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    Should I Learn AT...

    That's a very good idea, but you asked for opinions of other people.
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    Should I Learn AT...

    Not snotty at all. I've been around tango dancers long enough to know that most good ones devoted themselves to learning AT as soon as they discovered it. The ones who where indecisive, who waited for their calendar to open up, who only took it up when they couldn't find anything else to do...
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    Should I Learn AT...

    No, you should not take up tango. If you can't do it on your own initiative and desire, you should not. If you need someone to give you reasons, you don't have enough drive. If you've been aware of AT for years but haven't been drawn to it yet, you don't have enough desire to struggle with...
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    Reason for not Dancing at a Milonga

    I think that's a great way for new or unknown followers to gain access to a community. Introduce yourself to other followers and talk with them. Leaders will see that you are friendly and it will be easy for them to get close to you to see who you are.
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    Ballroomization of argentine tango?

    I want to thank everyone for explaining the fundamentals to me. What a series of epiphanies for me! My dancing will forever be elevated.
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    Snotty Subculture

    I would say that a couple sitting apart from each other is an invitation, especially for the woman.
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    Ballroomization of argentine tango?

    At least they know that much.
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    New to the Forum! What tango song never seems to get our of your head? Why do you think that?

    In my dancing I find the best dances when I and my partner are able to go "over the edge", as I call it. I can only go there when she will go along with me. It's where the map stops and only shows illustrations of dragons.
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    Passion vs Desire

    Saw this distinction: "It's not about passion. Passion is something that we tend to overemphasize, that we certainly place too much importance on. Passion ebbs and flows. To me, it's about desire. If you have constant, unwavering desire to be a cook, then you'll be a great cook. If it's only...
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    Ballroomization of argentine tango?

    Isn't that how the dance starts? That's how the 8cb starts.
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    Music and Candencia

    I would say it is, at least it is to me.
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    Finding a teacher ... how much do pedigrees matter?

    When I began teaching "Milonguero" style in my community there were dancers who would argue with me about what it should be. They would examine videos that I had and try to stop the video and point out places where there appeared to be space between the dancers. I suggested to them that if they...
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    Tanda Etiquette

    I support this fully. If it was left to guys to keep a bad dancer off the floor, they would not do it very diplomatically. OTH, followers can be very gentle and sweet about it.
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    Snotty Subculture

    I think people have a common understanding of what a steep learning curve is, regardless of the math. However, if we decide the x axis is progress and the y axis is the amount that needs to be learned, maybe we don't need to discuss the discussion anymore.
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    Snotty Subculture

    If you wish to explain what a steep learning curve is, go right ahead.