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  1. dancing_princess

    Jewelry - competing/costume

    Hi ladies, Just wanted to know where you find your jewelry and for how much/ballpark figure. I'm trying to find a bracelet, necklace (choker) and earrings and am not sure where to go. (May have to ask my instructors?) I did find a costume jewelry store in the mall, but the bracelet was...
  2. dancing_princess

    From pro-am to am-am

    Hey all, Just wondering if you start from scratch after dancing pro-am and then switching to am-am. If you've advanced to say, silver, doing pro-am, do you continue at the silver level when you get a partner or do you start at the newcomer level? Thanks.
  3. dancing_princess

    Any guy interested in a partnership?

    Hey, I know that this is probably a long shot, but I think that I'm getting desperate!! I'm hoping to find a partner soon and have not had any luck on the ballroomdancer and dancepartner sites. I'm interested in Int'l Latin or American Rhythm (I love samba, so I'm leaning towards Int'l...
  4. dancing_princess

    New to comp and having anxiety

    Hi all, I am doing my first comp tomorrow at the NJS Open Cham. I've been taking lessons since March '03 and have recently started taking privates (I've had 6 - 30 minutes so far). I'm doing the Pro-Am with this new instructor (my group classes are elsewhere). Anyway, he's pointed out...
  5. dancing_princess

    Dance partner needed

    Hey all, I started what I thought was a partnership with someone from my studio. But, because I didn't know him well and he wanted to practice at his place, we got a friend of mine to chaperone. This should have been a temp arrangement until I got to know him and was comfortable being there...
  6. dancing_princess

    Where do you practice?

    Hey all, Just wondering where you guys practice new moves outside of classes/clubs. Someone I dance with at my dance school offered to partner up with me and I don't know where to practice (other than our homes). Thanks, Jo