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    <<Michael Jackson's Fedora>>

    does anyone know exactly what's the name of his style of fedora? i keep searching online and they only say "michael jackson fedora". but if i go on general hat sites, they have all these special names, with none of them relating to MJ. help plz! i really wanna get an authentic fedora modeled...
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    >New Breaker<

    im 14 and i just got so interested to learn breakdancing after being inspired by ppl i've seen recently. unfortunately, i don't think i have the strength to bust the floor moves, regardless of my own training. i've been toning for a while, but i don't think it's enough yet since i can't support...
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    <<new dancer - MJ fan>>

    hey ppl! ok, a bit about myself: I've been a fan of MJ since i was young cuz my grandpa always taped the concerts/videos. yet, i never really tried dancing like him cuz it seemed impossible... i stopped watching for quite a few years, and it wasn't until late last year that i found the old tapes...