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    Dancing With the Stars Season 16

    No one posting? No comments? No one cares?
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    IMPERIAL and BLACKPOOL competitions 2012

    I don't know that much about international competitions, but I just look at the results for the Amateur Latin and Ballroom couples at the Imperial Championship that ended yesterday. In the Ballroom section I was struck by seeing 2 couples from China in the Final and 2 couples in the Semi Finals...
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    1st Annual American Style Congress ... part of NY Dance Festival

    I forgot to add that the day before the comp part starts, Ed Simon and Sam Sodano are holding an all-day Congress to discuss American Smooth: morning lectures on Rhythm and afternoon on Ballroom, with professional couples illustrating. Some superb speakers, including Rufus Dustin, David...
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    Heritage classic

    Is anyone there who would like to give updates on Pro and ProAm competitions? It is such a big event and supershag is not covering it. It is always interesting to read the opinions of Dance-forum regulars. Larinda, are you there? Anyone else who could spare a few minutes to write? Many thanks.
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    NY DANCE FESTIVAL 2010 - heads up

    For people in the New York City area, there is a lovely competition run by Ed Simon and Michelle Officer in Manhattan on February 27 and 28. It is mainly for ProAm, although there are Pro Showdance competitions on both nights. It is in a very lovely hotel, the Roosevelt, right next to Grand...
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    German ban

    Dancebeat has headlines about a ballroom couple being banned from competing at the recent UK competition. I read the article and companion piece by Peter Pover, but frankly, I still don't get it. What are they arguing about and why was this couple banned? Can anyone explain.
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    NDCA meeting

    Someone told me that at the last NDCA meeting some complaints were aired about ProAms competing in Ohio who are also sponsors of that competition, and whether or not they are given an advantage. Does anyone know anything about this? (If this is not a suitable topic, then please do not post it).
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    The U.K. comp in Bournemouth

    Comp is this coming week. Who do you see in the Pro finals?
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    Kremlin Cup

    Does anyone have a website (perhaps in Russia?), whwere I could find results for this past wweek-end's Kremlin Cup (a Latin invitational). I found results for 2008, however nothing for this past week-end.
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    German Open Results

    Urs Geisenhainer and Agnes Kazmierczak made the Finals of the German Open yesterday, coming in 7th. Gherman Mustuk and Iveta Lukosiute made the Semi Finals. The Latin is Friday, and the US has 3 or 4 couples represented.
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    Post Comp DEPRESSION

    I know there was a thread on this a while ago, but I can't find it. I feel such a deep sadness, a sense of loss, having trouble concentrating at work, eating and sleeping. I suppose it will just fade away, especially once lessons resume, but welcome any nice, warm, caring, feedback. I envy...
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    Mexico Open 2009 - Cancun

    Mexico Open Nobody has mentioned the Mexico Open in Cancun next week. Nobody going?
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    Championship Dancing on TV

    Just a reminder - cause I'm so psyched -- that Ohio Star Ball starts this Wednesday, January 30th, on PBS stations.
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    Pro-Am registration

    From the website feature on the NDCA 60th anniversary gala, I see this sentence: NDCA will begin voluntary registration of pro-am competitors. Fee will be $25 and $20 of that will be given back in scholarships. Anyone registered with the NDCA will be eligible for the...
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    American Smooth

    I am surprised no one is talking about this -- and this is not gossip, it is all confirmed. The entire final at this year's USDC and Ohio American Smooth professional division is gone except for the current champions, JT Thomas and Tomasz Mielnicki. Eddie and Valentina: split Mazen and Irina...
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    World Latin Show Dance results

    New world showdance champions are from Canada: Andrei Paramanov and Natalie USA's Boriana and Delyan were 6th. Congratulations to the new champions.
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    New Dance Beat

    Reading the interviews with Donnie Burns , etc. re the implacable and worsening wars between the IDSF and the WDC, well it makes for sad reading. Just as the ballroom industry is gaining popularity and respect, they seem to be imploding with jealousy, greed and venom. Will this hurt us...
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    Ballroom OFF Fifth

    That is the new name of the studio, now on West 37th street in Manhattan. Come on by, it's a little smaller than we might like, but still very nice. I haven't seen the usual crowd that practiced at the old place. Any reason?
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    International Competition In London

    Anyone going? Now that it's October I feel I can bring it up. Slightly off topic as it is in a different country, but I see that Joanna and Michael won the Kremlin Cup. Good for them. Final 1 Michal Malitowski & Joanna Leunis 2 Andrej Skufca & Katarina Venturini...
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    DWTS Season 5 - Week 2 - upcoming guest pros

    New American Smooth Champions JT Damalas and Tomas Melnicki will be performing on Tuesday evening, along with Nick and Lena Kosovich. That should be wonderful. They are in California now, rehearsing.