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    Dipping at Social Dances

    I come from a modern dance background, so I'm more than willing to take advantage of any opportunity to send my spine off-vertical. I've probably surprised some leaders by dipping farther than they intended me too; after one dip, I was asked how I knew that I wasn't going to be dropped. I'm...
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    Rhinestone Question....

    Being an organic chemist, I can't resist chiming in my own response. Yes, E6000 is a gel. It also contains an organic solvent, tetrachloroethylene, trapped within the gel matrix. Tetrachloroethylene is a cancer suspect agent (suspected of being carcinogenic); most chlorinated solvents are...
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    In my experience, the fastest and easiest way to get onto your standing foot is to put your foot under your weight/center of gravity. (Take a smaller or better-directed step; you *need* to be centered over your foot during the spiral.) If you're not turning enough before taking the next step...
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    Black Swarovski Rhinestones

    I agree with Me. I used to have a black mesh Latin dress with Jet rhinestones. I've also seen dresses stoned with Jet Hematite. Jet is a true black; hematite looks like graphite, has a silver-ish coating. Some people think Jet Hematite sparkles more than Jet. I think that they're about the...
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    What drives TRUE IMPROVEMENT in dance ability?

    I dance because it makes me happy. Insufficient dance leads to insufficient endorphins and elevated stress levels. :( I'm driven to improve my dancing because my dance instructors always seem to have plenty of suggestions for improving my dancing, and I've generally found that taking their...
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    How old were you when you started?

    21. Was never exposed to ballroom until I moved to the east coast for grad school.
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    Dance America Sizing

    I have a size S polyester/lycra DanceAmerica dress. I usually fall into the XS/S top, S/M bottom category. The dress fits fine, but I wouldn't want it to be any bigger. Might have preferred an XS if that had been an option. Unfortunately, I don't have any Espen, Santoria, or Chrisanne...
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    Latin Hands

    My Latin partner was having difficulty figuring out what to do with his arms a few months ago. I wrote him the following: Basic Principles of Dance Arms 1) All arm movement starts from your back. Consequence: In Latin in general and in rumba especially, we generally raise the arm on the same...
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    Overly Analyzing - Just Dance!

    Luca and Loraine gave a lecture on this topic while they were at MIT. What I took from the lecture was the idea that analysis is necessary to improve our technique during practice time or lessons, but we need to let go of our tendency to analyze/over-analyze while performing/dancing rounds. We...
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    2009 MIT Open

    Videos are posted at
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    2009 MIT Open

    I'm dancing both open rhythm and advanced smooth. I made sure that the comp coordinators know that I'm not the only one in this situation, and that we'll need time for a costume change.
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    2009 MIT Open

    Yes, you're correct about the naming of advanced/open versus PC/C, Ithink. Bearing in mind that the most recent schedule I've seen still needs *a lot* of tweaking, it looks to me like adv/open rhythm will start ~2:30, smooth at ~4:00, newbies + PC/C standard ~5 p.m.
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    2009 MIT Open

    The comp coordinators are still working on the detailed schedule. However, I believe the Saturday afternoon order of events will be the same as last year: advanced/open rhythm; advanced/open smooth; PC/C standard; show; PC/C Latin.
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    2009 MIT Open

    The Baricchi lecture will be 1:30-2:30 p.m. on Sunday at the dance studio in the Stata Center gymnasium. http:// map-jpg?selection=32
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    How did you find/meet your dance partner(s)?

    Ballroom Connection (aka the MIT thing) only really works in its Facebook application manifestation now. It acquired a couple bugs over the past year, but T is in the process of fixing them. See: Update:April 03, 2009 We are in the process of some maintenance, fixing bugs, and upgrades. Please...