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  1. Orlando

    what kind of dance do you do

    First of all, they are 10 and 14. Second, no one makes her kids dance if they don't want to. It is totally up to them. They dance because that is what they love to do. They have lots of friends, most of which are dancers themselves. If they want a day off, they need to do stuff for school...
  2. Orlando

    To the young members of DF - please explain to me...

    Thanks for the welcome SDsalsaguy Orlando
  3. Orlando

    Really Sad

    That is truly sad to hear Orlando
  4. Orlando

    when's y o u r birthday?

    August here Orlando
  5. Orlando

    To the young members of DF - please explain to me...

    Oh man, I hear you all talking about overly sized baggy pants that hang half down your knees. This is Miami Style too. If 4 out every 5 teenagers you see in the streets of Miami don't have their pants half way down their knee's then they are not in style., lol Seriously, you see them with...
  6. Orlando

    what's your dancing schedule?

    Hi All, I am new here. I know Dancemom personally and I assure you that she has quite a system setup. It is challenging at times and the schedule can get quite hectic. But they still schedule time for themselves as much as they can. Gabe and Angel love what they do. For them, dancing is...