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    What is Blues Dancing?

    Here’s more blues dancing. A teacher demo (disclaimer: from an event I run in Europe) It’s a relaxed snd silly teacher demo, so a performance but not a competition snd more recent than some of the videos posted. Im a bit of a blues “purist” in that I like blues music and I like blues dancing...
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    Solo Dancing Tips?

    One thing that can really help is thinking a rhythm in your head and trying to make that rhythm with your feet. You can pick a rhythm that is happening in the song in different instruments if you want. Slight timing and rhythm variations can change basic steps into much more creative ones that...
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    Lindy hop on a super slidy floor = wcs & carolina shag?

    This is sort of amusing. Here's a really fun lindy video. The dancers are Max Pitruzzella and Thomas Blacharz. I've posted videos of them dancing before. They are both travelling international lindy hop teachers and have been for years In this clip they're dancing as a mini show at a dance...
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    Balboa reference sheet (pretty amazing)

    This is one for the geeks and history geeks. Corey Manke has pulled together a reference list of classic moves and dancers complete with location of clips and timestamps. Context for the reference sheet: And the reference sheet itself...
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    Code of conduct to prevent harassment at dance camps

    I'm a dance organiser and the events that I'm involved in running all have code of conducts now. The main reason is to make it easier to boot people if you think it's necessary and to signal clearly to people what the event values. It's not intended to replace or go counter to laws and the...
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    Using that time to shine

    I've not actually heard anything about that, I've heard the term "shine" used a fair bit but no stories about where it came from.
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    Timing, Improvisation, Leading at the same time

    When Im leading and don't know what to do next I usually get back to the basic or loop something that's easy to buy myself more time. It depends on the dance style what makes sense but I'll often just walk in time to the music side by side with my partner
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    Amazing high level lead/follow improvisation

    I also love how it goes ever so slightly wrong at times but both adapt really quickly and don't loose their cool and just carry on throwing down.
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    Amazing high level lead/follow improvisation

    That's a jack and jill so they didn't know that they would be dancing together or to what music for the competition. Hats off to Tatiany, that is some world class following and making awesome things happen at a very high speed too. Max is throwing a lot of things at her and she just catches...
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    A Running Lindy Diary

    This is sort of a collective diary by lots of people chipping in so the forum set up works quite well. Anyway I spent last weekend at London Balboa Exchange. I had a really lovely time there and am head over heels with balboa all over again.
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    Balboa (Looking for resources)

    The teachers are current balboa scene A listers. I run a workshop annually myself with Mickey and Kelly which are basically my favourite currently working balboa teachers. Basically great pedigree on that event and it's one of the top, if not the top balboa event in the US, so go! It's one I...
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    A Running Lindy Diary

    I realised I've not posted in ages, I've been busy. The blues dance festival I helped run (the Spoonful in Edinburgh) went really well, very exhausting to do but very good fun as well. It kinda used up a lot of my energy so I kinda lay a bit low after that. I did go to Iceland though for some...
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    beginner question about sugar push

    In your earlier post that "coaster" variation with the knee to the left, sounds a bit like what you do in lindy on your 7-8 triple step in a swing out if you're setting yourself up for some dramatic swivels at the start of the next swingout I.e. you end with a coaster-ish triple step with your...
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    I think the guy in the video fudges his footwork a bit or has "variation" going on. I normally have the same pattern that he has when going into lollies, i.e. you step step and then hold step. He seems to walk through all of it which I don't normally do and don't see very often. So I guess that...
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    This video here has the entry and exit from lollies that I use most often (obviously it can be changed up)
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    What do you mean by swing hold? When leading lollies I normally have my right hand almost on the side of my partner and then you have that springy compression and stretch thing happening in the left hands. Right hand has to move closer to the side because we open up a bit more than sometimes...
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    Is social dancing really social? (young student)

    I'm a lindy hopper, blues dancer and balboa dancer and I'm part of organising both dance workshop weekends and weekly dance classes. I do this as an unpaid hobby because I have a passion for dance. We have plenty of young people in the scene, happily learning partner dancing and social dancing...
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    Mickey and Kelly in Edinburgh?
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    Steve - You may find this series of interviews that are just now on youtube interesting (assuming you've not run into them already)
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    A Running Lindy Diary

    I was at the Mooche last weekend and one of the highlights was a "discussion" aka rambling chat as a class with Peter Loggins talking about the history of swing dancing and the people he'd talked to and what he'd learned. Steve, it would be right up your alley, lots of stuff about pre lindy...