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    Where your parents like this?

    i think its funny how we all voted the same! lol
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    Zero Posts

    i think some member still read because on my other forums there are alot of members who have never posted before
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    email bloopers

    yeah lol last week i meant to send an email to one of my best friends its a chain we have and we talk about kissing guys and crushes and stuff and i accidently sent it to my Aunt instead lol i was so embarressed when she told me she read it!! hehe luckily there wasnt anything really bad in it...
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    Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant?

    i like Damons and Olive Garden , i also like The Wodden Nickle
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    Hey all you GUESTS check this out

    All the guest should join!! lol i just did! :D
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    Hi everyone i just wanted to introduce myself im Christina, 16 from Pittsburgh Pa USA :D Oh yeah i love to dance lol