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    Difficult Routines

    I know my own reverse turn has much to be desired. Really leading a heal turn, instead of just praying the follow knows its coming is an art I'm still puzzling through.
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    Should I tell her?

    Personally, I probably would not say anything. If she ever wears something else that would be suitable instead you can compliment her on that, and possibly (tread lightly) the next time she wears the outfit you consider unflattering recall the outfit you prefer to her and suggest that she looks...
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    New to Dance (trying again)

    I agree, its very risky to invest in a huge package before you have had time to become sure you aren't going anywhere. Even knowing that I'm not going anywhere I prefer to buy my lessons 5 at a time. Fairly early in my dance career I had a studio go out of business shortly after I purchased a...
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    Personality test

    Easy Rider, Escape Artist, Junkie Monkey, Love Bug,
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    Emerald Ball

    I'll be there dancing smooth on Sunday.
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    PRO/AM schollarships and AM/AM status

    Hmm.. Maybe I'm being naive here, but I thought the point of calling it a scholarship, was that the student did not receive the cash, but instead the cash went to the instructor to pay for the student's future lessons.
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    Practising Standard or Smooth in Jeans

    I normally stick to jeans from L.L. Bean (about $20-$30). If I'm shelling out $100 I'm expecting to get some decent fitted slacks. When I first started I did wear slacks all the time. However as I ramped up practice time to the point where I was practicing everyday, trips to the dry cleaner...
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    Dictionary Game

    I: Impetus turn
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    Dictionary Game

    hmm... I for Inside turn. (I generally don't describe a turn as inside or outside... but I is tough ;P )
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    Practising Standard or Smooth in Jeans

    I don't know I'm baffled by the comments about how restrictive jeans are. I can't imagine ripping my jeans no matter how contorted I got... Perhaps I just wear much looser fitting jeans?
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    Practising Standard or Smooth in Jeans

    I practice in jeans frequently. I've never noticed that it restricted my movement, but I've heard people recommend against wearing jeans for that reason. For me its an issue of whats practical. wearing things that need to be either dry cleaned or hand washed more than a 3 or 4 times a week gets...
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    Ran out of petrol?

    Well, I've never run out of gas, but as someone who tends to procrastinate I can confirm that my car will continue for quite awhile after the indicator comes on. I beleive 24 miles is the most I ever pushed it because it came on just as I got home, and then I forgot I needed gas the next time I...
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    waltz step

    I've been calling the variation where leader and follower take turns promenade run.
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    Your Favorite Smooth/Standard Dance

    I agree entirely. I love standard foxtrot.
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    Difficulty with follower not changing weight on waltz progressive basic

    My experience has been that pushing off to the side followed by lowering seems to trigger a weight change in followers who otherwise fail to change weight. Anyway it seems to be working for me, ymmv :)