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  1. kwa445

    Embassy Ball 2008

    I think I'll be going to compete Amateur Standard and Amateur Latin. Just got a new partner this week though, so we'll see if we can get all ten routines by then...
  2. kwa445

    SYTYCD Season 4 Week 1

    Was not a fan of the chacha...I was hoping at least Mary would say something about how not so good Chelsea's chacha locks were, but alas, she just said she was hot. I also wasn't a huge fan of the waltz, although I was surprised by how graceful Suzy was. Did anyone else think they were off time...
  3. kwa445

    Best Costumes

    I think Katusha always has absolutely gorgeous dresses. As far as latin goes, I also really like most of Yulia's costumes.
  4. kwa445

    Cabaret/Theatre Arts Music

    Aha, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for posting that! Well, I'm definitely not competing theatre arts then...I think that our routine will have a lot of lifts. In fact, it will probably be mostly lifts with some dancing thrown in in still looking for songs. :)
  5. kwa445

    Cabaret/Theatre Arts Music

    My partner and I have decided to compete cabaret (/theatre arts. what is the difference between the two anyway?) and I'm way excited. The only problem is, I'm not quite sure what song to pick...I want something really pretty and lyrical, but I'm just not sure what exactly makes a good song for...
  6. kwa445

    US National Amateur Dancesport Championships in Provo

    Thanks! Abby and Ira looked fabulous; I love her new dress.
  7. kwa445

    US National Amateur Dancesport Championships in Provo

    Guess who made the amateur latin semi... ;)
  8. kwa445

    US National Amateur Dancesport Championships in Provo

    I hope there isn't already a thread on this...if there is, sorry for being repetitive... The comp is this weekend! Who's planning on going? I heard that BYU received some 250 more entries this year than last year, which was a little surprising to me...
  9. kwa445

    Ray Rose Shoe Question

    I absolutely adore Ray Rose shoes. They're very comfortable and easy to dance in, plus they're very flexible, making it much easier to have nicely pointed toes.
  10. kwa445

    Common Teaching Pitfalls

    These are all great tips. I'm teaching a class of six year olds though, does anyone have any hints for making ballroom interesting for little kids, things to keep their very short attention spans, etc?
  11. kwa445

    non-permanent hair color?

    I'm on BYU's youth formation team and every time we compete, we dye our hair black. We use some kind of mousse. It doesn't run down our faces at all, yet it only takes one shower to wash it all out (and I'm a platinum blonde, so that's saying something! :) ) I think that would be the kind of...
  12. kwa445

    What's the hottest Ballroom dance school?

    Actually, Paul doesn't own nor is he associated with Center Stage. It's owned by the Murillos, Kim Delgrosso, and Rick Robinson. Their website is w and has quite a bit of information on it...
  13. kwa445

    So You Think You Can Dance - Ballroom Portion

    Not this teenage girl...I've wanted Ivan gone since he was in the top 20...hehe
  14. kwa445

    blackpool results

    Sorry to skew the thread a little, but does anyone know where I can find pictures from this year's Blackpool? doesn't have any, does it usually take a little while for them to put them up?
  15. kwa445

    What's the hottest Ballroom dance school?

    It's a major. And actually, BYU's in Provo. Hundreds of kids are involved in the program, and it's a whole lot of fun.
  16. kwa445

    Critical Comments in "Dance Beat" 0406

    I don't have a subscription to Dance Beat, but I am very curious to hear what they said about the youth latin field at Provo. Anyone care to share?
  17. kwa445

    We have photos!! :)

    I saw Ashly and Louis on the Good Morning Utah and Louis's hair didn't look as good as in that picture...sort of looked like he had a short mullet...although it's much better than that lion mane he had before.
  18. kwa445

    Dancing With The Stars - Season 2

    I heard it was some guy from ESPN...I'm excited to watch her dance, seeing as she's my coach.
  19. kwa445

    2006 BYU National Championships

    Perhaps you didn't realize that the National Amateur Latin Champions as declared by the byu comp were Eugene and Maria. I would certainly think that they are the true champions. Yes, not all of the top competitors compete at this competition, but we did have Eugene and Maria, Johnathan and...
  20. kwa445

    Dancing with the Stars---FINALE ((spoilers))

    My mom was talking to Kim Delgrosso, Ashly's mom, and she said that Ashly had just signed a 5 year contract with abc. I think we're going to be seeing more of her. I also wanted to hear more of the professionals talking about how the routines went rather than the celebrities.