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  1. jiwinco

    Hiptwisted video, thoughts?

    Got this feed and wondered what others thought of this performance.
  2. jiwinco

    Sale at Ballroom Jewels

    First ever sale. 10% off with code July10, sale ends July 19
  3. jiwinco

    Changing routines

    Sorry, I couldn't find this question in my search, so please merge if it already exists. For those of you pro/am folks, how often do you change your routines. I have had the same ones for a few years now and I am bored and want a change. I am just wondering how often others change their...
  4. jiwinco

    Ballroom Jewelry

    Jewelry designs created especially for dancers! Bracelets, Necklaces and earrings that look fantastic on the competition, performance, or social dance floor. We can custom design jewelry to match your dress! www dot ballroomjewels dot com Stop by and like our facebook page...