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  1. pascal

    Tango in Florida

    A friend of mine will be spending time in Florida. Here is his question: "What milongas address and recommandations, tips... to join the Tango jamboree in Orlando, Miami and the rest of the sunny state ?"
  2. pascal

    Shortest notice for cancellation

    Who and how much ? For me, it's a workshop with Pablo Veron. Advertised one month before the event, cancelled (yesterday) 90 minutes before the event.
  3. pascal

    caveat emptor (warning about a shoes seller)

    Hi there, Thereafter a sum-um of my issues with a company selling dance shoes on their Internet site (http:// w EURL JUSTEMONDE, owner Guardiola Thierry, Aix en Provence, France), to let you know you have to be cautious...
  4. pascal

    The impending doom of "Le Latina"

    The Bistrot Latin, a.k.a Le Latina will disappear soon (See below the door poster), it has been the "default" tango place in Paris for twenty years and is one of the most well-known milongas among dancers from abroad. Dances, bad dances, toes walked upon, smiles, mistakes, crushes, more than one...
  5. pascal

    Can someone identify the music
  6. pascal


    Watching me in milongas, argentine tango people sometimes try to guess, from my way of dancing, who my teachers were. And there are many of them in Paris. But only one was really influential and he wasn't a big name, not even an A.T teacher. A mere social ballroom teacher, and it's during my...
  7. pascal


    Has anyone been there? For the tango festival I mean.
  8. pascal


    One of our parisian milongas closed last week. Permanently, as the owner/organizer had to sell the place. He made a little speech, wishing the best for A.T in Paris, and, as an idea to help it growing, suggested that every attractive tanguera should lure one new guy into A.T So, this monday...
  9. pascal

    Nice try

    Our local milonga, yesterday. A foreigner came and, while explaining he had come with two friends, gave a 100 euro banknote, adding "Is this good?" Keeping a poker face, our lady at the entrance replied instantly: "Sure, it's good, but only for one person." It didn't work, the foreigner...
  10. pascal


    I saw yesterday on Arte TV channel a reporting about Bremerhaven's dance competition (latin ballroom) team, coached by Horst Beer. At one moment, the camera focussed at one of the dancer's foot: each toe was wrapped in surgical tape, it looked like an egyptian mummy! And it was not even a...
  11. pascal


    Yesterday night. Monthly teacher-and-pupils-go-to-some-party thing. A man came to our group and invited Helen. As he did not know any of us, as the party was taking place in a regular bar (and therefore part of the people there were not dancers, but had just come to have a drink and...
  12. pascal

    Two A.T festivals in Paris

    "Couleurs tango" April 7th to April 10th Four days of workshops with guest teachers (Gabriel Missé & Alejandra, Geraldine Rojas & Javier...) and three balls with orchestras Color Tango and Hyperion "Mephisto tango Summer Festival" June 30th to July 3rd Four...