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    how long does it take...

    From a guys perspective I would say 1-2 years. (It took me 1.5 years to get to a point that I probably would have called good when I started, 3 years to get to a point I definitely would have called good when I started) At this point your perception of good will have changed and your realize...
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    What exactly is a ten dance dancer?

    :uplaugh: This is too funny (and too true) ...
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    BR-folk-square and Andrea, Beth, Carol, Debbie

    I think this is an interesting point. I know at my studio there are more women than men at the socials. When a guys starts out you end up sitting out a fair amount of the dances since you don't know how to lead them. When you are sitting out you are pretty much the only guy, as the more...
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    Profressional Dancer Dreams Crushed

    "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Confucius
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    Anyone here take from two different instructors?

    I take lessons from a male and female instructor. My primary instructor is the female but I spend lessons with the male working on my lead. Both my instructors know I do this and my female instructor is thrilled I'm doing it, because as good as she is, the male instructor spends much more time...
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    upper body strength

    For general upper body conditioning be like the military guys: Push ups, pull ups (those are my two favorite upper body exercises). You may just want to do push ups if you can't do pull ups. Swimming is also great for your upper body (especially your back). Another thing I've found useful...
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    Why don't guys dance?

    I'll try to shift this back to why guys don't dance and answer your question. When I first started dancing I couldn't lead my way out of boot with instruction written underneath the heel. "Beginners Hell" is rough. If you are a guy and go with a girl, at the end of the night, teachers and...
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    Who is correct?

    I second this... But you should also ask your teacher questions, you'll learn a lot more. I think every good teacher I've known (not just dance) loves questions.
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    Why don't guys dance?

    I do both am/am and pro/am and I will definately say I've learned different things from both and have found them to compliment each other very nicely. I would agree with you Chris, as a lead it is all about the woman (and that is even true in pro/am, just takes a bit longer to realize it).
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    Improving partner dancing

    Welcome to DF, bonpon. I'll agree with 19DancerBabyLin, it's hard to tell without seeing you. Private lessons will give you a lot of information. Here are three things that commonly cause problems when I lead something. 1. Frame 2. I'm messing up my steps (this also means being...
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    Why don't guys dance?

    I'll play devil's advocate here :twisted: I'm a male, I'm a college student, and I dance pro/am. I like to dance competitively, I think more guys would be/are attracted to the sport aspect of dancesport (due to the way guys are hardwired and social stigmas). For this post I'm going to...
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    Would you prefer to partner someone better or worse than you?

    In an ideal world I would like to have a follow who is a little better than me so I am constantly pushing to catch up with her. I more important would be learning speeds, if the two are too mismatched one of the partners is going to leave the other in the dust. I've got to say I think the...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

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    Fiancée dancing tango

    I always though of ballroom tango as the fight before the makeup rumba. :D
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    high resolution dance photos?

    Decadance will sell digital files if you ask.