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    Reggaeton music

    Oh, I could have said many things but you know my views already :raisebro:
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    any celebrities dance salsa in la?

    Mario Lopez was taking lessons at the studio where I teach part-time here in Albuquerque for a movie he was filming but that's a close as I came to any sort of celebrity around these parts
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    Miami congress so far

    I was in Palm Springs 10 days ago for the Salsa/Mambo festival and I got to dance with Edie there too. Totally made my day! --T
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    Follows helping leads improve?

    Hey Roo, I would say that one of the most helpful things that has helped me in my evolution as a salsa dancer has been clear and constructive feedback from the follow. If you'll notice, I qualified that statement with the word "constructive" because when I started dancing, I had several...
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    What are u missing Most..

    The drive to get better ... i notice that most people here either take a few classes or learn purely informally on the dance floor, and think they either know it all or are simply content with the little they know. There are times I really do wish the level of competition was like in New York...
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    I don't get it

    wow, it's uncanny how my salsa development followed this same path. My initial focus was on timing and clear leads but I realized that as time went on, my own personal style developed. Now, I can't get a chance to sit down because the ladies claim they would rather dance with me due to the fact...
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    Anyobdy here that do "waves"

    Strangely enough, I got the inspiration to learn body rolls after watching a few of Al and Edie's DVDs. I have no idea how long I spent in front of the mirror practicing it but eventually it clicked. I love to bust it out when the follow least expects it .. hasn't failed to put a smile on their...
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    What's RIGHT with Salsa?

    1) Great cardio exercise .. I lost 25 pounds dancing salsa! 2) Great way to meet new people 3) Great way to unwind and de-stress after a crazy week. You know, we have a few over in my neck of the woods who say the same thing. Always gotta wonder how or why this attitude exists. :confused:
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    Holy cow. Three inch heels.

    I love a woman in heels but if she's already taller than I am *without* heels then it becomes a bit of a problem :( I have noticed that the ladies steps tend to look prettier in high heels but for the life of me, I have no idea how you pull it off! --T
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    Has your excitement dwindled?

    I think I am going through my slump ... getting harder to justify going out since it's getting harder to get my "fix" and things are kinda slow now that it's exam season. Anyway, I've taken to "chillaxing" (as noobster so eloquently put it :D ) and will probably take things slow for a little...
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    Gee, you're good -> the art and science of compliments

    Can I get an "amen" to this :cool::cool:
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    anybody seen "along came polly"

    Oh man, i cringe everytime I think of that scene. An older female friend of mine whom I invited out to hang out at one of the salsa clubs apparently watched it with her two teenage daughters. When they saw that scene, they both looked at their mom in shock and asked if I had been smacking her...
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    Effects of Dancing with an Excellent Follow

    Yeah, that's perfectionist in me trying to always make sure that everything is in place :(
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    Gee, you're good -> the art and science of compliments

    My standard response to anyone complimenting me now is either "I'm just o.k" or "I think I'm passable" :D It's sometimes depressing to realize that the more I know, the more there is to know so it really keeps me grounded. --T
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    Effects of Dancing with an Excellent Follow

    One thing I always worry about with this is if being as good as they are, might they not be compensating for some flaw on my end. That's why I usually try and get feedback from them after the dance