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    2011 Spring Fling

    Yep, server is not working at al, still. Does anyone have any news on this? It is going to be up or we have to resort to snail mail? Ugh.
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    Why Do Dancers Smoke?

    Yes, a lot of dancers smoke. It baffles the heck out of me that anyone (especially athletes) would be smoking. Since it hampers your performance and your appearance, I should be quite happy that I could have an edge on the competition floor. However, I have a more serious issue with smokers...
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    White shirts vs black shirts for Latin?

    Bleach on stretch fabric will yellow. But, then again so will the tanning stuff, so you can choose your options. White shirt with black pants is a great look. But I do agree that you have to have a good build to pull off the white shirt. Short height and ANY excess weight will be...
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    Felipe Telona

    I know them both, and they are the nicest couple you've ever met. He definitely is a fun person and charismatic, I can't imagine you not having anything less than a good lesson. I haven't taken lessons from Felipe, but I have taken a few from Carolina. She is extremely interested in having you...
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    NY Dance Festival

    Does anyone know if they accept USABDA cards? (Oops, I mean USA Dance members) We rarely do any NDCA comps, seemed a waste to keep that membership going, and not really that interested to re-join now.
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    Floridas Superstar Dancesport

    Yes, it is, someone had suggested looking into this comp. Not a bad idea being in the warmer climate for a February comp!
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    Floridas Superstar Dancesport

    We were planning to do Am-Am only. I was looking at the entry forms, schedule, etc., and found it difficult to find the amateur only events, even from last year. Thanks for your response!
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    Floridas Superstar Dancesport

    Does anyone know if this competition is only for ProAm? Has anyone ever entered this comp as AmAm dancers? If so, any comments on how this well (or not) this comp is run? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    Laura's Random Ramblings at 2006 USA Dance Nationals

    Yes, this is rather late ot post, but jet lag comsumed me for the entire last week....... Reflecting back on the comp, I thought it was one of the best Nationals we have attended (we have competed for a total of 7, including this one) While the Civic Auditorium seemed smaller (or closer), I...
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    Heartland Classic

    Results for Sr1 & Sr2 Events: Senior 1 - PreChamp International Standard 1 S1 485 Eric Snajdr Lisa Miller Bloomington, IN 2 S1 544 Philip Gabriele Marcella Gabriele Granger, IN 3 S1 532 Robert Blank Martha Estevez Greenwich, CT 4 S1 533 Ian Redmount Hisako Matsuo Fenton, MO 5 S1 434...
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    Calling all New Jerseyans

    Check your message box
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    A question about *cough, cough, ahem* Shoes

    I also had an extensive array of dance shoes. I have tried sneaker/shoe spray, talcum powder, etc. The only thing that worked was after each wearing (no matter how long- 10 minutes or 10 hours) I took the shoes out of the bags and let them air overnight. With the older shoes, I sprayed "odor...
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    Costume - Check, Tan - Check, Makeup - Check, hair? ARGH!

    Yes, I am wearing it slicked back and for me, it is not the most attractive style. I have a lot of hair, but it is 'baby fine' and I have trouble keeping barrettes, pins and even coated elastic bands on, they just slide off! A braid would not last 30 minutes on me. Who is your hairdresser? Do...
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    Costume - Check, Tan - Check, Makeup - Check, hair? ARGH!

    What about International Standard? Has anyone ever tried their hair down for this dance style? Or is that a big "no-no"? Are there any variationv/alternatives to the hair pulled back? I need a new look, but not necessarily comfortable with letting the hair down........... Thoughts, anyone?
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    I actually cut off the whole waistband and there is never a line or bind at the waist. The fishnet does not run or fall. If your dress/gown has a bodysuit underneath (most do) it gives you further assurance your fishnets will not drop to your ankles. Tried it once with an old pair that had a...
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    How did you find/meet your dance partner(s)?

    My partner and I met at a dance social. The only dance we could do together was merengue. I could only dance latin and my partner could only dance ballroom (plus merengue, of course). There was a flyer at the social offering group classes (both latin and ballroom) and we agreed we would join...
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    I can't believe it! I'm going to become a dance teacher!

    While I think that this is very exciting, I must say there are some very good points made here by your fellow posters. I have gone through the franchise 'dance program' here in the US and finally after many dollars, realized that it was a bottomless 'money pit'. But that does not necessarily...
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    new Chrisanne dress!

    I agree. I 'bite the bullet' every time I have purchased a Chrisanne gown/dress. I still love my first gown and that's very important to me. The quality is excellent, especially the sewing. Every seam is finished nicely, and the stretch stitching holds up to maximum physical stretching as you...
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    How do you know when it's time ...

    Good point. I have been taking my 3 old pairs to the shoe repair shop for new heel lifts. (the newest shoes are for competition, I'm fussy about being well groomed on the competition floor). I guess it's time until the worn areas get holes or they don't feel as stable when dancing in them...
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    How do you spend your free time at a competition?

    It depends on the location and how much time there is. For the most part, as Laura, we plan to arrive with time to get ready and dance, then exit. If there is time, we plan some to do somethng in the area, especially if it is an interesting area. Shopping, trip to a museum, historical sites...