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  1. jiwinco

    Most Memorable Latin Performances

    Wish I had a video, but Bryan Watson and Carmen did a show at the competition I was attending right after they retired at Blackpool. They were fantastic. It was a long time ago, but they did an amazing show.
  2. jiwinco

    Things you never want to hear again

    "Your too flexible" ARGH! :rolleyes:
  3. jiwinco

    Cryptocurrency Craze (Bitcoin)

    It dropped by nearly 50% today. Very volatile.
  4. jiwinco

    Dance Studio Solo Showcase $200 Fee?

    To me that seems high for an "in studio" event. That was my cost, but the studio rented a small ballet theater for the weekend. (yes, big showcase, 4-5 shows) ($200 for the first dance, additional dances were less) Also, we purchased/provided costumes for the teachers. Or they worn something...
  5. jiwinco

    Planning for 2018!

    This! When I was competing, these were the questions I finally answered. I didn't do some of the comps everyone else did because they weren't what I was looking for. When I picked the comps based on what I wanted I had a terrific time.
  6. jiwinco

    When you should quit dancing? - Poll

    Additionally; When the cost/expense is causing too much stress; When you are sick of the games at the studio and there are very few other options for lessons.
  7. jiwinco

    Keeping competition earrings on - advice!

    I get this question all the time. Clips work great, be sure to use some eyelash glue on both sides that touch your ear. Do this far enough ahead of time so that it drys completely before you dance. Options for you, dangle earrings with a closed french hook, or pierced earring with a large...
  8. jiwinco

    Small Competitions - What is the Value?

    Yes! Could not agree more!
  9. jiwinco

    Small Competitions - What is the Value?

    I love smaller comps. I am a middle aged follower, Smooth, Rhythm, dancing mostly silver. (+a little open) I have competition everywhere I have been and have never danced uncontested. I may have a chance to win at smaller comps, because the ladies that spend tens of thousands a year don't...
  10. jiwinco

    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Amazing how the financial situation changes isn't it? I took a break (privates & competition) a year ago and I am not sure if/when I will go back. I enjoy so many other things right now. Yes, I felt a true loss at times, and still do, but I just can't justify the expense and time right now...
  11. jiwinco

    dance studio manager issues

    Yes, treating me badly was the reason I left the last studio. Basic courtesy is not too much to ask for when spending thousands a year. I am not the only one that left... seems like bad business, but newbies are always showing up to spend their money. In an area where there isn't a lot of...
  12. jiwinco

    Sprucing up my Standard gown - sewing questions!

    There are a couple of ballroom dress patterns that might clarify the construction. They may not be what you want to make, but if you can look at them in the store they will give you instructions to attach the skirt. McCalls and Burda make a real pattern for ballroom dresses. There is also...
  13. jiwinco

    Who has switched teachers? How did you know?

    I think that is the answer. Are you improving and moving forward? If not, is that OK for you? For me it wasn't. I didn't see improvement in a year, and talked to my teacher about some changes. I also talked to some of his other students to see if they were having the issues I was having. The...
  14. jiwinco

    Professional Hair/Makeup Prices

    If you have hair jewelry you like, definitely bring your own. I have provided jewelry for up sell to hairdressers so I am assuming that they are selling them for more than retail since I am getting my retail price. Also, many of the vendors that do a lot of hair have a particular style...
  15. jiwinco

    Mixing business and Ballroom

    I guess I can speak to this since I have done this.. I was dancing long before the business, so I wasn't there to just market my jewelry business. However, I spoke to the owners, not my teacher and asked if I could add a flyer to the studio bulletin board. They were fine with that and I...
  16. jiwinco

    Mixing business and Ballroom

    It is not your problem to market her business. As a studio manager you can offer to have a place for student to have business cards out in case someone is interested in that service. That would be a lot, anything more than that would be marketing someone else's services. As a student, it...
  17. jiwinco

    Physical Attraction and Sales

    I have known some ladies that took lessons from X teacher because he was sooooo cute.... I thought they were idiots. :wacky:o_O I want to learn from someone who is a good teacher and knows their "stuff", but that is just me.
  18. jiwinco

    Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3

    Sounds ridiculous because I love dancing... But so happy to not be dancing right now. Left the studio filled with high school behavior by the owners... clicks, popular students... and all the rest of the crap that I left over 30 years ago.. feels like a massive relief! I will work on finding...
  19. jiwinco

    Late Entries

    I always plan well ahead of time. I have a budget and know which comps I plan to attend and we get the entries together in advance. I am not sure when the studio/teacher sends them in to the comp... hopefully early, but since they are the official customer it is their responsibility to get...
  20. jiwinco

    Do you order dancewear and shoes from overseas?

    They can prepay the tariffs or you can ask them to send them as gifts. If you buy from a private person request that it is shipped as a gift to get around those fees.