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  1. kwa445

    Cabaret/Theatre Arts Music

    My partner and I have decided to compete cabaret (/theatre arts. what is the difference between the two anyway?) and I'm way excited. The only problem is, I'm not quite sure what song to pick...I want something really pretty and lyrical, but I'm just not sure what exactly makes a good song for...
  2. kwa445

    US National Amateur Dancesport Championships in Provo

    I hope there isn't already a thread on this...if there is, sorry for being repetitive... The comp is this weekend! Who's planning on going? I heard that BYU received some 250 more entries this year than last year, which was a little surprising to me...
  3. kwa445

    Rule 10?

    Last week I was at a comp and I and 2 other couples tied for 2nd place in novice standard (I was dancing up a category from youth). They broke the tie by using rule 10 and I got 4th instead (grr I wasn't very happy). Anyway, what the heck is this rule 10? My partner said it was something with...
  4. kwa445


    I just have a couple questions about rhinestones since I am totally clueless about them! When friends ask me what kind of stones I have on my dress I have to answer "red shiney ones?" What does crystal and AB mean? What are all the different sizes? What's the difference between korean and...
  5. kwa445

    ballroom in ym

    Today I was reading my new YM magazine and imagine my surprise when I opened up to the "One Awesome Athlete" page to find a picture of Sandra Udis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy! There was a whole page about Sandra's dancing and ballroom in general. It was so cool! I love it when I get to hear stuff...
  6. kwa445

    long practices?

    For the past two days my standard formation team has been meeting every day for 4 1/2 hours and today we practiced for 8 hours!! I absolutely love doing formation team medleys, but 8 hours in one day is a little much for me! Has anyone else been a little frustrated w/extremely long practices...
  7. kwa445

    Formation Teams?

    Hey I'm new here and I was just wondering if anyone here's been on a formation team? I think it's one of my favorite parts of ballroom dance. Also, has anyone been to the United States Dancesport Championships held at BYU in Utah? -Katie