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    Looking for a family involved in Ballroom Dancing in Houston!

    Hi, I am a competitive Pro-Am dancer in Houston, and know all the afore mentioned people. Milana Pliner has been my coach for about 5 years. I live close to the dance place, and may possibly be interested in hosting your student. I have one son who recently graduated college, and one son who...
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    Problem with one judge

    Thanks for the input. I think for now I will just do my best and move on. Looking at the marks doesn't change them. Usually I think it is better for me not to look. ;)
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    Where were Jose Decamps and Joanna at Ohio

    To clarify, my post was in response to Pygmalian, not Fascination. I totally understand why you would want to nip speculation in the bud, etc...and would not want people gossip. Just felt like I was jumped on by asking a question. Truly, I am finished with this.
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    Where were Jose Decamps and Joanna at Ohio

    I really don't understand where you are coming from. Was not looking for gossip, speculation, who someone is living with, what they ate, where they vacation, etc.. It was a legitimate question that has a legitimate answer. I will easily find out when everyone is back home anyways. As you can see...
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    Where were Jose Decamps and Joanna at Ohio

    I am not sure why the big "to do". Gracie is correct; when you follow a sport and a top player is out, people will ask why. Perhaps someone is hurt, out of the country, etc...but people asking cannot be avoided and is natural especially when they are the reigning champions and just won at...
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    Problem with one judge

    Very little was said in the had a slight sexual overtone which made me uncomfortable...Nothing about dancing, and they do not know my teacher. Independent. The coaching is a good idea, I am not sure how much coaching they do. May also be uncomfortable...
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    Problem with one judge

    I am not sure what to do. Have one judge no matter what comp and who is there who places me last in all dances. The last two comps they did this (one was huge) I ended up making both finals and placing 1st at one comp, and 4th in the other in spite of their marks. However, in closely...
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    Where were Jose Decamps and Joanna at Ohio

    Does anyone know why Jose and Joanna did not compete at the OSB?
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    I recently switched teachers and will soon compete in Open with a new Pro. With my old pro, we often had outside coaching as we were in a large studio where top coaches came in. My new pro owns his own small studio and because he and his wife are the only pros there, no outside coaches come in...
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    Wisconsin State 2009

    Wisconsin is one of my favorite comps! Well run, great hotel, great location, and of course Dan & Becky are so wonderful. There is also usually a decent amount of competition. I will be there!
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    I definitely have some almost new shoes, and a couple of dresses i could donate. It is such an expensive hobby/sport, I would love to help!
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    Alexander senko

    Does anyone know what studio Alexander Senko works out of? Does he compete in American Pro Am at all? thanks!
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    Gleb Makarov

    One more detail; I need someone 5' 11" without shoes at a minimum, prefer 6' or over.
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    Gleb Makarov

    Any recommendation would be great. I am flying to Philly in May to "test drive" Evgeny Dyachenko. I would really like to talk to at least one other person. For the right person, i am willing to travel. There is no one else where I am. Since I have been competing for 6 years, I know a lot of...
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    Gleb Makarov

    Thanks a ton! I looked in the IDD 2008, and that was old NJ info. Do you know anything about him?
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    Gleb Makarov

    I currently compete in ProAm Open Gold in both American styles. To move forward at this point, I need a new teacher. One person I am considering is Gleb Makarov. Does anyone know where he is now, how tall he is, and what he is like? I saw in one of the posts he is in Seattle, but I can not...
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    American Smooth

    Looks like a good opportunity for Gunnar and Daryll Sverrison!
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    Not getting asked to dance--suggestions?

    A practice dance in the dance studio is very different from being out at a club. Ask a man to dance! You are there to practice and learn, not meet someone, so take the initiative! All they can say is "no", which most will probably not. Otherwise you will be unhappy each week if you don't get...
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    Looking for a Latin Dress

    Have you looked on There are great pre-owned dresses at good prices. I have a red one on there that would fit you.