2006 USA DanceSport Nationals


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Thank you!! My partner and I are going to have the final "are we going?" discussion this weekend, so this'll come in handy. I didn't see the entry fees anywhere, though, have those been set? Or, did I just miss them?


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We're still working out the fee structure. To tell the truth, we've had some expenses put on us that we weren't exactly expecting, and need to make sure that our budget covers that. We're very close and will have all the information up as soon as it is all decided upon.
Regarding pricing for Nationals, the most important thing is that competitors are NOT required to buy a full three-day pass. Competitors can just buy admission for the days and evenings they dance.


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tbrennen said:
Regarding pricing for Nationals, the most important thing is that competitors are NOT required to buy a full three-day pass. Competitors can just buy admission for the days and evenings they dance.
Good. But is there a discounted package for those who want the 3-day pass?


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I haven't heard anything, and I'm on the organizing committee. If you want to PM me what you know, I'd be more than happy to check in to it.

Are you sure they didn't mean the NDCA Nationals at BYU, or the NDCA US DanceSport Championships in Florida? Those seem like more likely candidates, especially if you take into account the facilities being used.


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All you Silver-level Standard syllabus dancers out there...if you have happened to look at the preliminary schedule on the web site, you would have seen Foxtrot listed as one of the required dances.

The dances for Silver Standard at Nationals will be Waltz - Tango - Quickstep. These are the dances that have been used for the past few years at Nationals, and we're going to keep it the same going forward. I had originally switched it to Foxtrot almost without thinking, because we run our local events with Foxtrot rather than Tango in them and I just typed what came to mind.... I'm sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience or panic I may cause. :)

Bunch of Nationals information, like the hotel, the preliminary schedule, and that sort of thing, are online at http://www.usabda-norcal.org/2006nationals

We'll be opening up online ticket orders and start taking entries online in a couple of weeks.
> does "daytime session" start in the morning?

Yes. Depending on the number of entries and the size of the daytime events, the day will probably start in the early morning. No, not 6:00 am but probably not 10:00 am either. We can't be more specific than that since we don't know how the registration numbers will turn out. -Turtle


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The music this year is “El Amanecer” by the Stanley Black Orchestra, from the album Nice n' Easy (Tango Tango Tango). The track will be used in its entirety.

If you happen to use the paper entry forms to register for Nationals, you'll notice that Theater Arts does not appear on the sheet. This was an oversight on my part. Please just write it in. You will also be able to register for Theater Arts online.


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Good question. I have my own preferences, but I need to talk to the master scheduler and see what she thinks. In any event, I positively can't imagine that it would be before 5pm.

Please note that if anyone is dancing in a Championship or World Class event that is running at night, it is possible that they will have preliminary rounds that same afternoon.

So, Kat, planning to arrive in San Jose on Friday afternoon to dance the World Class Standard on Friday night is a bad idea, as the first round or two could be in the afternoon. We won't know how many rounds there will be until we get the entries, but it does say in the preliminary schedule that there could be a first round for World Class in the afternoon.


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I hope there are no preliminaries.. as I have absolutely no other choice. I actually thought that if I do half day at work Friday and get to San Jose by 8:00... but not likely (will there be preliminaries for 1st round if it's more than quarter, or if there is only a quarter.. I can't imagive there being more than a quarter).


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We won't know how many people are even eligible nation-wide for World Class until the last World Class qualifier is run, and that's Northwest Regionals on July 1-2. And then we won't know how many of those people are actually going to come and compete until the Nationals registration deadline, which is July 11th. Plus, we'll be taking late registrations (with a late fee, but we promise we'll put people into the event) up until July 28th. So, we basically can't guarantee how many rounds there will be until the end of July.

Maybe you shouldn't plan on dancing World Class this year, then? Because really, the best plan would be to fly to San Jose on Thursday night.

Championship Standard will be on Saturday night, with preliminary rounds during Saturday afternoon.

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