleive George Clooney and Sandra Bullock could have both chosen so trite almost campy, how anyone could have found it to be profound or interesting I will never know...sound asleep immediately thereafter
  19. FancyFeet

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    Had the day off yesterday, but managed to stay quite busy.

    - Up fairly early, and drove downtown for monthly girl maintenance appt. Errands on the way home, then a pause at the house for lunch and a power nap.
    - To car repair place for an estimate (cheaper than I was thinking - hooray!), then to studio for practice. Empty studio means I can crank the music and dance plenty of QS and FT with worrying about killing anyone (hooray!). Once company arrived, I also put in some time on VW and W (otherwise known as the dances where I am not going backward for entire walls at great speed, so am a little more able to steer around obstacles).
    - Dash home for some dinner and to toss in a load of laundry, then back to studio for latin technique class. Great class last night, and am glad I went despite having already put in several hours of dancing.
    - Home again to tidy up a bit and start packing for vacation departure today. About 11, I crash and go to bed with to-do list uncompleted.

    (I was supposed to finish packing, etc. last night so I could squeeze in a practice this morning before leaving, but not sure that's going to happen.)
  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    doing today now as I am not anticipating anything momentous occurring beyond this point...

    8-11 work at the cardio desk doing wellness coaching, making sure everyone knows how to use the cybex equipment, doing body fat analysis etc...including my own which needs to drop at least 2% to be in a zone that I find acceptable, I would prefer that it dropped another 10%....pick up a protein smoothie....go home...whine, kvetch and moan 5k....hate most of lunch...out cold by 3:30 pm...wake at 4:30 couple's time:cool:...spend rest of day cleaning, practicing and loafing

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