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  1. Egoist

    Pure Class Bespoke Tailsuit

    Black Pure Class Bespoke tailsuit, bought for a man 6`3`, 41-42` chest, 33` waist, 33` inseam. Made of stretchy wool. Worn for a few years. Included will be the suspenders and 2 fitted dress shirts. $800 plus shipping (from Maryland, USA)
  2. Egoist

    IDS Tango Air - Black Patent - 11.5 (UK) - $75

    For sale are my never used International Dance Shoes, black patent leather, Tango Air shoes, size 11.5 (UK). I am in Maryland. Shipping is not included in the price.
  3. Egoist

    Level of amateur dancing in the U.S.

    I think you are confusing "great" representation with "true" representation. It is not great that the best American couple was 32nd in the world. That the National runners-up were outperformed by a "lower ranked couple" just shows that it doesn't really matter who goes because all Americans are...
  4. Egoist

    New Dress Code

    I just received an e-mail from Ken Richards, VP of DanceSport (USA Dance), detailing a rule that "will be given a higher degree of scrutiny in upcoming National Qualifying Events and future Nationals." The rule states that "...tail-shirts or tuxedo-shirts that are not entirely white will not...
  5. Egoist

    Clover Star Classic 2008

    I was very pleased with this comp in 2007 so I was looking forward to this year's. I have to say that I was not as pleased this year. Positives: - Relatively close to home. Was able to drive there and back on the same "day". - Good judging panel - Good couples - Quality of flooring...
  6. Egoist

    Fall Frolic - Oct. 14 Registration deadline is today and only 71 competitors are registered. Where is everyone?
  7. Egoist

    Hiltons' Blackpool Waltz

    I am looking for a video clip of a waltz for a Blackpool final or semifinal a few years back with the Hiltons and the Baricchis in it. I thought I had seen it in Youtube but I can't find it anymore.
  8. Egoist

    Fall Frolic

    Website says Oct. 7 but brochure says Oct. 14. Can anyone confirm which date is correct?
  9. Egoist

    Bespoke Tailsuit

    I found out that Mark Plant, formerly of Arthuy Ashmore, is now on his own. I think the name of his organization is Pure Class Bespoke. Anyways, I had ordered a suit from him when he was still with Arthur Ashmore, but now that he is by himself I am not getting an AA tailsuit. I am concerned...
  10. Egoist

    Glasgow, Scotland

    I am going to Glasgow, Scotland for business next week from Mon-Sat and, therefore, am interested in finding out about the dance scene there. I have looked around and couldn't find much. I have found some stuff on Ceroc and certainly I am curious to watch some of it. A salsa club would be...
  11. Egoist

    Manhattan DanceSport Who's doing it? Deadline is June 7th. Is this the usual paying for registration AND entry to the ballroom?
  12. Egoist

    Step-hop footwork

    Salutations I have been debating with some instructors and fellow dancers on the proper footwork of the first step to enter a step hop from a hovering figure, e.g. open telemark (in quickstep). Some argue that that first step is a heel lead (heel-toe) while others argue that it is a toe lead...
  13. Egoist

    Housing for (after) Nationals

    Going back a while when people were offering to house visiting competitors, who in SF is willing to house this Marylander on Sunday night and Monday night after the comp?
  14. Egoist

    Train to Blackpool

    Salutations If I was to take the train from Manchester to Blackpool, what station in Blackpool do I want to arrive at (I believe there are more than 1)?
  15. Egoist

    Spring Fling/Northeast Regional

    I just looked at at the tentative schedule. Prechamp and champ standard on Friday night? Looks like I'll have to dust off my latin shoes and do a round of syllabus 6-dance to be elligible for Nationals.
  16. Egoist

    Fallaway RSP in Tango

    What is the lady's footwork in the tango FRSP?
  17. Egoist

    Muscles get in the way of your frame

    I have heard that over-developed muscles in the arms/shoulders can be detrimental to your standard frame. While I don't know any great standard dancer with big guns, I Know there are misconceptions about muscle building, e.g. that it compromises flexibility (bs). Comments?
  18. Egoist

    Leading with your top

    What does it mean in Standard to "lead with your top"?
  19. Egoist

    Organic growth vs. Partner Switching

    I was discussing the question with a wiseguy, I mean wise guy, not long ago of whether it is inefficient and, therefore, not recommended for a person who wants to do well in competition to stay with a partner for as long as possible instead of switching sporadically. It occurs to me that...
  20. Egoist

    Competing and Teeth

    Do you know of anyone that has done something to his/her teeth (other than whitening) because of competing? I've seen people with mangled teeth dancing that I thought would greatly enhance their image by fixing their teeth. I myself have thought of it even though my teeth are not that bad.