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    MezzJelly Lindy Soul Exchange - Got Soul?

    Limited Time! Early registration prices end this week, so don't miss out! Purchase your ticket by Saturday February 3rd to receive the low price of just $50! For that you get an amazing weekend of dancing with friends, live music, international DJs, great floors all over Dallas, cool MezzJelly...
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    MezzJelly Lindy Soul Exchange - Got Soul?

    Roller Rink Boogie Night Your Friday Late Night Hot Spot Join in both skating and dancing to music that moves you. One half of the slick floor is for non-skating, one is for the fun of being on four wheels! Don't have skates? Rentals are just $2! Plus there's an all-night snack bar...
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    MezzJelly Lindy Soul Exchange - Got Soul?

    Registration for MJLSX 2007 is now OPEN! It's only been open a couple hours now, and already dancers have registered from: - DC - Ottawa - California - Plano - Dallas - Oklahoma - Austin - Washington - Windsor - and more! Join In! -- Click Here >>
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    MezzJelly Lindy Soul Exchange - Got Soul?

    Get more Soul in your dancing... with the MezzJelly Lindy Soul Exchange, February 23-25, 2007 Come celebrate the spirit of African-American dance with dancers from all over U.S. and Canada! Your dancing has been influenced by the African-American dances before it, and you can...
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    swing compilations

    1. Rockin' in Rhythm - Duke Ellington 2. House of David Blues - Fletcher Henderson 3. Saratoga Drag - Luis Russell 4. Savage Rhythm - Mills Blue Rhythm Band 5. Chant of the Weed - Don Redman 6. St. Louis Blues - The Dorsey Brothers 7. Rock and Rye - Earl Hines 8. Down South Camp Meeting...
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    Not picking on your post at all, because it was good, but it brings up a good point: Please don't SQUEEZE the follow to you. The connection between the lead and follow should be generally established and held without the need of that right arm. -FF p.s. oh, and listen to anything Heidi...
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    Taking too high level classes

    A lot of it likely has to do with the terminology: Most dancers who aren't just fresh-on-the-floor don't want to take the "easy" or more "beginner" classes; that would be a waste of money on something they're past. It's easy to forget that "lower" class can really bring out things they could...
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    Blues Weekend - Dances & Workshops - August 26-30

    Prep has been going amazingly smooth for an event like this, with a lot of passionate people it's easy to make things come together. There was the speedbump of our Saturday night venue getting closed for upgrades at the last minute, but there are so many beautiful places in Pittsburgh to...
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    Blues Weekend - Dances & Workshops - August 26-30

    How excited are we? We have new venues to match the amount of dancers coming! The new Friday night main ballroom gives you a super-slick floor and chandeliers everywhere. Add in a full bar with almost everything under $2 and it's niiice. It's also the perfect spot for the FREE ICE CREAM...
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    Need Advice on Negotiating w/ Night Club to hold dance there

    That is one option that works well. Sometimes you keep the door, or a portion of it that comes in. Another one that is done is that the venue keeps keeps all profits. You are basically renting the space from them, and they are hiring the nessesary staff and upkeep for you. It all depends...
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    Lindy Hop Camps

    Yes, both of those activities are quite popular there as well... :wink: -FF
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    Duct tape on shoe soles?

    Masking tape often offers even less traction than duct tape, depending on the brand. It's good for when you were not expecting to dance and want to modify your sneakers. -FF
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    Blues Weekend - Dances & Workshops - August 26-30

    Thanks pygmalion, we're heavily excited to get a rare line-up like this! You're right, USAirways has a major hub in Pittsburgh, making up the bulk of air traffic in and out of here. I've done my share of flying from this city, some great prices. -FF
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    Blues Weekend - Dances & Workshops - August 26-30

    I know many of you who hang out in the Swing Forum may have an interest in this -- a rare chance to catch an amazing instructor from Australia and learn about Blues, a precursor to Lindy Hop, West Coast and all forms of Swing. August 26-30th, 5 days of Blues in Pittsburgh! Learn...
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    Over 200 bpm swing, your favorite stuff to do?

    Pushing yourself during 'social' dancing time is one of the best way to have fun and learn too, it doesn't matter if it causes a "mistake" or trip-up, Lindy Hop isn't a perfectionist dance. As a lead and follow go out, dance to the music and partner, and don't think too hard ;) -FF
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    The Madison

    Definately gonna be at DCLX. You hangin with Jen & Marty in H-burg? It's about 3 or so hours away from Pittsburgh, but Jen keeps bugging us to visit them again, I might see about heading out that way too. -FF
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    the basics

    On an excessive "lean" or "drop" the follow still has to be connected (rule 2) and let the leader move her weight (rule 1). Also, on most leans and drops the follow doesn't lift both feet, so she can still control herself with them. -FF
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    The Madison

    I'd tell you more, but that description just about wraps it up. ;) It's a line dance at a nice, easy pace, with some amusing actions such as shooting a basketball, walking an 'M', or a few other such things. Very simple and quick to pick up. It's popularity is larger in the UK, it's mostly...
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    the basics

    In closed position if the follower tries to rockstep and the leader isn't leading her center into one, it either - a) hurts, or b) massively breaks connection, or both. Since there is no set number of steps one should do before a rockstep is put in (if there is one at all), you're right - the...
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    nearly gave up again...

    My advice: Get some different unsolicited feedback. Balboa follow skills are not the same as Lindy Hop. Related, but not the same. -FF