2006 USA DanceSport Nationals


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I'm starting this thread so that there is a single place where people with questions about the 2006 USA Dance Nationals to go for information. This thread will remain "sticky" until, oh, say September 30, 2006. In case you're wondering, I'm one of the main organizers and will be acting as Registrar for the competition.

Here's the status so far....

Planning for the 2006 USA DanceSport National Championships is well underway.

When: Friday, August 11 through Sunday, August 13

Where: San Jose Civic Auditorium (not the San Jose Convention Center), San Jose, California

Nearest Airport: San Jose (SJC). Served by Southwest, JetBlue, American, United, and pretty much everyone else. Taxi service from the airport is about $25 (including tip). SuperShuttle shared van service is also about $25 for two people.

Hotel: The hotel is the nearly-new San Jose Marriott, located directly across the street from the Civic Auditorium. There will be a special USABDA National Championships rate of $89 (plus $8.96) tax per night.

Entry Tickets: The entry fees for this competition have not yet been published, but they will be less than in recent years. Also, the ticketing structure will be more flexible (i.e., people will not be forced to buy a three-day pass if they don't want or need it).

Entry Methods: Believe it or not, there were numerous complaints about there not being a readily available mail-in paper entry option last year. For 2006, we will accept both online entries (possibly using Mark Tabor's system from last year, possibly not) and paper entries.

Volunteers: We love volunteers. We need volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, you can earn a refund for your entry tickets by working a certain number of hours. We will be posting a list of volunteer positions and other information when I actually get the 2006 Nationals web site built out :)

Preliminary Schedule: We almost have one. It will be mostly the same as last year, we just had to shift a thing or two around to accomodate the World Class World Team selection events. The schedule will go up on the web site when it's all approved -- I'm shooting for the end of January, but that's just a guess. It is my goal to get all this information up quickly though!

Any questions or comments? Here is the place to ask them. I might start a Nationals blog somewhere, if I do I'll let you all know here.


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Great job so far, Laura! I'm looking forward to it! You once talked about getting corporate sponsors for this event. How's that initiative going?


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I've very very briefly talked to two possibilities for small sponsorships. Other than that, nothing has been done. I'd still like to get something going with that, but obviously getting the info packet done so we can get word out to the competitive USA Dance members is my big priority right now.

The good news is that we've structured our budget and ticket pricing scheme so that if we don't get any extra sponsorship, it won't really make a difference. In fact, my idea for sponsors right now is to get them to fund money for scholarship prizes. Don't worry LXC, I'll get back to you :) And if anyone reading this has contacts, or feels super-generous and wants to donate some scholarship money, let me know. I'm about 90% sure that donations are tax-deductable, too, since USA Dance has non-profit tax status.
Marriott Address


What is the street address of the Marriott with which special arrangements have been made? I'm guessing that San Jose may have more than one Marriott. When travelling to unfamiliar places it can be confusing trying to track down the specific hotel. Example: Radisson Riverfront and Radisson City Center are both within walking distance of the Excell Center in Minn/St. Paul where nationals used to be held.

Thank you.


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The San Jose Marriott is located directly across the street from the San Jose Civic Auditorium. The address is 301 South Market Street · San Jose, California 95113.

Here's a planning update:

We are hopefully going to finalize the event schedule this weekend. Our goal was to stick to last year's schedule as closely as possible. However, because we must host the World Class World Team Selection Events this year, there will have to be a few minor changes. Once the schedule is finalized, we can finalize our information packet. Then the Steering Committee will have to approve it, and after that we can put everything up on the web and have the entire packet included in an upcoming issue of "Amateur Dancers" magazine.


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Can I just say that you guys rock!! This is what I call planning ahead:) I cannot wait to attend these Nationals. I am sure they will be fantastic!


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We're going to do our best, but please don't think this is going to be perfect! After all, someone will always find something to complain about....


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Laura said:
We're going to do our best, but please don't think this is going to be perfect! After all, someone will always find something to complain about....
Fantastic doesn't mean perfect; it means enjoyable and fun which given your careful and timely planning, I am sure they will be:)


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Just wondering if there is any idea which days will standard be on. I just calculated, with Utah, than the days I already took than trip to Europe and visit home in June, I only have 1 or 2 vacation days left will December 2006 :(



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We're still working on the schedule thing. And I'm getting ready to go out of town, so there's basically not going to be an answer until I come back. We're trying not to move anything at all from last year, and I think we've achieved that, but I can't guarantee anything until it's all settled and approved.


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IIRC, Champ Latin has usually been Friday night, Champ Standard Saturday night. Prelim rounds during the afternoons.
Scheduling the World Class events is the difficult part. Most World Class couples are also Championship couples. How do we schedule all these events without running into conflicts? Answer: we can't. There will be some conflict, I am sure, for someone. HOWEVER, we are looking at all the possibilities and will do what makes the most sense. Hang in there while we do that.

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