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    Tango and kissing strangers

    Me too!
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    Tango and kissing strangers

    Once you've danced with someone, they aren't a stranger any more, n'est pas? :wink: At the regular socials I go to (not AT) there are always certain folks who get the hug/kiss coming and going. Usually on leaving, I always try to thank the host(s) and they (the gentlemen) usually initiate...
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    Music suggestions please

    How about the Brian Setzer Orchestra's "You're the Boss", from the "Dirty Boogie" CD. I've always wanted to Foxtrot/West Coast (or slow EC) to that. There's a lot of good swing on there too.
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    More low priced ballroom apparel for amateur competitors

    They're great! :D I actually have two gowns from them. The first one, I had bid on via Ebay and lost to her. She wrote to me (as the underbidder) and I got the beautiful gown just a bit more than I would at Ebay, and I didn't have to get it from Hong Kong! This month, she emailed me a...
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    Franchise Experiences

    DanceARama I'm planning on going to the New York City DanceArama next month. Anyone else? I was planning on going to an independent comp next weekend, but as other students dropped out, my price went up (I would have been the only one there with my pro). I decided to skip that and put...
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    The laughing kitten

    I'm still in tears from the laughing cat! I like the badger, the badger is my friend. I could watch the badger for days. The badger is good. HELP SOMEONE STOP ME! Somehow you keep waiting for someone new to happen, but it never does.
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    Beautiful Bolero

    I love Bolero too :D Like the article mentioned, the best parts of waltz, mambo, rumba, tango. And you can (must) style the heck out of it. I did notice the pros at my last comp doing bolero, and they were very sharp on the slows (ala tango). I've always seen and done more of a continous...
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    Is ballroom dancing for senior citizens?

    What we (the youngsters) call "ballroom", seniors call "dancing"! When they learned to dance as teenagers, they did foxtrot, lindy, waltz. maybe a little cha cha. For my Mom, who's now 82, and her contemporaries, learning to dance was just part of growing up. Unfortunately it's not...
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    A Guide To Bra Removal

    And that's why we'd want you on the trip with us ladies!
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    Dance Dreams

    Absolutely! That's what movie stars are for!
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    Sensual Rhumba Music

    Ooh yeah! 8)
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    A Guide To Bra Removal

    For those not going to Oz, I suggest a trip to Vermont to visit Kevin. At least some of the ladies from DF, bras in hand! :wink: (did I say that!) And Neo should come too, I'm sure he'd have something to contribute!
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    How do you prepare for competition?

    Re: preparation Thanks for the reminder. I have a comp coming up on the 13-14th (AMI in Morristown NJ). I use the clear straps for both outfits and my black velvet dress somehow colors the straps (and won't wash out). So I need to buy at least 2 more pair. Also on my shopping list...
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    Dance Dreams

    Learn to dance :wink: with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, and then head south for DD2--Havana Nights! :wink: :wink:
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    Designs by Lyn Sale through January 31

    I guess I need to check the "posts with no replies" more often.