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    Improvising the Dance

    Uk Dancer Not sure this helps, but I read your post and it was like a deep exhale of breathe. After gaining competence in the figures/sequences of competitive ballroom dancing, my teacher (based on my own agenda) spent a lot of time dancing 'freestyle' in foxtrot, waltz and tango. Let me just...
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    Marko Miljevic & Maja Petrovic

    Thank you for posting. I really enjoyed these performances but particulary enjoyed the milonga and vals.
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    Adjusting the embrace

    Interesting discussions going on here about both the effects of the followers and the leaders embrace. As a follower, I'm happy using both 'styles' of embrace: Over the shoulder, around the neck and alternatively, across the arm/deltoids, connecting with the man's middle back. If I'm dancing...
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    Instead of tango I've been....

    Competing my dressage horse in an eventing competition - scary. I mean REALLY scary! Nobody understood my reference to being only slightly less stressful to a dance lesson with my maestro! However, it makes me respectful to the importance of the aids (leader) to my talented, gorgeous (but...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    WARNING Duck flying objects coming your way :peace:
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    Looking forward to it :)
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    My vote would be to ask you to continue the in-depth analysis of El Choclo. My list of tango music I would love a shortened version of this analysis grows daily. :rolleyes: Sounds like others are chomping-at-the-bit as well!
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    TM - this thread is my reason for logging into the internet at the moment ! Just wanted to let you know that I'm learning so much. Thank you
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    Tango Music for Dummies

    I understand the concern about learning to read music - but a conscious understanding of the music we dance too isn't the same thing imo. "Reading music" is just one way of developing a deeper appreciation of this specific style of music. However, my goal is to be a better Argentine Tango dancer.
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    Deliberate Practice

    This thread absolutely reminds me why I work for 5 hours (if you take tax NI etc, etc) to pay for an hour of my dance teachers time. It's their skill and experience that informs my deliberate practice and as AndaBien says its so specific to my needs, I'm not sure how helpful it would be on a...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    Still hanging in there !!! Thanks
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    Appreciate that this is a off-shoot, but why did I GET IT when I had absolutely no idea what it was I was getting! Maybe I need to think of this in a different way ...... I now have a structure which gives MEANING to what I've always heard (and danced). This is really, really exciting...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    Thank you - it must be frustrating but it will give me another way - but I will take on-board that I must try and trust my ears! Edited "By George she's got it" - well heard the 16-bar phrasing all the way through the Garden Quartet clip. Even recognised a few of the things mentioned in TM's...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    Just to re-iterate an earlier post. I'm fascinated by this thread but, as a complete beginner I'm struggling because I can follow your words with the score but I have absolutely no sound going on in my head. If I listen to the music, I have absolutely no idea where I am at any time in, for...
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    El Choclo: A Musical Analysis

    This is brilliant - As suggested, I've printed out score and definitions. Have your first analysis and recordings of El Choclo - on first reading (OMG) but I knew this wasn't going to be easy and I'm going to stick with it. TM, is there any chance you can choose a youtube clip that we can all...