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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by fascination, May 10, 2009.

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  2. fascination

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    thanks j trying very hard not to get sentimental about that
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    Great story about the 1st dress, Fascination.

    My Thursday:

    8:10--Wake up. Yum, a full night's sleep!
    Time on internet.

    9:30-10:30--Clean up in advance of cleaning person coming.

    10:45-1:30--AT WORK.
    Write about Virginia Woolf.
    Call Nik, he calls me back, then calls me again with more info, then I call him back, then he calls me back...the upshot of which is WE ARE GOING TO MILLENNIUM!!! :D Nik is awesome. I'm so lucky to have him.
    We also chat about other stuff, but eventually he has to go and I have to get back to work. I had really hoped to wrap up the chapter today, but conclusion still needs work. Maybe a couple other places too. Conclusions are my least favorite part of writing.

    1:45-2:45--Dance lesson with Lynne.
    Work mostly on rumba, with a little jive at the end.
    Focus is mostly on husband, though I get coached to check more on New Yorkers.

    3:10--Home. Yearbook is out! I check it out from start to finish. (It's a small school.) We bought a full page in the back and did a collage of child+friends photos, with the following text:

    "1 Cup Imagination
    1 Cup Fresh Air
    1 Cup Playthings
    3 Cups Friendships
    Bake for 180 days at Montessori School
    Yield: 1 Happy Childhood"

    4--Very early light dinner.

    4:30--Leave for Sykesville.

    5--Child has semi-private ballet lesson with another girl.
    I give $100 to another mom to buy me tickets for the recital, due to new annoying ticket selling system where you have to buy them in person on Saturday, when I will be at my reunion.

    5:30--Child normally has her ballet/tap/jazz class, but we have to miss it tonight because she has Closing Ceremony for school.

    6--Arrive at Closing Ceremony. It is being held at a local firehouse. Husband was supposed to get there early and get us seats but isn't there yet :mad: and the place is of course filling up. I grab seats, 4th row on the far end, not too bad. Take child to bathroom to get her changed from ballet outfit to red velvet dress she picked out to wear tonight. (I originally bought it for the children's showcase at Atlantic Ballroom, and she also wore it around the holidays.)

    6:40--Closing Ceremony starts.
    Primary (3-5 year olds) goes first.
    Then LOWER ELEMENTARY (6-8 year olds).
    They sing "37 Prepositions in Alphabetical Order." Each kid holds up a sign with one of the words. Awww!
    Then they sing their song about the space alien who likes counting 7s. Double awww!
    Each kid gets a pin to commemorate the year. (It's like scouts.)
    I video all this, husband takes stills. I'm going to try to get husband to put the video up on YouTube to share.

    During Upper Elementary's performance, child dances on sideline with boy from her class. They are absolutely adorable.

    Middle does a skit, then there are teacher and staff acknowledgements.
    In addition to people who are moving on voluntarily, at least three teachers are being let go due to the bad economy. These are much beloved figures, and the school gives them a standing ovation. One of them loses it and starts to cry. I start to cry too. (She is not only a teacher with something like 15 years experience, but the mom of a just graduated senior English major at the college where I teach, a kid I really like. She's also just a neat person.)

    Middle ends by leading a sing-a-long of "Thank You for Being a Friend." I cry more. Because I am a ridiculously sappy person. Husband leans over and says helpful things like "They're graduating, but they will be friends forever," to see if he can make me cry more. Jerk! ;)

    Snacks and play time.'s raining? Kids are undeterred. I talk with other parents, mostly other college prof sorts. Child winds up playing "Catch the Shrimp" with...wait, is everyone else playing this game an Upper Elementary BOY? Oy. Btw, oddly enough, the "shrimp" is not my child, who is definitely the shortest, but one of the boys.

    Child and one of the upper elementary boys start ringing this HUGE bell on the lawn. A firefighter comes over, and I ask "Are they not supposed to do this?" He says no, it's fine, that's what it is there for! He explains that it is a fire bell, from back before electronic technology, and that when you rang it, all the firefighters in town could hear it.

    8:30--Home. Put child to bed.

    9:30--She finally fall asleep.

    9:30-11--Spend time on computer.

    11--Throw a few things in suitcase, a few in laundry.

  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    yesterday...always seems so daunting...always feels so long ago

    awake at 6 surprised and annoyed b/c it is my day to sleep in and I am awake...oh well, okay...after everything I ate with the girlfriends the other day I might as well go to the gym...

    df-ed and went to the gym for a 9 o clock step and pump class...glad I did...always good to see what others are teaching and steal ideas

    tanning, then a massage which brings me to about noon

    home for df and lunch and the world's longest nap which I credit to the massage...slept from 12:30 to nearly 3

    spent some time watching the news then practiced some for the Joan of Arc CD that I am working on

    5pm drive dtr to last driver's ed class

    then promptly head in the other direction for a rehearsal for the "joan" CD at 7 and just barely get there in time.... practice runs from 7-9:30...I am home shortly after 10

    nice talk and snuggle time w/dh

    a bit too much reisling ........first time in a while that that has happened and I didn't like it

    tiny bit of df...and some nagging pm.s to a few of my engaged couples who are long overdue for a pre-marital session

    and out shortly after midnight which is way too late for me

    up this morning crabby and with a slight hangover...very annoyed with self
  5. soshedances

    soshedances Active Member

    Up late for work, overslept alarm (!!!)
    Rush around grabbing things for work and practice after
    Pack lunch in about 30 seconds and race out the door (still not late, yay!)
    Arrive at work...someone cleaned up office, looks nice!
    Work on paperwork for most of day...break for lunch and then more
    Discover that copy machine punches!
    Leave work and go to Target to pick up a few things and kill a few minutes before practice
    Quick dinner/quick change...forgot to bring other shoes (besides my latins) so now am wearing latin skirt + sneakers from work...I look silly
    Practice rumba for most of about hips and arms, then work on using hip weight to build connection, but it's all feeling more grounded.
    Head home
    DF for a few minutes, then crash
  6. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I understand.
  7. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    What a great day! And how cool that you're going to Milennium! You rock, as the kids say!

    and I thought I was the only nut who cleaned before the cleaning lady shows up...
  8. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member longer in budget due to dance habit
  9. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

  10. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    I'll give up food first. Cheerfully. And besides, Spouse pays her, pretty much the only part of the marital deal he actually kept.
  11. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    ouch... if you mean existing spouse
  12. njdancegirl

    njdancegirl Active Member

    Very cool, CCM!
  13. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    up 5ish
    feed cat, make coffee
    a teensy bit of practice; I'm at the stage where I'll check everywhere, even just reaching into the dishwasher
    run around packing boxes, suitcase, bookbag, etc. and then load van for trip to Ohio
    bank, post office
    home briefly to stretch before...
    lesson at 10: Teach insists on doing rhythm, and all I have to say about that is: sometimes, the wall comes crashing down and it just works. Am surprised that I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I feel something odd; what can it be? Oh, is it confidence? Is that what that feels like? Good heavens.
    Spouse is standing in the hallway staring at the back door when I arrive home from lesson; can we go now can we can we huh?
    finish packing, including making the last healthy food I'll get until we get home (organic brown rice, spinach, chk broth, and grilled chx, all homemade, mushed together in a takeout container and heated. Beats the pants off McDonalds)
    stop to pick up lunch for Spouse, then drive to Central Nowhere, PA, where it starts to rain and we call it a day
    df/browsing: trying to find a usable latin dress, just in case I do decide rhythm r us, but everything I see seems to be sleeveless or too big and I need arm coverage due to um, er, "wings"
    bed after a little reading; I miss the cat, who is currently in charge of the house and undoubtedly sleeping on all the darkest furniture and shedding...

  14. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Oh, my one and only. EVER.
  15. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member


    up 5ish
    coffee spouse
    tea from motel breakfast bar
    drive to eastern Ohio
    stop at fave cafe for breakfast
    back in the van; stop for gas (holy toledo, what's happened to gas prices in the last 2 weeks?)
    arrive at show in south-central Ohio, 11:45
    hurry up and wait; can't get in to set up until 2:30
    unload van, check into hotel, df (great wifi in this venue, and wall position setup, with a plug for laptop, yay)
    set up until around 6
    feed Spouse
    get salad/drink/drink again
    run into friends
    another drink; hardly ever drink this much, so why aren't I hammered?
    bed by 9:30
  16. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    up around 6...lay in bed and grumble for another hour
    df and plan a kickbox class
    teach kickbox at 9
    home by 11
    df lunch
    2pm-5:30...appetizers and drinks with a friend(hey, i think that brings me up to THREE friends now)...she's a ton of of the people who takes my fitness classes...old enough to be my mom and looks very mild-mannered but has seen and done it all...very enlightening for me
    get home and call nephew to congratulate him on graduating from kindergarten, my mother would have been all over that...
    df and deliberate about whether or not to go social dancing...decide against it b/c I am tired and dh can't go due to work...and is less fun without a sure thing for every dance...
    so I make dh dinner, watch a tiny bit of msnbc and df and fb a bit more
    chat with dh when he gets home
    asleep by 9:30or so
  17. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    <am jealous>

    <am insanely jealous; a sure thing for every dance... swoon...
  18. dancelvr

    dancelvr Well-Known Member

    Wow...I've enjoyed reading about everyone's days. They make mine seem...rather dull....but here goes for yesterday...

    Up at 9:30 (I work from 2 pm to midnight) Call into vet about one of my cats who is injured and has been in the hospital since tues. Dr. says he can come home today. Rush through feeding my other felines... make lunch to take to work... balance checkbook and pay some bills..water veggie garden which desperately needs it... squeeze in 30 mins on the treadmill... rush a shower... drive to the vets to pick up cat... drop off cat at home.. drive to work...stop at store to pick up olives for the evening's martinis....realized that I left my lunch at home on the counter...get to work...boss say go home and get lunch. (I have a nice boss) 10 home.....soak injured cat's leg and give medication...(have you ever tried to give a pill to a cat?)...feed inside cats.....finally time to sit and savor martini while listening to music...hit the sack and read for an hour or so....finally drop off to sleep (approx 3:30 AM)
  19. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    makes me miss my kitty :)
  20. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    gonna do today's stuff tonight b/c I want to sleep in tomorrow and think I might forget all of it;

    awake at 6:30 to plan zumba classes
    leave house at 8:30 to take a combo cardio kick and step class ...#$%^forgot my freaking dh frantically to bring me my shoes
    get to class and some crabby member tells me I can't work out in the back with her(I was back there to wait for my shoes) b/c apparently I "love to show off so" I "need to go to the front of the room"...grrrrr...wrong day to be crappy to me...back hurts, no shoes, sick of jealous people projecting negativity onto I promptly informed her that I usually workout up front b/c no one else wants to go up there, not to show off, and b/c eveytime I try to work out in the back someone like her gets crappy with this point she calls me blondie and tells me she doesn't want to hear it and I decide that I don't want to lose my job over an idiot.....inhale, exhale....reminds self of dance budget...dh shows up with my shoes and a kiss which helps but am still annoyed b/c this is the sort of person who will make sure to make my life miserable over the long haul and for twelve bucks an hour and a free membership, that really bites...amazing to me how people think they can treat you when they think you are just some mindless blonde twit who only works at a gym...I have not mentioned my other work b/c frankly, it shouldn't one should be treated that way regardless....grumble grumble(end rant)

    zumba went well...dtr showed up for it and the new stuff was fun

    got home, ate lunch (more crap from cardboard box)
    changed clothes, went tanning while dtr read Tolstoy...then hit the grocery w/ dtr...usually dh's job but he had to work...we bought all sorts of healthy stuff that will be appalling to him ;)

    practiced latin and rhythm (Ru and Cha)

    45 minute nap


    practiced swing and samba, FT and W

    Df, dishes

    dinner, water garden, transplant some stuff that is too crowded...give doggie some goodies from store

    wine and nice conversation w/dh outside by the chimnea... and attempt at third practice... tried to VW...ain't happening, feet really hurt


    sleep immanent

    edit..add....couldn't sleep...good lord, way to soon for pre-comp insomnia...sigh...dh makes me watch "Under the Tuscon Sun" via netflix to relax...."just for a few minutes" which, as he guessed, ended up being the whole movie and I like it well enough...

    finally to bed around one and not easily and up way too early...dang, it probably is pre-comp disorder....sigh

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