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    Problem with one judge

    I am not sure what to do. Have one judge no matter what comp and who is there who places me last in all dances. The last two comps they did this (one was huge) I ended up making both finals and placing 1st at one comp, and 4th in the other in spite of their marks. However, in closely...
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    Where were Jose Decamps and Joanna at Ohio

    Does anyone know why Jose and Joanna did not compete at the OSB?
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    I recently switched teachers and will soon compete in Open with a new Pro. With my old pro, we often had outside coaching as we were in a large studio where top coaches came in. My new pro owns his own small studio and because he and his wife are the only pros there, no outside coaches come in...
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    Alexander senko

    Does anyone know what studio Alexander Senko works out of? Does he compete in American Pro Am at all? thanks!
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    Gleb Makarov

    I currently compete in ProAm Open Gold in both American styles. To move forward at this point, I need a new teacher. One person I am considering is Gleb Makarov. Does anyone know where he is now, how tall he is, and what he is like? I saw in one of the posts he is in Seattle, but I can not...