'06 Manhattan Dancesport Championships

At huge comps they actually give the couples that didn't make the next round a placing and show of judges marks towards the round they didn't make. Then all the couples that made it just get listed up top blank.


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There was a dress there? The woman, the pose, and the picture are all fantastic, but the garment seems to me to be more of an abstract representation of a dress. I find it to be interesting in an avant-garde kind of way, so please don't take this as a "cut down" of the dancer or her dressmaker.


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I must admit I miss her platinum blonde hair.. it made her even more striking that way.. I know that's hard to believe, but it made her look superhuman...

talking about Julia (not sure how she spells the name).. had to modfy the post to clarify :)
I don't like this constant changing of the look. It give a feeling this couple is trying to find themselves. The problem with htis couple is that the woman is more dominant. The Woman is much better dancer than the man. Or may be Yulia is trying to copy Joanna Leunis, always changing her appearance. But you're right, the platinum blond look is more striking. Just look at Joanna.
There's another thing. Joanna Leunis also started dancing with Michael Malitowski when she was much better than he. But he improve very, very quickly, and now dances like a man. When I see Yulia and her partner, I see a girl. I don't see man.


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I think you're supposed to see the girl in a partnership. If you don't, then the man is doing a poor job showcasing his partner, which is his first and most important task. One coach told me once that he never looks at the man; he said that he looks at the woman and when the woman looks good, he knows the man is doing a great job. I have no doubt that this coach marks Max and Yulia first over Andrei and Elena (which is how I always think they should place) because when you watch Max and Yulia, you see Yulia or the partnership. When you watch Andrei and Elena, you don't notice Elena is even there Andrei is so dominant. I think Max and Yulia are how a partnership should be...
I dont know your coach, but I think he is wrong. a partnership need balance. That is what you see at top couples. You can look at woman because the man presents her in a good way. Or you can look at woman because man is not there. It is not same thing.


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In one of the very very few latin lessons, we were actually discussing the parthership of Julia, and the main point of the discussion was that she looks so good because he presents her so well, and wouldn't look the same with someone else (of course she's a fabulous dancer, my favourite latin girl).. so, I agree with Ithink


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and it really hits home when they do the "rythym" number and she's in that fringe pants outfit. You don't even know he's part of the routine...except maybe that beginning move.


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I think the answer to this is a little more complex. I think there are reasons why paso is referred to as the man's dance and the rumba is referred to as the woman's dance. I *do* want my attention drawn to the man and his masculine self-presentation in paso doble. That's not to say that the woman's part is negligible, but I'm looking at the man's carriage first and foremost. If the man doesn't have a convincingly paso posture, then nothing the woman can do will save the dance.

The rumba is a different story. There, the sensuousness of the woman is paramount. Her movement through her midsection, her leg action, her projection of her femininity are central. Again, that's not to say the man's part is negligible. If the man were detached or stiff, that would make the woman's dancing less convincing. In rumba, though, while you need a relationship between the two dancers, you especially need the woman. (By relationship, I don't mean a real life relationship, just one that convinces me on the floor.)

I think Max/Yulia are an amazing couple...but yes, I think that Max has been holding them back a little. I do think they have a great future. And the imagination and creativity that goes into their showdances demonstrates that they have more to offer than just great dancing technique. (Am I right in saying they choreograph their own numbers?)

Just wanted to let you know all the photographs from Manhattan by Moses Goddard have been posted to the supershag photo gallery. Cheers, Chris
p.s. just want to thank all of you who were enquiring about my surgery, I am well and on the mend.


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chrisjohnston said:
p.s. just want to thank all of you who were enquiring about my surgery, I am well and on the mend.
Chris, good to hear the surgery went well and you are on the mend....hopefully you'll be out on the dance floor soon!

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