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    2005 Club Mayan Salsa Professional Competition

    That semi finals round was CRAZY! I have to say that Rico & Diana's routine was my favorite, although I think everyone did very well with the exception of that couple Xtreme Salsa was talking about (What were they thinking!?). I think that Alex Da Silva & Ruby Karen will end up with the grand...
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    Roll Call - LA Congress attendance!

    I will be there with bells on! Mama Salsera Cynthia :kitty:
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    Choosing Dance Sneakers... Help..

    I use the BLOCH STEALTH'S. They're awsome.Don't buy them at any DANCE STORES or CONGRESSES. They will run u about $80. Save yourself money and check online. Most places online sell them for about $30. Mama Salsrea Cynthia :kitty:
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    Can anyone recommend a good styling video?

    I would recommend Liz Lira's Styling Videos for the Ladies. ( For the men I would recommend stuff from Alex Da Silva. ( Mama Salsera Cynthia :kitty:
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    Stealing the follower

    I love RUEDA!!! I usually dance with people that I know. Every once in a while someone that I don't know will pop in and dance with me, but I usually don't mind, it gives me the chance to dance with someone new and if they're not a very good dancer it's okay because I'm being rotated...
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    This week's mission, if you choose to accept...

    I wanna learn how to lead SOOOO BAD! It looks like so much FUN! I know it's really hard too. The only thing I can do is a right turn with the lady and a CBL. Maybe someday ::SIGH:: Mama Salsera Cynthia :kitty:
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    Who brings out the best in you?

    My bestfriend, instructor, dance partner, & mentor Steve (XtremeSalsa). He's taught me everything I know! Love ya kid! :kissme: Mama Salsera Cynthia :kitty:
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    How many times a week do you go salsa dancing?

    How many times a week do you go salsa dancing? This doesn't include rehersals or lessons. JUST SOCIAL DANCING... I go about 3 times a week. On a good week about 5. Mama Salsera Cynthia :kitty:
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    Where Are the Los Angeles Salseros!?

    Hey Steve! Just checking in... :bouncy: Mama Salsera Cynthia
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    Best shoes for salsa? (Ladies)

    I prefer a latin style shoe with a 2.5" heel. I have a pair of 3" heel dance shoes, but I am such a chicken, I won't wear them out to a club. I thought I was big and bad when I first ordered them, but when I actually recieved them and tried them on I thought to myself, " How the H&*$ am I going...
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    What do you most want to learn?

    I'd like to work on Shines mainly when the guy does one of those "T" STANCE SHINES on me. I HATE THOSE! and that's only cause I totally get nervous and blank out. I would also like to improve my SPINS especially multiple spins. I've never had any formal dance training like jazz or ballet so I...
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    Salsa newbie - hello all!

    Welcome Chris! I know I'm pretty new here too, but welcome aboard anyway! :bouncy:
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    Whats Your Current Salsa Dance Style?

    8) 8) LA STYLE! ON 1 BABY! 8) 8) Mama Salsera Cynthia
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    Salsa summer splash at Doral resort !?

    I've never been to any of the events in Palm Springs, but I have friends that have, and the majority were not very impressed. If you wanna go to ANY salsa events on the West Coast definitly invest your money on the LA Salsa Congress (West Coast Salsa Congress). It's by far the best salsa event...