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pygmalion said:
As long as the kids didn't run screaming in fear from the bunny, I'd call it a success and move on. :wink: :lol:
Well... Considering they both did just what you described.... nd then the two year old pitched a THROW down fit screaming like she was being murdered, flinging her basket of candy and acting like a child about to be sold to gypsies.....

Oh my aching head.

Why do you think I'm hiding out in the office???

Well... That and the fact the weather is nas-tay.


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Oh. Bummer. :(

To this day, I don't like human sized, stuffed, fluffy creatures. *Shudder* I manage not to scream and run away, though. (Got over that in my early twenties :lol: :lol: )

Oh well. Maybe they'll get over it by December. Don't want them running and screaming from santa. :? Kids.

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