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    Comp dancing -- position on the floor

    I think it is a big deal and can make all the difference in a competition. My coach drills it into us before every competition. One problem though, the "fight" for the center spot, can only be won against dancers from other teams. :-)
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    Looking at your partner

    one coach told me to look through my partner. Especially effective for leaders, this will give you the arogant expression and image so many dancers have.
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    Look no eyes...

    on a similar matter... My Latin partner and I often dance with closed eyes-- though not at the same time... Specifically when we are getting tensed because of a new or fast move. I tend to follow better with my eyes closed and I have better connection. I concentrate only on his lead and...
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    Comp dancing -- position on the floor

    Competition - position on the floor For Latin, I like the middle of the floor Light is often better and one is more in the judges view. For most of the comps I have danced, they are not walking around.