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    Independence Day Ball for Bronze Dancer?

    Hey there - I'm the former organizer of IDB for many many years - so my response maybe a bit bias :) But the structure of the camp we created and Russ and Katusha are continuing is to enable dancers of all levels to benefit from the information that instructors of the highest level provide. I...
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    DC Dancesport Inferno 2016!

    Been trying to turn everyone away for last few years. I think it has finally wound down. Freedom, freedom at last :)
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    DC Dancesport Inferno 2016!

    free :)
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    Yulia & Riccardo

    watch some video's here:
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    Dance Legends 2016

    You can always go :) All you have to do is buy a ticket. :) :) :)
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    Dance Legends 2016

    They danced 5 They also danced 5 Thank you!
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    Less-than-satisfactory videography at competitions.

    Sadly, most video folks are not familiar with dance. For Dance Legends, we give our video people a 'mini training' on what dancers want and do not want to see in their videos
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    Slavik and Karina are back!

    "Zvezdiy Duet" and Dance Legends were the only two shows they did, as far as I know. We (Dance Legends) and Zvezdnyu Duet collaborated on getting them to dance :)
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    Boyko hair and makeup

    Boyko is the best. He does hair for most of the Dance Legends performers. Highly recommend!
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    WDC European Latin 2014

    looks familiar :)
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    How do judges call back correct # of couples from more than one heat

    Absolutely! Having to judge teaches you soooo much as a competitor. (At least it did teach me)
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    Calendar of all collegiate Dance Sport Events

    It's pretty comprehensive, I know Amanda keeps it pretty updated. It has NDCA, Collegiate and other comps separated into categories. I know quite a few places just pull the data from it. (since it'a s google calendar and all)
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    Philly Festival 2014

    Same weekend as Dance Legends...
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    cost of doing business

    Also, rate sometimes depends on "business type"
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    2014...what competitions are on your wish list?

    You should come to Dance Legends and see Michael & Joanna among many others :) :) :)