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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I joined a dvd swap shop and got sent High Society for free (nearly)! I love this film, especially grace kelly - she is so beautiful. So glad to own this - saw it first as a musical production when i was little and have been (unhealthily) obsessed with it since!
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    Salsa in Miami

    South Beach is definatly the place to be for dancing - get those shoes on and shake it ;)
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    Unknown artist of the song

    You can alwys use lastfm. com to search for music - just have to know the artist or name fo the song.
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    Word Association

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    Does Social Dancing affect your Competitive Dancing?

    Although i dont dance competatively anymore, i did uses to ice skate very seriously and i had to get up at 5.30am every morning to getuse of the free space on the ice - this effected my social dancing as i never had any energy on the evenings to go out;)
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    music genre websites

    Maybe try
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    Ballroom dancers with freakishly long arms...

    any pictures of these freakishly long-armed dancers?!
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    What's the Skinny on iPods?

    I have an ipod nano but think that there are better quality mp3s out there with more space and ones that are a bit more robust!
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    The Weather Thread

    rain rain go away, come again another day . . . another day came and it rained. And rained and rained :(
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    I've Lost Some Weight from Dancing

    Well this all sounds so positive already! :D
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    I've Lost Some Weight from Dancing

    New to this site so "Hi everyone"! looking forward to learning some dancing tips for weaight loss and general soul enharncing!;)