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  1. Loveablestef

    Ballroom Blog

    Your tagline is pretty funny. Found you blog and look forward to more posts.
  2. Loveablestef

    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    I'm excited to be doing a Latin Rumba for a showcase in February. My first one ever! Also, I am excited that my instructor is not holding back. He's putting all sorts of tough choreography and tricks in it. He believes in my abilities more than I do sometimes and it feels great to be...
  3. Loveablestef

    Ballroom Dancer: Documentary feat. Slavik & Anna

    Does anyone know how we can actually see the movie? Im very interested but don't see where it is playing, when the DVD will be released, or if the movie can be watched online. Thanks!
  4. Loveablestef

    Ballroom Blog

    How Can I Subscribe? Hey, great little blog you got there! Very interesting ideas and easy to read. I would be interested in following you, but I didn't see any way to do that on the site. Also, why is your last post from October? I want more, please! I also struggle finding the finances to...