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    Michael Stylianos

    The show was filmed at Dance Company on Beckenham High Street. I am unsure where they usually teach but I believe they are based in Surrey and at least used to have a studio there.
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    Most Memorable Latin Performances

    Of course, but so do British couples, for example.
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    Most Memorable Latin Performances

    It’s only an observation. I have nothing further to add, really. Although the performance of Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather at the World Congress in Blackpool in 2003 is probably one I’ll always remember.
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    exposing too much when dancing

    Totally off topic, but in all the years I’ve been a member of this forum, I have never until today realised what your avatar actually is / says!
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    When you should quit dancing? - Poll

    When you cannot answer how dancing benefits your life. That’s when I stopped. I just fell out of love with it.
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    Most Memorable Latin Performances

    Perhaps coincidental; there is an overwhelming majority of mentions going to couples representing USA on this thread.
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    wdsf and blackpool latin choreography

    Blackpool, UK and International are all fully WDC even though it doesn't say it in their title.
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    Anastasia and Brian Watson dancing Jive!

    Thank you! I'm much more of a reader these days, as I don't have an awful lot to contribute since I haven't attended any competitions at all in over a year now - but I'll post small bits and bobs as and where I can!
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    Anastasia and Brian Watson dancing Jive!

    Yes, this was from the cabaret / comedy sketches that the Team Match competitors perform at the Mayor's Reception on the Sunday night. Since 2013 the venue has moved from the Tower Ballroom to the Empress Ballroom with VIPs getting a seat at these tables, I guess to replicate the setup of how it...
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    Yulia & Riccardo

    Admittedly I've been out of the game for quite some time now (2.5 years approximately) but back then Paso was consistently their weakest dance, the one they always lost marks in and would often lose to other couples. I guess there is no longer the same level of competition now though, so of...
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    The affordability of ballroom dance (median income per capita)

    Wow. All of this is mindblowing. I was on $43K when I was still involved in dancing and every spare penny I had went on the travel and tickets to get to the competitions - just to watch! Never mind paying for lessons and dresses and the rest!!!!! I truly don't know how anybody affords it. I...
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    Rhythm and Smooth at Blackpool 2017

    They shouldn't need to add any days to the festival - there is so much empty space throughout the ten days as it is, and way too many really long breaks in between all the rounds. There is also plenty of time when the ballroom is closed to the public between the early morning qualifiers and the...
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    Tips for dancing at Blackpool?

    1) Change in the venue. Your event will be one of the ones with a smaller turnout, so the changing rooms shouldn't be massively overcrowded. There is also space to change upstairs if for some reason it does end up crowded on the ground floor. As DancingIrishman said, come competitors do get...
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    World Super Stars 2014

    kezukadance dot com is the official website of the organisers' studio and where all information is released first.
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    International Championships Royal Albert Hall Tickets For Sale!

    Hi all, I have three seats for this year's International Championships at the Royal Albert Hall (Thursday 8th October). The seats are in the Stalls, which is the section closest to the floor - this section is all sold out now to buy. I am asking for the face value price of the tickets, no mark...