15,000 Posts!!!

Congratulations, Pygmalion!!! :applause: I never doubt that you can do it by New Year (and yet, who would doubt such thing? :wink: )

You're my all time posting goddess! :lol:


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:oops: :oops: To be honest, if I'd set a goal to get 15,000 posts from the beginning, I'd probably never have made it. It's amazing how quickly an average of thirty posts a day add up. :wink: 8)


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LOL. See you in 2018. :wink: :lol:

Seriously, though, your posts are well thought out and substantive. That approach works. 8)

Only some of my posts are substantive, although, to be fair to myself, I try to make most of them have value. (Depends on how one defines value, of course. :wink: :lol: )
I can't remember if it was you who said that the first 100 take work but after that, the posts come easily. And that certainly is true. I counted each one up to 100 and wound up on 200 without even thinking about it.

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